Sure, you could ask if having George Takei and his husband as the first gay couple on the Newlywed Game wasn’t as much stunt-celebrity casting as it was any kind of symbol of social progress. But the more important question is: they still make the Newlywed Game?

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  1. Im not that into older guys, but I could listen to George talk all day long. Also they are so fucking adorable.

  2. Chris  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2009 0

    Yes they still make the Newlywed Game and my wife and I were on it back in April of this year! We won and are going to Hollywood wait-for-it… Florida for our second honeymoon!

  3. Bob Eubanks: Where was the strangest place you ever made whoopee?
    Brad Altman: Oh, probably the back seat of my car.
    Bob Eubanks: Alright, let’s see what your partner wrote…
    [George Takei flips card over]
    Bob Eubanks: He wrote “Walter Koenig’s butt”.

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