Friday Night Lights is already one of the best shows on television, but apparently in season 4 it will be one of the MOST TERRIFYING show on television as well, when most of Dillon, Texas, plunges into a paranormal chasm in the ground. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t fall into the giant paranormal chasm in the ground. Obviously, I recognize that this is a metaphor for how Coach Taylor’s move to the East Dillon Wildcats (or whatever) is going to create an irreparable divide through the town and its many carefully drawn human relationships. But maybe, just maybe, this metaphor will be created visually, with an actual giant rift cut down the middle of the town. Probably not. Maybe. Almost certainly not. But maybe!

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  1. Is there one of these promos where Smash is outrunning the growing divide? That would be accurate.

  2. I cannot contain my excitement for this season of FNL. When I found out my university’s cable service randomly has “The 101″ I lost it.

    I wouldn’t mind if JD McCoy’s dad fell into the chasm, btw. That man is the worst.

  3. What on Earth? Even good shows seem to have a tenuous grasp on geology these days.

  4. Score one for East Dillon. I bet their field doesn’t have a giant chasm running through it. Take that Buddy Garrity!

  5. well that is a very strong photograph, he should be a little more careful about where he tosses it.

  6. Dear FNL,

    Everyone without a vagina is pretty much done with Riggins. Do I have to spell it out for you? Friday Night Lights: The Smash Years. You can go ahead and forward your Nobel Prize for Excellence in Television to me right now.

  7. Yes, that’s fine but ARE THE KIDS READY TO GET IN THE LIMO?

  8. i thought it was the east dillon pirates?

  9. metaphor? more like metabore

  10. I hope that the housing crisis affects Dillon to the point that all the foreclosures fudges up the zoning anyway or forces overcrowding back into those classrooms.

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