He doesn’t actually rap? He just put the project together to raise awareness about “issues in hip hop,” whatever that means? You can listen to it streaming on-line now? So many questions about this?

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  1. Will it address his embracing of diversity through sweaters with every color in the spectrum in it?

    or… i don’t know something about jello or something.

    I miss his early stand up.

  2. Stuff 'n Things  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2009 +2

    I’m glad Bill Cosby took the name for his album (State of Emergency) from a middle school pop-punk band.

  3. Really? Ha! It makes me think of this classic YTMND.

  4. It actually sounds pretty decent. I guess he figured fuck it, he’s a 72 year old mu’fuckin G. Might as well do the damn thing. Been talkin bout doin this rap album for almost 30 years now.

  5. I just Cosnarati’d in my pants.

  6. Rap: The Album. Contains no rap!

  7. Did anyone click far enough to read that you’ll be able to tweet at Bill Cosby at his town hall meeting? Like is he gonna read all of them cos that seems absurd.

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  9. Another reason DANA CARVEY SUCKS

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