This is mesmerizing. If I had just one criticism to make it would be needs more Japanese blackface Louis Armstrong talkshow impersonations. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Is it weird that I can’t picture any of these in regular-motion? I feel like slow motion physics is the only thing keeping these people up.

  2. the motion of those man boobs near the end is elegant and fascinating.

  3. I’m sure that, even in real time, whatever these people are doing couldn’t honestly be called jogging. If so, let’s make goofball jogging an olympic sport. If not a sport, they should make it the national art of Japan. Because wow.

  4. While Gabe’s only criticism of this is the lack of blackface Louis Armstrong impersonators, my only complaint is about the horrible nightmare’s I’m going to have of these people crazy running towards me in slow motion.

  5. We live in a busy world, so I appreciate the decision to be so straightforward with this headline. I don’t have to waste my time going, I wonder what I’m going to see when I click on this thing?
    By the way, Slow Motion Goofball Jogging Japanese Hip Hop Video (SMGJJHHV) is the name of my new album.

  6. around 2:50 it looks like a scene from a yet-unfilmed John Woo flick about fat people who fight each other

    I am imagining the title is “Soft-Boiled”

  7. Pardon my ignorance. But that’s not how people run? Oh.

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  9. Ah, haha, the guy with the fish!! :p

  10. the osaka arm of the power rangers is tearing it up!

  11. That is seriously the greatest thing I’ve seen all day.

  12. Slow Motion Goofball Jogging:

    Far Away = Hilarious
    Up Close = TERRIFYING

  13. I’m just glad I wasn’t the only person that was sad to see it was over. I think I could have watch that for several years.without realizing it, if it had kept going.

  14. I wasn’t aware that the Ministry of Silly Walks had a Japanese bureau.
    (that joke says “I am somebody’s father”. And it is right.)

  15. i think japanese people just GET life more than any one of us do. ITS LIFE, SLOWMO RUN YOUR WAY into it.

  16. chris  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 0

    the cross eyed girl reminded me of the movie The Grudge (not The Grudge part 2, just part 1). eeeeeeeeeek!

  17. It…..makes…….me……….want…………to………slow……….down……….my life.

  18. What’s the reverse of the Uncanny Valley? Canny Mountain? I think it lies just on the other side of “normal human behavior”.

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