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  1. Yeah. This sounds like the plot for a cute Disney movie but it must be terrifying for the litlte guy. :( Good thoughts going your way, little buddy!

  2. It’s apparently down to about 100ft and about to go down.


  3. Never mind, it’s down.

    The Falcon has landed!

  4. …..

    The compartment was empty. :(

  5. Balloon landed, but there’s no child with it. ?

  6. I’ve seen that movie 12 Monkeys before. The kid is hiding in the barn.

  7. I don’t care if there was no kid in there. That was still a pretty cool flying saucer looking aircraft.

  8. CNN just reported they were on an episode of Wife Swap?

  9. Twitter has gone nuts with #balloonboy.

  10. So, let’s see. So far we know that the family is a group of storm chasers/inventors, believes in psychics, have a child named Falcon, and were on Wife Swap.

    Suddenly the whole balloon incident is becoming one of the least interesting details of this family.

  11. Wait, so, he fell out? Because that makes this story go from whimsical to really sad.

  12. I am refraining from making jokes until I know that Falcon is alive.

  13. Sco  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2009 +11

    I’m just glad that kids these days have found something better to do than fall down wells.

  14. his dad Star Fox never should have built that flying coffin in the first place.

  15. The boy was found alive. At home. In a box in the attic above the garage. He never left his house ever, at all. Which, I mean… Hooray! The boy is alive and not dead. But haha. Network crews spent an entire day chasing a balloon. Grow up, news reporters!

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