We here at the Videogum Teen Korner know as well as anyone (including doctors) that teenagers go through a lot of physical and emotional changes. You see, what’s happening in your body right now (which is awesome, btDUBS, and you should be SUPES proud of it, Mountain Dew Code Black) is these things called hormones are driving stretch-Hummer-limos through your bloodstream (pedal to the metal, I call shotgun, dawgs, XBOX 360). So you’re probably feeling confused and excited and angry, all at the same time. You’re probably just like, “I want to Rage Against the Machine, but I also need to figure out which stuffed animals I’m going to take with me to college. If I even go to college, maybe I’ll just drop out and become a painter in Europe with my Eurorail Pass.”

Stay in school, you guys.

In your confusion, you might have watched a recent episode of Hannah Montana (you definitely watched a recent episode of Hannah Montana) and wondered “who is that old man that is on my TV? Is he a ghost? Is that my grandpa? What are you doing on TV Ghost Grandpa?” CHILLAX. That is Larry David, for some reason. Seriously, even your parents are thinking that maybe EVERYONE needs to have a time out, because huh? In any case, don’t worry, he’ll be gone soon. Pogs.

But you future (female) leaders of the free world and men who are comfortable being nurses have a point: what the BLOG is Larry David doing on Hannah Montana (after the jump)?

Whatevars, Larry David izzzzz DA BOMB. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Man, not a one of those little bitches could have helped with the Birthday Ruse?

    You know that this was done so Larry David’s daughter and niece (or whichever little celebspawn they are or arent) could be on teh Hannah Montana’s

  2. You really only need to watch the first three seconds of the clip to get the gist of it.

  3. Larry Polanksi?!

    • I’m glad I typo’d! Larry David is the man and Polanski is not. I wish I had an uncle who could get me on the Hannah Montana show, so that I could slap her in the face.

  4. Um, this is two years old. Not that, I saw it two years ago. Look, I had this ex…it was 2007 and everyone was hopped up on Kool Aid and meth, right?

    What this post does show is that Aziz Ansari runs the internet.

    • Don’t feel bad I was about to inform the readership of the same fact. I blame unemployment.

    • yeah, i saw the headline and immediately thought OLD NEWS (not even old in that this is two years old but old in that gabe is 754 and this is news to him). oliver doesn’t even know that miley IS HANNAH yet and lily and him aren’t together. i’m 11 and my parents approve these comments.

  5. This was a good idea, I always say Hannah Montanna could use more shtick.

  6. Hopefully he’s taken care of that inappropriately-timed boner thing.

  7. Nice laugh track. Also, Larry didn’t kiss Miss Montana because she had blow job lips.

  8. Wow, second piece of evidence in a week that Larry David can act like he cares about other humans. Obviously he did this for the benefit of those girls (daughters?), so that’s adorable. The other evidence was him on Letterman on Friday night. They taped that show on Thursday evening immediately after they taped the Thursday show. Larry David must have been in the studio at the time of the blackmail / sex scandal confession, and even if he wasn’t I can’t imagine that Dave didn’t tell him what was up.

    Anyways, when the Friday episode was taped (again, on Thursday), the studio audience had no idea what had just gone down at the previous taping because it hadn’t aired yet. Dave didn’t tell them before the taping, and the incident went unmentioned throughout the episode. But there’s no way Larry David didn’t know, and he had the opportunity to make Dave very uncomfortable and the studio audience very confused. Class act, Larry.

  9. i just gotta say this. this maybe one of the best things gabe’s written in a long time.


    • Totally agree. It is posts like these that made me fall in love with this site. (Flashbacks THIS WEEK, in a very special episode of “How I Met Your Grandfather’s Blog”…) Oh, and your grandfather is Gabe, because he’s old. GET IT???????????????????

  10. this settles it – Curb needs a laugh track

    • good ol’ laugh track larry.

    • I know you are being sarcastic, and yet the idea is so hateful to me that i still think it was wrong of you to say that. Reading “Curb needs a laugh track”, no matter what the circumstances, is the emotional equivalent of losing your level 60 alakazam to your five year old brother’s level 5 magikarp. Bleck!

  11. “Worlds are colliding, Jerry!”

  12. Kelly  |   Posted on Oct 6th, 2009 -3

    Those are his daughters with him — they were big fans of the show, so he got them the part. And uh hello this is from a million years ago. And uh hello love Larry David.

  13. I used to use pimp as a verb :(

  14. It’s weird watching a scene in which Larry David is the best actor out there.

    Why do kids shows always have such (over-the-top) overacting? This clip makes the average SNL sketch look like The Bicycle Thief.

  15. Nick  |   Posted on Oct 6th, 2009 -2


  16. The Teen Korner is TOTES 1 of my fav things, you guys. Honest to Blog. Knee pads!

  17. Reading this gives a person the impression that maybe LA agrees with Gabe, what with the hilarity ensuing and all.

  18. yes, those are his daughters, and yes, that is why he agreed to do the show.

  19. I love Larry David so much (no homo…alright, homo) but I didn’t watch this because whenever I watch anything Disney now I feel a seething hatred towards children and white people.

  20. raspberries  |   Posted on Oct 6th, 2009 +3

    why hasn’t anyone noticed the seinfeld episode this is based on? the chinese restaurant where jerry & blah blah blah cant get a seat but everyone else just walks past and gets seated? i guess no one elses wastes time by watching seinfeld until 5am…

  21. Pret-ty good.
    Pret-ty, pret-ty goooooood.

  22. Though most reputable guides on issues of grammar indicate that a sentence containing only a subject and no verb cannot be considered a complete sentence, most do explicitly note “Pogs.” as a traditional exception.

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