“Actually, they’re CZ’s.”
–Jon Gosselin, 1977-2012

On the one hand, Nancy Grace has a point. It does seem ridiculous and contradictory for Jon Gosselin to suddenly claim that the show is hurting his children/family as soon as he has been fired from said show. Whether or not he is broke is none of my business (and none of my things that I care about), but he can relax with the whole Great Defender of Children’s Well Being routine. On the other hand, Nancy Grace’s face is made entirely out of Dollar Store makeup and paracasein, and her opinions hold all of the weight and gravity of a thing that holds no weight and gravity whatsoever. Because she’s an idiot. And she lives in a closet, scaring children.

So let’s just say they’re both wrong and bury them in the ground. (Via GoldenFiddle.)

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  1. “Jon and Nancy: Day 2″? Oh my.

    And on the third day, Jesus said “Is the Jon Gosselin and Nancy Grace thing still going? Really? I’ll stay dead.”

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  3. Nancy Grace does not care about your CZ’s, Jon Gosselin! She doesn’t even really care about family values!

    I’m surprised she even took the time out of her show to talk about this. Shouldn’t she still be trying to find Haleigh or whatever that girl’s name is?

  4. I hate it when people make me want to defend Jon Gosselin. Damn you Nancy Grace.

  5. Jon and Kate plus 8 million viewers that need to change the channel

  6. How is Nancy Grace an idiot? I don’t get that at all. She is a twat but she is only that way to people who have it coming. Yet another person I like that Videogum shits on.

    • In this instance, she refuses to allow him to speak or make a response to some of her assertions or assumptions.
      I too enjoy her direct, no nonsense style (in tiny doses) but this made me uncomfortable to watch.
      Plus, she’s beastly looking.

      • As an aside, why all the downvotes? We need some metrics on the ups and downs of this crazy videogum community, I swear there are vote stalkers and all kinds of bizarre perversions of justice associated with all the voting.
        Like, say I have a -7:
        Was there a 103 man click off, and 48 clicked up, and 55 clicked down?
        Or do 7 out of 7 hate me?
        you know what, fuck the info and the metrics, I’ll keep living in my own little videogum fantasy land.

        • In *my* little videogum fantasy land, I can delete my own comments within the first half hour of posting them. :(

        • I think in this case it’s because monsters hate Jon Gosselin a lot more than Nancy Grace. And calling her ugly all obviously like, “She’s ugly,” isn’t up to the HIGH VIDEOGUM COMMENTING STANDARD, i.e., saying she looks like Lou Dobbs in a wig is much funnier.

    • She had to get told off by Elizabeth Smart for trying to exploit her. Fuck Nancy Grace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x8ARIxg51I

    • I’ll break it down for you. Nancy Grace is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad human being. Humiliating fellow terrible, horrible, no good very bad human beings (who also happen to be incredibly easy targets) does not make her any better. She is horrendous, and the worst thing to happen to female “news” personalities since Ann Coulter.

    • Mcarthyism, she’ll say shit with no acceptable evidence. Basically being judge, jury, and executioner. Most of the people do deserve it though.

  7. eric  |   Posted on Oct 8th, 2009 +4

    Paracasein? I’mdumbgum

  8. I heard they are Ed Hardy limited edition CZ’s. If you look closely, in one of them, there is a dragon fucking a skull, and in the other, there is a tiger biting a rose with birds flying behind it.

  9. As much as I hate to waste any thought on this, Jon has a point. The show was never about personal betrayal and crazy drama. The only point of the show is “it’s tough to raise eight children”. Well that, and “OMG how adorable!” And yes, having intimate, painful details your personal life inexplicably broadcast and published all over the damn place is not good for your children. That is true. When the kids go to school, there’s a difference between having classmates say, “Hey, I saw on TV that you got a puppy” and “Hey, I saw on TV that your parents are going through a messy divorce and your dad’s not around anymore because he’s banging someone else.”

    But then again, Jon Gosselin agreed to speak with Nancy Grace on national TV and discuss his personal life, so they can both fuck off forever and ever.

  10. two men enter no man leave

  11. the terrorists have won

  12. “Sorry to talk over you”- Jon Gosselin”s tombstone

  13. I would like to see the outtakes where Nancy asked Jon how he got himself into this mess, and he said, “Why don’t I show you, bitch?” And Nancy was all “Grrr, show me tiger!” And they crawled across the desk and started fucking right there while Lara Spencer cried.

  14. This is so weird. Usually, I watch “The Insider” for fair and balanced entertainment reporting, but just the presence of Niecy Nash proves their bias.

  15. The camera swoop at 0:21 fucking kills me every time… I’ve watched it five times in a row now. REAL DRAMA!

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