Look, we can sit here all day talking about how the properties of “feminine wash” and the properties of shampoo are not actually that different, because industrialized hygiene products are all variations on the same combination of perfumed oils and synthetic fats. We can sit here all day and use our college brains to talk about how it is ridiculous to be grossed out by any kind of soap just because of its intended use since it is still just soap! It’s not like they pre-test the feminine wash on an actual vagina before bottling it and sending it out to stores. We could sit here all day and tell ourselves that in reality this is just not that good of a prank because it seems incredibly childish and we’re adults now and adults don’t have time for childish things. Or we could just admit that Wesley got burnt. YA BURNT, WES! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. kellsbells  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2009 +6

    It is just body wash from the makers Summer’s Eve. Does that Dad really believe women would buy a separate “vagina wash”?

    • I always keep a separate bottle of lady parts soap in my shower. Just in case a lady comes over, I want her vagina to feel comfortable at my home.

    • Erm, yes, that’s exactly what a bottle marked “feminine wash” is. Ladies, keep your vulvas clean!

      • kellsbells  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2009 +2

        It is just a regular body wash. The makers of Summer’s Eve decided (in a genius brainstorming session) they could branch out and start cleaning other parts of a lady. And if women are buying a separate wash to clean their vaginas, they’re weird.

        • No matter what that wash may be – important lesson learned.

        • Well, you are not supposed to use regular soap down there… is what I learned…

        • Sarcastically Misunderstood is right. As a proud owner of a vagina, I can tell you that you are not supposed to use soap in your lady area. I mean, you can if you wanted to, but it can cause yeast infections. THE MORE YOU KNOW ABOUT VAGINAS

          • kellsbells  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2009 +15

            Ok, after this I will stop posting about vaginas. (?) But I too own a vagina AND my aunt is an OBGyn. Soap is safe to use unless it irritates you. Soap only spreads a yeast infection-it won’t cause one. And never clean the inside of your vagina. As it is self cleaning. Ok the end. I am done being Dr. Vagina now.

        • If that’s the case they should really work out the placement of their product in stores. I’ve only ever seen this stuff on the lady aisle with all the other vagina-related products.

    • It is for vaginas!
      Gynecologist tested!
      pH balanced!

  2. Was that an actual scene from The Cleveland Show?

  3. It’s like that one time I shaved my face with a pink lady razor and I totally became a lady!

  4. At least it wasn’t Nair. YA BURNT, WES!

  5. I feel bad for the poor kid, although I never washed my hair with feminine wash, I did have a father who went around hollering that I had a ‘vagina head’.

  6. Who showers with their watch on? What a vagina-head.

  7. Why were they filming in the beginning of this clip? Are they making their own real life soap, or something?

  8. This is simultaneously weird, inappropriate and unfunny.

  9. Obviously the kid was doing it “for the show”.

  10. That dad seems like kind of a douche… (sorry)

  11. juliastepchild  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2009 +5


  12. That was pretty darn funny. It’s kind of sad that his dad [is that guy his dad? Maybe an uncle or a much older brother?] called him stupid and put the video on YouTube. :-(

  13. I liked that he called his son “nigga.” I thought that was more reserved for close friends. 0:48.

  14. I love the “Why is my father filming me in the shower (again, perhaps)?” facial expression. You can tell this poor kid has been humiliated and “taught lessons” sufficiently that he knows this isn’t going to end until the old man has called him “vagina head” a few times.

  15. Shazaam  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2009 +2

    Next week: The humiliation of being caught masturbating in the shower!

  16. I hope they test vaginal products on some form of vagina before distribution. Otherwise, what would we have? “Children of Men”? I don’t know; I’m a scientist, not a vaginadoctor.

  17. As a trained vagina scientist, I can assure that washing your head with ‘feminine wash’ WILL TURN YOU INTO A VAGINA HEAD DO YOU HEAR THAT WESLEY YOU ARE NOW A BIG DUMB VAGINA HEAD.

    Your only option now is to become a lady.

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