RT @alexbalk: “Um, is the London Review of Books doing 30 Rock recaps?” Apparently?!

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  1. I guess they had space to fill, now that they just wrapped up their coverage blog for “real housewives of Lower Gloucester.”

  2. “When I miss your lips, I’ll put a fag in my mouth and think of you.”

  3. The post before the 30 Rock one is on “A terrific new version of Agamemnon by Tom McCarthy.” I thought that was weird until I remembered that the post before this one contained an extremely extended Camus joke.

  4. Jack McBrayer is our Diana.

  5. The unironic reference to Tina’s “creamy décolletage” is a perfect example of how to connect with a young, hip audience. (LROB = London Review of Boobs, basically)

  6. Cranston……why are you crying?

  7. simon zverko  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2009 0

    Im English, We call sitcom, erm….. Sitcoms! whats Lorries? :)

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