Bobby Bottleservice is bobby BACKleservice!

I never knew that your boyfriend(z) were so good at solving crime(z). (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. UGH! What with the California thing, and the less amount of posts, and now AN ED HARDY POST I am a very cranky monster right now. I don’t know if I’m making sense. Someone please remove this yogurt cup!

  2. They wear Ed Hardy shirts on the outside because Ed Hardy shirts is how they feel on the inside.

  3. My boyfriend is making me sooo abortionhorny right now.

  4. i wonder if my girlfriend will mind that i have now named my penis, “michael jackson’s corpse”.

  5. I feel awful knowing that my mum and my sister both wear this stuff, and the worst part is my mum doesn’t need to seem like a faux-tattooed “rockstar” douchebag because she has REAL tattoos, and they’re pretty “rockstar” ALREADY, as well as being avoidant of any douchebaggery. UGH! My life, videogum, my life.

    • Just to make this clear, I’m upvoting your comment, not your family’s terrible life choices.

      (Although your comment makes me weirdly want to buy your mom a six pack of cold ones? Can I get drunk with your mom?)

      • Man, if it were that easy I’d buy the six pack and the plane ticket here for you.

        • You trying to hook up your mom? I’m headed to the UK in a few months.

          LULZ just kidding
          I want your sister

          • She’s like, thirteen, fourteen, maybe twelve? I don’t know, far too young for someone on videogum judging by the Roman Polanksi arguments. (BEFORE I GO I NEED TO SAY THAT OBVIOUSLY CONTEXT IS DIFFERENT AND I AGREE WITH THE RAPE-RAPE THING AND THERE’S NO NEED TO DOWNVOTE ME, I AM SELF-AWARE)

  6. Whu happen?
    Teh video gone

  7. So, once again I show up so late to class that the lights are off and everyone has already gone home.

  8. I can never meet Nick Kroll. Because it’ll probably result in his filing a restraining order against me… and who wants to be THAT GIRL?

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