In the spirit of Dave Letterman fucking all those people, it is time for some honesty. I cannot always watch all of the great Thursday night television that is on these days. There is simply too much of it! I mean, sometimes I can watch all of it, but what about when I cannot watch it? Oh, I will watch it later, on DVR, because it’s great, and I actually WANT to watch it. But if and when and how I am able to watch all of the TV from Thursday nights is not important, because people will still want to “talk” about it around the proverbial “water cooler.” So, please feel free to discuss SNL: Thursday Weekend Update, Community, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia here. And I suppose no one would exactly be mad if you expressed your hopes and fears for the new season of 30 Rock, which begins October 15.

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  1. After my disappointment last week with Community’s second episode, I am happy to report that I was pleased and amused with this week’s episode. BECAUSE YOU WERE ALL HOLDING YOUR BREATH OVER MY OPINION. (Exhale, friends.)

  2. “Hey, I just saw Heat!”
    “Heat… that came out six years ago!”
    “Yeah, but… I wanna talk about it now!”
    “No… get away from me, weirdo.”

  3. Jamie Mac  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2009 +3

    I think Community is really shaping up to be a good show. It is the right blend of being touching and pretty funny in strange, novel ways. I hope they can keep it up. Abed’s a great character. And I’m happy that Chevy Chase is doing a good job.

    Sunny is still hilarious and all, but it seems a bit weaker this season than in past seasons, though seeing Frank hanging there with an uncaring Dee nonchalantly stating his neck is too fat as to prevent him from dying, was TBS – very funny.

    Gabe, you need to do reviews.

    • I think the thing about Sunny is that there are only so many times they can do the same thing. If these episodes came out a few seasons ago, they may have been just as funny as the others back then, but since we’ve seen the show for four years now, it’s getting a little old. The Office seems to have gone through the rejuvenator, but this weeks episode wasn’t as funny as the first 2.

      • I am sorry everyone but the D&B plug in conjunction with the D&B sponsorship/commercial gave me a bad taste and I had to go rinse myself of Sunny Ass Mouth after that show last night. It distracted me from enjoying any of the other parts of the episode which may or may not have been funny.

        • I felt the opposite. While they may have been paid by both D+B and Coors, they made sure that I understood that both are horrible products for horrible people. Are we to believe anyone would want to go to D+B’s after seeing that steakish thing that they eat? If you’d told me Chili’s sponsored the episode I would have believed you.

        • It may have been slightly gratuitous, but I know all the people in the room when I was watching laughed out loud when they cut to commercial and a D&B ad came on. Coincidentally, we then went to D&B. (No, but really, never go to D&B)

      • I was thinking about this earlier today. What you just expressed is exactly what I was afraid of going into this season of Sunny, but so far I have to disagree. So far this season they’ve given us one solid episode (the first one), one almost classic episode (last week’s) and a bit of a downer. I don’t think there’s enough there yet to say this season is a downer. I think there’s still plenty of reason to believe it’ll be a good season.

  4. And Louis C.K. was great (and very sweet and touching! Just like his USO blogs!) on Parks & Recreation. And Aziz was great as usual.

    • I’ve liked P&R from the start – only because I have a mental block that stops me disliking anything with Paul Schneider in it (not including Elizabethtown, because that is not included in anything, ever). So, I’m glad that it’s become objectively good, now.

    • I love how Aziz has clearly seized on Souljah Boy as the perfect fad for his characters — too old to be cool, not quite dusty yet. He brought it up in that Terry Gross interview too, to quote his blog: I?m very proud to be the only person in the history of NPR to spend a significant amount of interview time talking about Soulja Boy.

  5. i don’t have cable, or even a digital converter box, and i work every thursday until 9 (central). but i do have hulu (you guys got hulu?). so, that said, i’m pretty much a week behind everyone living in sivilization, but the couple of episodes i’ve seen of community have been extremely promising. some kinks to work out, sure, but it’s going places. and it’s always sunny and the office aren’t exactly on the wane either.

    now, my apologies if i’m going all sacrilege here, but does anyone have an honest opinion of flash forward? as far as existential broadcast television dramas are concerned, i think it’s pretty decent. i can’t say i’m hooked, but the pilot certainly left me wondering what the hell happened. and, i mean, you’ve got to be able to change the future, right? ANYONE?

    • is the best. While slightly (very?) illegal, it puts up most new shows a day or two right after they air. I am watching last night’s Community right now on ninjavideo because I have a roommate who watches Grey’s Anatomy and we don’t have a DVR. By the way, if you’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, find some deity or assorted lucky stars to thank, because that is one of the shittiest shows I have ever seen and I wish I didn’t even know about its existence.

      • Try – they put shows up within an hour of their airing (quality isn’t as good as the divx stuff on ninjavideo, but I find the trade-off well worth it), which is awesome of them.

