As many of you know, I love the website thisisphotobomb.com, which features user-submitted photobombed photos. Sometimes I wish that my job was just to sit around reading ThisIsPhotobomb all day. So, I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes I wish that my job was being a secretary. (I need those ZINGS on my desk by five.) (That joke goes out by special request to TechnoJeremy!) Anyway, what a great site. But could it be that what has for so long seemed like a random and hilarious prank* has a king? And that that king is Michael Cera? APPARENTLY! Look at this guy straight photobombing some clowns. BOOM! YOUR PHOTO IS RUINED! If by ruined you mean GREATLY IMPROVED. More classic Michael Cera photobombs after the jump.

These guys are like “WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER POOKA SHELL NECKLACE!” They don’t even realize that they have been graced by the king. BOOM! (Via BuzzFeed.)

*I say prank for lack of a better term, but as we all know, there is no such thing as a “good prank.” Pranks are the worst. This is less of a prank and more of a hilarious time-release joke. Pranks are mean and intrusive and stupid and what Improv Everywhere does. Stop doing all those pranks, you guys.

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  1. Nick and Norah’s infinite photobomb… (I think that would be accomplished with mirrors)

  2. These had better be stills from the Arrested Development movie…

  3. Jake Gyllenhaal is a strong contender for his angrybomb.


  4. holy crap. i’m going to be fired for laughing so hard at work. CERRRRRA!!! that happy, innocent smile- what a dick! He is starting to warm to me.

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  6. Gabe remembers when Buster Keaton was King of the Daguerreotype.

  7. Your job ISN’T to sit around and read photobomb all day?

  8. The parrot bomb is amazing. Somehow the fact that he looks 12 years old makes it even better.

    • I agree. The glee in his expression made me laugh. I think we can go ahead and CROWN HIS ASS.

    • I think he very well may be 12 yrs old in that photo-bomb, which would explain why he’s at what appears to be a Rainforest Cafe, presumably for his middle school buddy’s (the guy w/ ALL the parrots) birthday.

  9. I waver between Michael Cera love and Michael Cera hate. On the one hand, he might be a photobomb genius, and “Youth in Revolt” actually looks pretty good. On the other hand, why did he take so long to sign onto the “Arrested Development” movie. I can forgive but I can never forget. Also, “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” was a huge waste of money.

    P.S. Anyone else having issues signing in? The site said I was signed in up at the top, but not at the bottom. Weird.

  10. lisa  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2009 -28

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  11. HAHA I never liked Michael Cera but now I think I do. The parrot picture is GOLDEN

  12. b  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2009 -6

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    • Relax, b (doesn’t have that same je-ne-sais-qoui as technojerr. Unless you’re the same person, which I dunno.) TechnoJeremy had an insistence that wouldn’t stop get it get it.

  13. What? I was so excited to scroll through the comments after I LOLd my pants from reading your technojeremy shout out, and what’s this? Nothing? Monsters, you are off your game today.

  14. Yeah, they might be photobombs but they’re not photobomb-photobombs and that’s what we’re all really concerned about.

  15. Personally, I’m a fan of the Hasselbomb:

  16. Anyone can photobomb a couple of dorks with a camerphone, but it takes a true master to photobomb the visual acuity of the scarlet macaw. That’s all I’m saying.

  17. I was about to post these. Cera may win for quantity, but nothing beats Gyllenhaal’s retarded-drunk Oscarbombs.

  18. “I’ll photobomb you til you love me, f*****”

  19. langford  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2009 +4

    I hate pranks too, and it’s something I’ve kept to myself for a long time because you don’t want to be the wet blanket, you know, the person who *doesn’t* think it’s funny to draw on people’s faces after they go to sleep. But I feel like I can come out now.

  20. That last photo epitomizes Michael Cera. That is the Michael Cera of photographs. Okay.

  21. That’s the scariest photobomb I’ve ever seen. Also, don’t fret, it took me like 4 tries of hitting preview, lots of crying, two smashed keyboards, and one google search before I figured out a picture post.

  22. This website is making me very special.

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