We Were Once a Fairytale, the strange short film that Kanye West made with Spike Jonze, is finally here! For the most part, it depicts a typical night in the life of Kanye West: a boorish, blurry, endless evening in an anonymous night club. “This is my song! I made all the notes!” It’s basically his The Wrestler. His entire life has led up to this one perfect role.

Supposedly, the shoot began as a music video shoot, but then I guess they got too much great footage of Kanye seeming really drunk and belligerent so they decided to turn it into a short film. Cue puppet magic! (That would also explain why the audio is kind of terrible on this thing.) Anyway, it’s after the jump and it is mildly NSFW:


(Thanks for the tip, Ana.)

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  1. Featuring Kanye West as Tracy Jordan.

  2. this isn’t the wrestler- it’s “radio II”

  3. Larry the Lobster  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 -4

    SNL REALLY has to move away from gimmicks, human product placements etc…and just do what it used to…

  4. I kind of thought this was documentary footage at first, until he pulled the little creature out of his belly. Then I knew it was.

  5. I love Kayne as much as he loves fish sticks.

  6. Fuck your couch!!

  7. Get it guys, the wild things were inside us all along!

  8. Spike Jonez + Kanye West = So Meta!!!

  9. I realized about two minutes in that I actually stopped breathing while watching the beginning because it was that uncomfortable. There should really be some sort of warning–one creature already had to die for the making of this thing.

  10. “Uh oh! This video no longer exists.”

  11. Pitchfork  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 -4

    Everything moves fast fast fast these days…In my mind this was the year music caught up with the breakthrow movies Jonze did with Kaufman of a few year back…In other words Merriweather and Bitte Orca are the edge now even without the help of the best visual artists money can buy…

  12. Leave it to Kanye to force his honor suicide onto his inner puppet. Be an man and own up to it!!

  13. cyberghandi  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 +1

    Harakiri Murakami. ?????

  14. Is Spike Jonze helping Kanye more or less represent Taylor Swift in effigy?

  15. Kanye Darko

  16. The Moonlight Sonata was the sole moving element here. And the puppet used at the end. That was a sad lookin cute puppet. I was sad he committed hari kiri

  17. I was reading Roger Ebert’s review of Where the Wild Things Are the other day and he wondered how the Wild Things procreate.

    I think Spike Jonze just gave us the answer.

  18. The moral of this story: “Legalize assisted seppuku for all inner wombats.”

  19. Hahahaha did Kanye just fuck a bunch of pillows thinking it was a woman?

  20. dru  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 +4

    is it supposed to be all pixelized and out of sync? or is it just my computer?

  21. Yo Kanye, I’m real happy for you, I’mma let you finish continuing to make an ass out of your self, but Ol’ Dirty Bastard was the best mentally disturbed rapper of ALL TIME! ALL TIME!

    Just sayinn’.

  22. I hope that was his ego.

  23. Ok, so let me get this straight…Kanye West is an alcoholic sofa fetishist who gave himself a C-Section with a prop from the Prince Of Persia movie set and then birthed a cat-shaped hairball which he then cut the imbilical cord to and forced to commit suicide with a plastic sword from a Jack Sparrow action figure…Did Richard Heene make them do this for the show??

  24. oh shoot, ima few years too late but Eric Koston and Mike Carroll!

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