Admittedly, I am a little late on this one, mostly because I don’t watch So You Think You Can Dance?. Nor do I regularly keep tabs on BREAKING So You Think You Can Dance? news. Personally, I prefer my dancing to be done by people who KNOW they can dance. But it is being reported that a young woman on last night’s episode may have flashed her dangerous human vagina on national television. Dlisted reports that the show’s head judge and producer never meant for things to happen this way:

Nigel Lythgoe, the head judge and executive producer, had this to say about the cat being let out of the bag: “None of us knew she did this. The show was always designed to expose talent, but not in this way.”

I get it. Expose?! AS IN EXPOSE YOUR VAGINA INSTEAD OF YOUR TALENT?! You get it now. It just took some explaining. Anyway, the HuffingtonPost put up the video (after the jump) which is basically the Zapruder Film of dance-based reality competition TV minus assassination and plus potential momentary glimpse of disgusting and wicked human female vagina. It is genuinely hard to tell! (I think there were three vaginas. I’m not buying the government’s “magic vagina” theory.)

See? It is hard to tell. If only Tommy Lee Jones from The Fugitive was here to eliminate the sound of a passing train, maybe then we could finally know the truth (about the one-vagina’ed man?). Of course, a bare human woman vagina on TV would be probably the greatest tragedy of our time (our generation’s 9/11 if you will allow me the historical analogy), so perhaps the best part of this whole thing is the official statement made by FOX, obtained by TMZ:

It is a crease in the young lady’s panties.

Haha, and THANK GOD.

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  1. I don’t know… Looks like a big purple pawprint to me.

  2. i totally missed it. could someone please slow down the video and maybe even zoom in. that would be really helpful and is clearly a necessary and totally normal, healthy thing to do.

  3. Enhance?

  4. Also, you mean “vulva” not “vagina.” Unless you can really see her vagina in which case you have either x-ray vision or are up in that skunk with a light and maybe a scope…oops i just threw up.
    Brought to you by Know Your Lady Parts.

  5. Ewww, it looked like a hippo yawning.

  6. I’ll have to tell my friends they no longer have to bother with pausing games of Smash Bros while princess peach is doing a kick move.

  7. My only concern is that the FCC may have to divert some resources from the investigation into Janet Jackson’s nipple to get to the bottom of this.

  8. Yes, a crease in her panties. Flesh-colored panties with a landing strip. They make those. That’s what the Mormons’ “special underwear” is.

  9. The loading of videogum video’s is so slow that the suspense is killing me!!

  10. It winked at me!

  11. It’s been fun exploring the “vaginas” tag on Videogum.

  12. Oh, man. Vaginas are disgusting and terrible. Good thing we have watchdogs looking out, saving us from vaginas.

    On an unrelated note:

  13. Monkey  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2009 +28

    Once you’ve seen one poorly lit, pixelated rough outline of a minature covered vagina being flashed for a split second on TV you’ve seen them all.

  14. Thank goodness the Huffington Post, unlike the anti-vagina mainstream media, is willing to investigate the stories that matter most. I’m looking at you, National Public Radio.

  15. Panty-crease, eh? Maybe next time I’ll use that as my excuse
    “No, officer, I was trying to touch her panty-crease”

  16. snix  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2009 0

    i like thinking about how many people have probably masturbated to this… because i don’t like feeling alone.


  18. J  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2009 +6

    I like the creepy zoom on the video right when it becomes apparent that you might catch a glimpse of vulva.

  19. I, like our subject, only wear exact matching flesh colored pants, this we have in common.

    on the other hand, did anyone see the routine? how did she do a whole dance in that short dress and never reveal her butt or frontbutt?

  20. Coincidentally, crease in the young lady’s panties is the name of my indie rock band.

  21. Look hard enough, you can find vagina’s all over the place.

  22. As a gay man, I admit to not being the person my friend’s call when they need to verify that they saw a vulva. That being said, I have no idea what the fuss is about. How could anyone make anything out from the video?

    • Monkey  |   Posted on Sep 30th, 2009 -1

      Well………its a vagina part. Its connected to a vagina. In her undergarments, there is a body part that is literally RIGHT NEXT TO A VAGNIA and we kinda saw what that part was shaped like. While one half of all people have vagina parts America thinks that it is wrong that a person desperately looking for such parts on TV should be able to find something shaped like a part that is next to the part they were looking for, no matter how slow and how zoomed in they have to play the clip. It is unacceptable.

  23. totally anti-climatic SLOWMO man.

  24. ooops sorry bout that!!

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