I’m pretty sure if they ever wanted to make A Nightmare on Elm Street Jr. (someone, or something, is killing all the toddlers in their sleep!), they could just hire these guys. Terrifying. Also, it’s weird that Hollywood is making A Nightmare on Elm Street Jr. Who wants that? No one wants that, Hollywood, you idiot. (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. Less like Nightmare on Elm Street, more like Saturday Night Live. The Japanese seem to have mastered the art of turning an unfunny concept into almost 4 minutes of an unfunny concept. I can’t wait for the Banana Street Movie.

  2. WELL I WILL give them ONE goddamned THING: THEY managed to CATCH the awkward sexual TENSION BETWEEN the two PRESENT in the original ADAPTATION. Michael Bay’s VERSION HOWEVER, is going to be FUCKIN awesome.

  3. why does bert have scary gnashy teeth?? who said that was a good thing? every kid knows that zig zagg teeth = evil.

  4. Sure, I’ll have some more nightmares. Could I also have a side of sleep crimes?
    Also, now I know how to write “oh shit” in Japanese. So thanks for that.

  5. I can’t understand what they’re saying…?

  6. I noticed that too and it terrified me! He’s like the clown in “It.”

  7. Whyyyyyy?? I have my old Ernie doll from when I was a kid and he is extremely terrified/not amused right now.

  8. Their culture is so weird! I love it!

  9. Jim Henson must be rolling in his Guurebo!

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