gabe: ok
gabe: jimmy fallon is untalented
gabe: and does not deserve the job of late night talk show host
gabe: end of fight
lindsay: What qualities do you think a good talk show host should have?
gabe: i think that a good talk show host should be witty
gabe: and an interesting person in their own right
lindsay: Didn’t you once think Jimmy Fallon was talented?
gabe: no

lindsay: when he was on SNL
lindsay: Like when he said “I’m Carson Daly and I’m a massive tool.” You loved that!
gabe: the people who liked him were adolescent girls who thought he was attractive
lindsay: You had to
gabe: what? why did i have to?
gabe: he cracked up in every scene
gabe: he did’nt have any memorable characters
lindsay: I loved when he cracked up.
lindsay: It was often the funniest part of the show.
gabe: no it wasn’t
gabe: it made him likeable and seem like soemone you could hang out with
gabe: but that doesn’t make him even remotely funny
lindsay: You don’t like him because he’s good looking and all his dreams came true.
lindsay: That’s why guys don’t like him
gabe: he’s been famous since he was like 18
gabe: he hasn’t had time to have dreams
gabe: am i jealous of him for his hair?
gabe: YES
lindsay: if he wasn’t good looking, you would all at least not hate him
gabe: i have no problem admitting that i would love to have jimmy fallon’s haircut
lindsay: I know a dude who hates the Josh character on 30 Rock JUST because he’s based on Jimmy Fallon.
gabe: that’s stupid
lindsay: My position is that he’s not The Absolute Worst that every guy with a blog thinks he is
gabe: give me a break
lindsay: And that you’re all jealous
gabe: i’m jealous of a lot of people way more than i’m jealous of jimmy fallon
gabe: i personally do not want to host a night time talk show
lindsay: Yes you do
gabe: haha
lindsay: You were up for that job
gabe: AND
gabe: i support people getting what they want in life if they deserve it
gabe: i do not think that is the case here
gabe: instead of telling me what i am
gabe: which is jealous and stupid, apparently
gabe: why don’t you actualy defend what makes jimmy fallon deserving of the job
lindsay: Do you like Carson Daly more?

gabe: no
gabe: but you can’t throw someone else horrible in my face as proof that he deserves the job
gabe: i don’t hate jimmy fallon as a person i just don’t htink that he’s done anything to warrant him getting a highly visible job currently being done by a super talented person
gabe: conan
lindsay: come on, Taxi was great
lindsay: just kidding
gabe: haha
lindsay: Well, I don’t think he’s going to be the next conan, I think he’s going to be the next Leno
lindsay: bland, enthusiastic
gabe: i mean, isn’t that kind of the point
gabe: of why people are unhappy with the decision
gabe: is that there are so many unique and interesting people outthere who could make a great show
gabe: and theyr’e basically giving us a younger version of Leno?
lindsay: Who do you think would make the best Conan replacement?
lindsay: Tracy Morgan.
lindsay: Am I right?
gabe: he would be amazing
gabe: but he’s too unhinged to do a nightly show
gabe: and talk to human beings

lindsay: He would just talk about himself.
lindsay: It would be great
gabe: yeah, it would be an amazing show
lindsay: He wouldn’t know who anyone was
gabe: or care
gabe: jack macbrayer could do it
gabe: we’ll probably just cycle through the entire cast of 30 Rock
gabe: john mulaney should be the next conan

lindsay: John Mulaney would be amazing, yes
lindsay: or Amy Sedaris
lindsay: Maybe Jimmy Fallon will just have people on and giggle.
lindsay: That would be genius
lindsay: Move over Andy Kaufman!
gabe: wow
gabe: really?
gabe: you’re comparing him to Andy Kauffman?\
lindsay: I would tune in to watch that.
gabe: why? because you’re stupid?
lindsay: No I’m comparing me and my ideas to andy kaufman.
gabe: you are a poor man’s andy kauffman rip off, yes
lindsay: Maybe they should have had a youtube contest
lindsay: for a regular guy
lindsay: that would be awful
gabe: ew
gabe: like that Jesse guy from MTV

gabe: he should do it
lindsay: Yes!!
lindsay: where the hell is he?
gabe: i think he died
gabe: i’m pretty sure if jesse camp took over for conan everyone would be satisfied
lindsay: There’s a rumor that The Office’s BJ Novak was in talks for the job

gabe: i think we both agree that he got too big for his britches on that one
lindsay: He’d be better than fallon but isn’t likeable enough
gabe: wait, he would be better than fallon, but isn’t good enough?
gabe: i think you’re conceding robertson
lindsay: No, I will never concede that Jimmy Fallon is the worst.
gabe: not the worst
lindsay: Dane Cook would be the worst
gabe: but you just said that bj novak would be better than fallon but isn’t right for the job
gabe: which means that fallon can’t be right either
lindsay: Hey, I want someone cool too, but we live in the real world where old people watch late night shows and want a Nice Boy like Jimmy Fallon.
lindsay: I take that back it sounds like I’m conceding
lindsay: I won last week and I want to keep up my streak of kicking your ass.
gabe: well first of all you already conceded
gabe: and second of all your argument seems to me to be that we should all be satisfied with mediocrity because that’s the world we live in
gabe: i’m not surprised that people like jimmy fallon are very successful
gabe: but that doesn’t mean i have to like it
lindsay: Want to hear more reality show ideas? “May God Strike Me Dead” which is the moment of truth but with electrocution for lies.
[gabe has logged off]
lindsay: u there?
lindsay: hello?

Comments (11)
  1. I saw Jesse Camp at the Gold Room in Echo Park a week or two ago. He’s alive and well and looks EXACTLY like he did on mtv ten years ago.

  2. i slept with jesse camp a couple of weeks ago. he hasn’t called me back…

  3. ian g  |   Posted on Apr 26th, 2008 0

    Fever Pitch…
    Horrible movies. and unlike Conan, he hasn’t written for shows. At least we knew that Conan has potential. Conan’s material was scucessful too. Fallon is just…
    Let’s just remember Fever Pitch once more.

    My vote goes for Neil Hamburger!!!!!!!!!!

    And also Conan should get a two hour show. Carson can rot in hell.

  4. brent  |   Posted on Apr 26th, 2008 0

    I don’t think jimmy fallon is completely untalented. he is a decent impressionist, and can be sorta funny. But that in no way qualifies you to have a late night talk show. He doesn’t have an inherently funny natural personallity. Leno may be bland, but he still has a personality, and isn’t always not funny. Craig Ferguson is all personality. I will gladly watch conan and switch to craig at 12:30.

    two guys i think should’ve gotten it:
    greg giraldo
    jim gaffigan

  5. the plot against people  |   Posted on Apr 27th, 2008 0

    Mike Huckabee for King of Late Night!

  6. I’d be happy if they brought back the Tom Green Show. But not the Green Tom Show.

  7. Carson is the WORST. not funny, not original and just boring. The greatest accomplishment of his show is its ability to force me to go to bed just so I don’t have to watch it anymore.

  8. eric  |   Posted on May 21st, 2008 +1

    you know who would be amazing?
    dave grohl.

  9. I think it’s obvious that Zack Galifianakis should take conan’s spot.

    He would be great, and he’s had some talk show history.

  10. Doctor Rockzo  |   Posted on Mar 14th, 2009 0

    Andy Richter
    Norm MacDonald
    Kevin Nealon

    But Jimmy isn’t too bad. he did a good job on the SNL news, and i liked that interview during conan’s last run when he came in with a mic from the ’60s, all big and silver, like “i’m bringin’ these back”

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