Gerard Butler is kind of a weird celebrity. I mean, I know why he is famous: he is famous because he is in Hollywood movies. But the biggest thing that he’s made so far was 300, and that was three years ago, and it was awful. Oh, excuse me, I almost forgot about the number one movie in America for a record-setting 1,000 weeks: Gamer. I’m not making fun of Gerard Butler’s career. We should all be so lucky as to star in Hollywood movies about dystopian futures (and dystopian pasts). I’m just saying that he seems more famous than he should, kind of. I guess he’s basically the male Megan Fox. The point is: Gerard Butler hosting Saturday Night Live is a little bit like Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize: an embarrassment he might not have done anything to actually deserve it yet, but here he is, so let’s make the most of it.

Perhaps because Gerard Butler was so hard to place, a lot of the sketches seemed even more random than usual. Like, this Beauty and the Beast sketch? It’s funny, but huh? In the words of Videogum friend Gabe Liedman, “Did it really take 18yrs to think of this? Probz, it’s so perf.”

My favorite moment of the evening was the two gay guys from New Jersey. I’ve really been enjoying the Weekend Update characters this season. Everyone is on their game for these bits, and they never go on too long. You know? IN AND OUT, HEY-OHHH!

And while I’m not Keenan apologist, I will echo the Internet’s crowning of this sketch as one of if not the best of the evening, mostly for its Sudeikis dancing. And also for its Picabo Street.

If nothing else, it gets the somewhat bitter taste of that Kanye short film out of my mouth. It was far too early in the morning for that.

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  1. Yeah, I thought that the “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.” sketch was GREAT this week, but “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.” needed more Jenny Slate.

    • They probably just don’t want to step on the toes of all the SNL reruns that happen in any other country apart from America all the time, and it’s totally not just copyright niggling on the behalf of people with too much money. At all.
      This post ended way more seriously than I originally intended.
      *Kazoo, Fart noise*

    • I’ve never felt better about being Canadian.

    • Can I hug you?

    • Yeah agreed. Also the “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States” sketch dragged on a bit. That being said, Will Forte’s video library impression always has me laughing.

  2. This was probably the best episode of the season. But I have come to realize that at its heart, SNL is a children’s show. I loved it when I was a kid, yet try as it might it never quite lives up to how funny I remember it being. It should stick around forever, for the children. Like Wu Tang.

    And the Rock Obama is more of a liberal fantasy than a great sketch, but frankly I love it cause I want it to be real.

  3. I thought the whole thing was kinda what up with that…
    And Jennie Slate was one Hot Backup Dancer on “what up with that.” And I’d tap that teakettle in beauty and beast…

  4. I’d really like to start a petition to change SNL to The Bill Hader/Jason Sudeikis/Kristin Wiig Show, with occasional guest appearances by James Franco (which is really just my own selfish desire to leer at him).

  5. I loved Kristen Wiig’s PGAD character on Weekend Update. I was expecting her to do a “When Harry Met Sally” type fake screaming orgasm, but the way she did it was priceless. I seem to have a Pavlovian response to Kristen Wiig as I just smile as soon as she’s on screen.

  6. The What Up With That sketch was the funniest thing to happen on SNL this season. Sudeikis doing the the Re-Run dance and the “slowing it down” made me howl.

  7. Color me surprised that Shakira is still around. She’s a modern day Charo, I guess.

  8. Chico Devine  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 +2

    Every time I threaten to finally give up on SNL, a brilliant, laugh-out-loud sketch like “What Up With That” comes out of nowhere and convinces me to stick around.

  9. Gerard Butler was terrible in the What Up With That sketch. Thats all.

  10. I agree that What’s Up With That was the crowning glory of the episode. Jason Sudeikis is your boyfriend in that he’s not actually your boyfriend but plays a really convincing version of him on tv…

  11. Best part of What’s Up with That was how Jason Sudeikis suddenly appeared after a cutaway, in all of his glory.

  12. Gerard Butler is famous because he’s pretty.

  13. For being somewhat irrelevant, I thought Gerard Butler was pretty good. His movie with Jamie Foxx came out this weekend, so his hosting wasn’t completely random.

  14. This was Keenan Night Live for sure.

  15. Keenan has apologists? It’s interesting that he’s only recently come to the fore. It gives me hope for Bobby Moynihan.

    • I don’t know if I started the trend, but I declared myself a Keenan apologist in the comments section of the wrap up of last week’s episode in regards to his STELLAR Maya Angelou impression.

      Also, look up his “scared straight” sketches – especially the one with tracy morgan.

  16. faas  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 +3

    I thought the DAVEHEART stills of Gerard Butler were pretty great. And where was Andy Samberg?

  17. Jason Sudeikis TORE THAT SHIT UP! He’s invited to every party.

  18. I’m always shocked as to how high the production values on these 5 minute sketches are. How long did it take some poor costume designer to make that candelabra outfit? That being said the sketch was funnier than usual, esp the Menorrah line.

  19. Lolita Hazed  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 +4

    Bill Hader needs to get in me.

  20. The blonde chick talks like Drew Barrymore with her weird mouth.

  21. I loved the “robot dinner” outtake during the commercials. More robot failure outtakes!!!!

  22. I like that James Franco had no lines. None.

  23. I was surprised by Gerard Butler. I was thinking, “Hey you aren’t that funny, but you really go for it. You are a pleasure to watch.” I really expected him to be garbage, but he wasn’t. Good for you Gerard Butler.

    Jason Sudeikis can come to my dance party whenever he wants. High five for Floyd the Flower Guy!

  24. Here is Gerard Butler wondering why he is famous and inadvertantly answering his own question with his outfit comprised of only tiny swimtrunks.

  25. Should I be watching SNL this year? Had kind of finally given up on the idea after the past few seasons.

    • I tuned out after nearly throwing a plate through the TV at Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler high-fiving each other for the 5,000th time on Weekend Update.

  26. I don’t know about y’all, but I thought the Gay Guys from NJ thing was really un-funny. Lazy gay jokes? So funny! Exaggerated Jersey accents? Not old! Ughhpenisjoke.

  27. I don’t get Gerard either. I’m glad you said that. His Scottish accent sounds like the most fake Scottish accent since Madonna went British (timely!). And apparently it’s real? And I didn’t even know he was in all those movies. He’s an actor, but he’s not a movie star!

    I didn’t turn it on until halfway through Weekend Update, and the Kenan Thompson sketch was one of the first I saw. I was so confused by what was going on. I felt like I was tripping balls. Especially when Picabo Street came on, because she had come up in a conversation with my friends earlier that day. I mean, I haven’t thought about Picabo Street in about 10 years, and suddenly she was all over the place! It was like, “Whoa!”

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