There were definitely a few questions raised by this week’s episode. Like, Regina Spektor? That’s one of the questions. And also, who did Charlene Yi fuck over on the writing staff that they had to throw her under the bus on national television for the benefit of as many as 12 people who actually knew who Charlyne Yi is? Yikes. You have to admit that that was odd! “This week we’re going after Barack Obama and Charlene Yi.” Then there is this question: how is it that the funniest thing on the whole episode was Bill Hader’s James Carville expression on Weekend Update considering the fact that James Carville stopped being a serious political figure in the late 90s, or at the very least in 2004 after John Kerry’s loss to George W. Bush (not to mention Carville’s terrible and poorly received HBO show K Street in 2003, which turned him into even more of a parody of himself) and even in that case it’s been five years, and yet here we are? Huh? But oh man, wasn’t Bill Hader’s James Carville expression on Weekend Update hilarious? Y/Y?

So good! It really speaks to how good Bill Hader is that this was the stand out sketch of the night. He and Will Forte are a real pleasure to watch this season (no improvo). Oh, speaking of pertinent questions, why did the final sketch of the evening get scrubbed from the Internet? If you watch the full episode on Hulu, this sketch is nowhere to be found. But it has some of the funnier lines of the night? Did you think you could just remove something from the Internet and the Internet wouldn’t notice? Have you ever seen the Internet before?


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  1. I wonder how long it’ll be before they give Jenny Slate a speaking role again. :-/

  2. Did they recently start putting every sketch online? I thought they only posted selections of each show. Also, I remember Seth Meyers saying something about music licensing keeping a lot of the sketches from being posted on the internet. Maybe it’s Usher’s fault.

  3. I saw that sketch on Hulu yesterday? How mysterious!

  4. What’s wrong with Regina Spektor?!

  5. Now I might be a Kenan Thompson apologist, but wasn’t his Maya Angelou impression TBS very funny?!?!?

    Also, Jenny Slate had a very prominent role in the fake commercial about the online college. Her mumbling was the best mumbling.

    • Also, Jenny Slate had a very prominent role in the fake commercial about the online college. Her mumbling was the best mumbling.

      Oh good! I must have missed that. My :-/ is now a :-) . Thanks Wolf Shirt!

    • Not nearly as funny as David Alan Grier’s. Will someone finally please put up the “Maya Angelou for Fruit Loops” commercial on the internet, dammit?!

  6. I liked Andy Samberg’s impression of Billy Bob Thornton on that Celebrity Haunting sketch, and of course Hader’s Carville impression was hilarious.

    “Rush is a terrible name for a slow, fat man”
    “The only place he’s rushing to is Quizno’s”

  7. maybe she pissed off fred armisen

  8. What’s the difference between an impression and an expression?

  9. Sammy  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2009 -21

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  10. How much longer will this high-school level “wig and funny voice parade” trod on?

  11. Al  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2009 +3

    “how is it that the funniest thing on the whole episode was Bill Hader’s James Carville expression on Weekend Update”

    It is because of how it is not a very funny show so it doesn’t take much?

  12. Any episode that starts w/ a Gilly sketch is gonna be :(

    Forte/Hader/Armisen can save almost anything though.

    Kenan remains the worst.

  13. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Bill Hader is too good for SNL and this world.

    The Tampax/Billiards skit was AMAZING. “Relax when mother nature attacks your slacks with Tampax!” “Tamp it to the max with Tampax!” So good! I also thought Kenan was great this week too. I loved his monologue on the celebrity ghost stories thing–”And in an act of hubris, I bought a haunted mansion.” I like him, you guys, DOWNVOTE AWAY.

  14. Also that terrible sketch with Guy Fieri… Was I not paying attention closely enough or did Samberg keep pronouncing it Guy Fieti for some unexplained reason?

    • That’s actually how it’s pronounced. I was impressed that they corrected that after saying Fieri the first time it appeared.

      Professor Food Network Over Here

  15. Tuesday Heartbreak  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2009 0

    I laughed multiple times during the Drew introduction and then once more during Carvel’s printout Quizno’s coupon line…(the cheapest of big laughs)…

  16. Janet  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2009 +6

    Abby Elliot’s Anna Faris impression was hilarious. Or what was it just funny to me?
    I think they cut the sketch out because of the spreading of the legs. Y/N?

  17. Drew Barrymore + Ellen Page: We heard you like mediocre crap so we put mediocre crap in your mediocre crap so you can something while you something.

    Can these two please stop wandering in front of cameras please.

    No talent. Nothing to say.


    I said good day!

  18. Ok first off, I don’t know anybody that actually thinks Charlotte Yi is funny and/or talented. She’s really good at pretending to be self aware, and giggling like a stoner.

    Second off James Carville is still VERY relevant i.e. still one of the most sought after political minds of this electoral era. That’s like saying Jimmy Carter is not a relevant political figure since he hasn’t won in election in almost forty years.

    Not to mention that they’ve had even more obscure characters on weekend update before, I don’t understand why Carville needs to be singled out.

  19. they generally cut a lot of the show before it hits hulu. i consider hulu a “best of snl” at this point. i was actually shocked they included the musical performances this week.

  20. langford  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2009 0

    Bill Hader’s great. But not even he could make me watch SNL.

  21. which sketch is the Charlyne Yi screencap from?

    • It’s from the Celebrity Ghost Sightings sketch,where the new love of my life,Abby Elliott did a dead-on Anna Faris impression.Marry me,Abby.Please?

      • thanks!

        but then once you and abby are married you’d have to make her promise to never ever do the anna faris impression again. because anna faris is awful

  22. i got some suprise! standup comedy by charlene yi when i went to see akron/family in LA and wow, she is terrible. just awful. no more standup for you, charlene yi, ever.

  23. i thought regina did fine, its nice to see her getting such exposure.

  24. i thought regina did fine, its nice to see her getting such exposure.

  25. TresBien?  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 -1

    Charlyne Yi does not do Standup comedy, she is a performer, not a standup comedian, she is a Great Performer!!!! GO CHARLYNE YI !!!!!

  26. Abby Elliot: I can do a really good Anna Faris impression.
    Writer #1: Oh, cool. Wait, who’s Anna Faris again?
    Writer #3: Eh, who gives a shit? Put it in the sketch!

  27. Mike  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2009 0

    More sentences need to start with “In the words of the black singer Usher”

  28. sandy  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2009 0

    Even though the Guy Fieri sketch was awful it still caught me off guard to see him chowin’ a ham hock.

    Anyone else notice that the new fat guy plays a baby or a child in every sketch he’s in? Excepting his Guy impression of course.

  29. Freckles  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2009 0

    Hey Gabe. Now that you are an SNL insider with your castmember wife, Jenny ‘The F-Word’ Slate, why ask questions that you can easily get the answers for? You tell us why SNL hates Charlene Yi or anything else about that sucky show ; )

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