There is a Japanese game show called Panic Face King where the goal is to make someone have the most panicked face possible. And whoever does that is the king. Of that. I guess. Anyway, in a clip that is circulating today, one guy gets a severe case of Panic Face when he believes that the room he is in is under sniper fire, and that everyone that he was just talking to has been shot. This is what the Japanese call a “gotcha moment.”

LOL? I think the funniest Panic Face he made was when he was lying prone under that body that he thought was dead, fearing the next wave of terrifying bullets. Although, they definitely got a couple more GREAT Panic Faces out of this guy when after he crawled to the door in raw fear, his shattered brain working in pure survival mode, they had more people come in with guns drawn, shooting blanks just inches from his face (sorry to interrupt, but that is, it turns out, what she said) and dragging him by the feet across the floor.

“Wakka wakka wakka!”
–Fozzy the Bear

This is basically the Japanese improv Everywhere, and it’s awful. Pranks are the worst. Always. (Via the entire internet.)

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  1. If that had been me they could have renamed the show “Shit Pants Queen.”

  2. meh. needs more Ed McMahon

  3. The Japanese know how to fuck with people.

  4. This is comedy gold! Nothing funnier than PTSD, amiright? I am right. Emmys all around.

  5. Granted that has to be the meanest “prank” you can do to a human being, but that was a pretty hilarious face.

  6. The “24″ countdown at the beginning was a nice touch.

  7. Boy, are those people going to be sorry when he tells them his grandma died in a sniper attack. Which is the only reason why someone might regret this prank.

  8. Tune in Monday nights at 9 to watch “Panic Face”: the latest, most insanely hilarious Japanese game show yet! Brought to you by highly-acclaimed “comedian”, “actor” and wild gesticulator Dane Cook.

  9. I hope that like Iron Chef, this show has a celebrity panel consisting of a revered Noh actor, a bestselling novelist, and a waifish popstar with one name, all watching this guy weep and beg the gunmen for his life.

  10. The good news? Japan is two years away from The Running Man. Actually, probably six months.

  11. Can’t wait for the American version!

  12. I made a prolonged “I Basically Don’t Respect Your Country’s Cultural Underpinnings” Face while watching Panic Face King.

  13. From 1:34 on, that guy was dragging around a 100% soiled man.

    This was horrific to watch, let alone experience.

  14. I think there is an American version, and it’s called “Scare Tactics.” But it’s hosted by Tracy Morgan, so… that’s a thing.


  15. The video made me tear up. :(

  16. This horrible prank actually makes me have respect for Ashton Kutcher. I didn’t think it was possible, but the Japanese are an industrious people.

  17. Fozzy Bear would be another TV character I wouldn’t mind seeing dead. This clip was horrifying.

  18. …I like the way they think…

  19. I love how a lot of Japanese game shows have English names.
    PA-NI-KU FE-E-SU!!!
    We don’t have shows like that, do we? I can’t think of any shows in the U.S. with foreign language names like that.

  20. the 24 countdown was just a nice ironic touch, really. they definitely consider this guy the japanese jack bauer, what with all the times that jack bauer is crawling around with his ass 3 feet in the air.

    poor japanese jack bauer.

  21. I wonder if in Japan they have laws against tracking down the producers of a TV show that basically humiliated you and gave you the worst unnecessary scare of your life and made you think you were about to die and everyone who depended on you would be left in the cold, and once you found those producers, I wonder if the laws would stipulate that you couldn’t shoot those producers in the fucking face. Because I would hate for that to be illegal in Japan.

    • this reminds me of my thought process whiile watching ancient reruns of candid camera as a kid; why didn’t i ever get to see someone throttle fannie flagg or alan funt? of course, it was explained to me that they would never show that, but i still wonder why my retaliatory, cathartic sadism is any less marketable than the sadism of the original prank? decades later the jenny jones show controversy would happen, and be treated as a shocking surprise. my guess is that the prankee needs a sufficient payoff in order to not go postal, but in the event he/she does, the sponsors of the nightlly news are happy, so the network wins either way.

    • That’s the description of the show in the next time slot.

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