In the latest issue of People magazine, the cast of the Today show dress up like they’re in Anchorman 2: The Edge of Reason, or something. It’s weird. “We’re pimps! We’re pimps now!” That’s what they say, probably. Weirdos.

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  1. Al Roker has always been a pimp. In the traditional sense of pimpdom.

  2. I actually like this a lot.

  3. I still think Gordon from Sesame Street was the best pimp.

  4. In keeping with the theme of the day, Al Roker was not allowed on set and his position was filled by a less-qualified white man.

  5. Meredith Viera looks like Sarah Jane Smith in that picture.

  6. Today Show??? More like Yesterday Show!!!

    Get it? Oh you don’t?

    Ok, then… Meredith Vieira’s Bush!!!

  7. OK, I’d do Ann Curry if she looked like that.

    Y’know, ’cause I’m sensitive.

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