I did not post that drunk guy falling endlessly through a convenience store video that went around last week because it was simply too sad. We must impose some limits in this world! But here is a collection of remixes of that video. LOL?

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  1. I thought the original was hilarious until I noticed it was 11 in the morning. Then I felt a little better about my borderline alcoholism and poured myself a drink.

  2. Didn’t you link to it on that Shane Lee post?

  3. Sometimes I wonder if the internet takes things too far. I enjoy funny videos as much as the next person, but should we really use people’s tragedies for our own entertainment? That being said, someone needs to make a Thriller remix.

    • Some people are asking for it. This guy is one of those people. It is not at all clear that he is a tragic figure; he could just be a regular old idiot kid. Even if he is tragic, his personal tragedy became a public spectacle when he walked into that convenience store. Don’t blame the internet, just get on that Thriller remix! I might just do it for you.

  4. I guess even Gabe has a schadenfreude limit. SADenfreude, amiright??

  5. This is only really sad if there exists a week straight of this. Otherwise, looks like this dude met his goal and then some.

  6. This video goes from kinda :( to kinda :) if you imagine that he has an electromagnet implanted in his head that pulls towards the center of the earth. When viewed in that context, dude does a solid job staying upright.

  7. I didn’t watch it because alcoholism is sad. I don’t think I want to watch the remixes either.

  8. People seem to think (by people I mean Youtube Commenters…the last bastions of rational thought in this universe) that he was on some kind of anesthetic (Ketamine) because his limbs were being all funky.

    All I know is when I’m drunk I am not nearly that awesome.

  9. I wish I was nerdy enough to mix that video with a song. The New Pornographers’ ‘Slow Descent Into Alcoholism” would be perf.

  10. Someone tell this guy he’s a little late for a Michael Jackson thriller tribute.

  11. he looks like this guy who was completely wasted in my bar last night and was trying so hard to stay on his chair.
    major :( for this one, even the remixes. but I may change my mind if it was mixed with “slow descent into alcoholism”.

  12. I shall laugh heartily, henceforth, when I heard “Around the World” with my thoughts turned outwardly toward this chap and his trevails in the store of convenience, and inwardly at my own bouts with public drunkeness. This is one of those rarest of circumstances–something that’s both funny and fun.

  13. There are two schools of thought regarding the drug(s) this rubbery-legged chap may have been on, which would explain his 900-pound invisible backpack.

    The first insist that he was on ketamine. Now I’ve only done that particular drug a handful of times so I am no expert but it didn’t seem likely. The other school believes he was on salvia, a psychoactive herb. This intrigues me. I think I will do further research on this drug, which i have never tried but am vaguely familiar with, and then order some seeds/extract from an ad in high times. thanks viral remix videos!

  14. The silent movie version was the only one I felt ok laughing at… otherwise watching this made me feel dirty…. the BAD kinda dirty.

  15. Get off our island, porn bot!

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