        • I prefer Sidereel. Only problem is, half the sites let you watch for ten minutes, and then try to get you to give them money. It gets to the point where I would gladly give up my universal health care for Hulu.

  6. hmmm. I have to disagree with you guys about Community. I liked the first episode, but not the second, and really felt like puking over the cheesy sappy storylines on the third last night. I got Full House style chills when the sentimental music kicked in when Abed revealed the movie and his dad was like “you are right all along, sorry son”. I thought Danny was gonna come in and explain the birds and the bees to Deej and Stephanie.

  7. Community seems to keep getting better. Last night’s episode went seamlessly from lots of laffs to genuinely touching and right back to laffs. Now that Earl is out of the picture, lining this show up with 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and The Office could make Thursday nights on NBC the smartest night of network television in decades (I am too old to remember when the last smartest night of network television was), but I just have a sinking feeling that this Comcast business is going to destroy all that.

    • I’m pretty sure you meant; “Now that Earl is out of the picture, lining this show up with 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and The Office [and Jay Leno Primetime] could make Thursday nights on NBC the smartest night of network television in decades.” Right?

  8. Winners of the night:
    “That doesn’t sound right, but I don’t know enough about stars to dispute it.”
    “How about I pound you like a boy – that didn’t come out right.”
    “I’ll have… a birthday cake!”

    Losers of the night:
    Parks & Recreation, although it’s getting better, did not have any Nick Offerman aka Ron Fucking Swanson.

    • I liked:

      “9/11 was pretty much the 9/11 of falafel houses.” and
      “It’s time to stop stopping and begin to start starting!”

      Community is becoming one of my favorite shows.

  9. The Office wedding next week, guys! I wonder if there’s still time to rent out a tuxedo.

  10. I laughed so much during the cold open of Community that I had to rewind. I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s time to stop calling it “promising” and start calling it “the best show on Thursday night until October 15th.”

  11. Anonymous  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2009 +2

    Community is good. Abed is a really great character. So are Joel McHale’s and Chevy Chase’s. The fact that Britta is so butthurt about her own life to yell at the father of somebody she’s known for only a few weeks either makes her the most unlikable character on any show this season or just one who is lazily written.

    • agreed. “Something about her bothers me” is usually what I say about women who are taller than me, but it works here.

  12. Chevy Chase sneezing was my favorite part of all of last night…well that and Hall and Oates health care song. more will forte please!

  13. Al  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2009 +6

    We’re crab people now.

  14. community was a big win last night in my books. the first half making me ‘lol’ and the second being very sappy but a sappy i enjoyed. the racist opener “pierce will top that in 1 minute” was my fav line and the office storyline just needed to continue but still a thumbs up. not as many as itd normally get but good enough, i missed parks but apparently ron wasnt in it so idc, and its always sunny did not live up to its previous 2 episodes.

  15. I have ninja training every Thursday night so I always miss everything the first time it airs (I don’t even get Sunny in Phillie) and have to wait till about midnight to catch the west coast feed. I have to get up really early every morning to make it to my hot dog vendor that I own and operate on the moon, so staying up late is a big risk for me (my commute is roughly 4 light hours a day, whatever the hell a light hour is). I really wish I had gone into my sensory deprivation tank early last night. Not that I found any of the shows to be particularly bad or un-funny. I’m just so damn tired and I feel like I have nothing to show for it!

  16. Yeah i can’t say i really enjoyed that GIANT DAVE AND BUSTER’S COMMERCIAL last night. Starring the Gang.

    Also, Dee, pouring a coor’s light: “The mountains turn blue!”
    r.i.p. it’s always sunny’s integrity.

  17. Where’s Weezer?

  18. Last night’s Sunny made me sad (although I taped it anyway because I like to rewatch shows on my old timey VHS tapes in a crazy vintage machine called a VCR – Gabe knows all about these I’m sure) because for the most part it was lackluster and obviously brand sponsored. But I did laugh hard and very vigorously when Frank sliced his finger with that super knife and Dee started dry heaving and said she could see the bone. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch any of the other shows because VCRs only record one channel at a time. It’s the price I pay for modern technology.

  19. I just watched all of the Thursday shows, and I think Community emerged as this week’s winner. So far, it has been a decent comedy with a lot of potential. This week’s episode showed how great it can be when it actually reaches that potential.

    Best line was Joe McHale’s Dane Cook zinger at the beginning.

  20. Unfortunatley I didn’t get a chance to see any of the shows on Thursday night, i just spent the night at Dave and Busters

    • One upvote for the comment, another imaginary upvote for the single coolest avatar I have ever seen. Luck of the Irish was such a beautiful story man.

  21. wiggum220  |   Posted on Oct 3rd, 2009 +1

    why is no one understanding sunny. the episode was about the recession and stupid ideas to make money. so they throw around shitty beer and a tacky restaurant very intentionally and then pile on the advertisements. its a joke. its ironic. like breaking the third wall? anyone? bueller?

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