In other miserable late night television news, Jay Leno is the worst. We know that. And his new nightly 10PM talk show is awful. Yes. If you want to break that as a news story, you will have to fire up the old time machine and go back in time (and KILL HITLER, but then) to before everyone already knew that duh. But what may be news is that Jay Leno is using his show as an hour-long paid infomercial? Now, inserting product placement into late night talk shows is not new. It’s a method the networks enjoy to keep the cost of production down, and the late night format is particularly easy to semi-unobtrusively infect with this stealth marketing. Not to mention the fact that a show built on timely pop cultural references is probably going to drop a couple of names they’re not even getting paid to drop because we live in a capitalist society dominated by brand names. But this compilation video that some AdBuster made of all the products mentioned in a single episode of The Jay Leno Show is pretty astonishing. He basically mentions a bagillion products.

How are the kids not rioting in the streets? With their revolutionary face-kerchiefs and their borrowed college ideals? Light the world on fire! People are dying! Seriously though, I know that we all have to put antique cars on our families, but this is ridiculous. (Via EdRants.)

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  1. What surprises me, is that you’re still going on about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog, but what do they say on the 4Chan? Axis of Evil is Evil? I get it. It’s not going to stop. Jay and NBC will continue to chase that money.

  2. I really hate how he mashes his jimmy dean sausage fingers against the dell keypad.

  3. I feel the need to go and use bing now, though.. so it definitely works!

  4. WHATEVER. Advertising DOESN’T BOTHER me near as much AS HIM just being A GIANT dickchin.

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      • HEY. RELAX technojeremy (SORRY dude, I’m NOT STOPPING that just BECAUSE you’re back and HAVE POSTED some FUCKIN RAD cat pictures). IT’S called the INTERNET. Stop TAKING SHIT on here SO seriously OTHERWISE you’re GOING TO TALBAIN2 your WAY outta HERE, AND WE don’t support ANY REINTRODUCTION of monsters BACK INTO the wild.

        Also I HAVE WORKED out some shitawesome MATHEMATIC FORMULAS and RELATIONSHIPS to HELP you with YOUR COMMENTING so that YOU MIGHT OPTIMIZE your UP votes in the FUTURE.

        Jenny SLATE = FUCKIN American Hero AND BEES damned KNEES.
        Jay Leno = DOUCHEmuncher

        Therefor WE KNOW THAT any -COMMENTS REFERING to Slate WILL RESULT IN a negative ANSWER while THE SAME METHOD applied to THAT CHINOSAUR will result IN A MEGA positive ANSWER.

        I’ll give YOU SOME time to WORK out the homework, BUT I want THAT SHIT at the start OF class TOMORROW.

        • Watch out, dude. You are coming dangerous close to TESTING ME. His position doesn’t need to reflect yours to be welcome here.

          • HEY CHILL guy. It’s GONNA BE alright. IT’S CALLED an extended FUCKIN joke! THIS IS Sparta America! YOU CAN believe WHATEVER you DAMN well please, BABY! But the MAIN POINT I was making was THAT THAT technojeremy UP THERE needs TO chill the FUCK out. UPVOTES AND downvotes. It’s JUST A website AND AN ARBITRARY response TO SOME joke. AKA it’s BULLSHIT. I mean, I FUCKIN used to ROCK the -80′s AND SHIT and you didn’t see ME COMPLAINING. You just GOTTA PULL yourself UP BY your bootstraps AND KEEP on truckin!

      • Because “crossed eyes” is scientifically not as funny as “dickchin.” It’s just simple science.

  5. you can avoid most of the hidden ads by not watching the show.

  6. The problem with you doing a comedy bit about Jay Leno being a corporate whore it will never be as good as Bill Hicks’ bit about Jay Leno being a corporate whore.
    No offence its just… you can’t top Hicks
    “Here Satan, try the Nacho-flavored ones!”

  7. Oooh. Just hearing the opening music and “It’s the Jay Leno Show!!!” made me shiver [in a bad way].

  8. Precisely why I’d rather watch Bored to Death, Sundays at 9:30, only on HBO. It’s not TV, it’s HBO. It’s like the cool refreshing Coca Cola to Jay Leno’s Pepsi.

  9. I’m not rioting because I have cable. All solved with the simple click of a button!

  10. Are you hoping to get a cease and desist letter from Leno? I doubt he’d write one Gabe, let’s just put this aside and look towards a new day.

  11. gabe, you need to keep on this. i don’t mind repeated vitriol.

    fight the good fight. and all of that.

  12. This may or may not be the best place or time to mention this: would it be too much to ask to, in the future, get ads that don’t accidentally force you to click on them when you try to orient yourself in your browser by clicking what would normally be background on the side of the page?

    I know this is for the sales & design teams, not you, Gabe– and this is a good post– but I’d appreciate the attention to this issue, and I thought maybe mentioning it on this thread would be appropriate. (Not trying for irony as much as contextual consonance.) Thanks!

  13. This shatters my image of Jay Leno as an unfunny whitebread bigmouthed smarmy anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary.

  14. I wanted to complain about this earlier, but I got distracted by the HUGE coca cola bottle taking up most of my screen.

  15. Moby Grape  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2009 0

    We’ll call it the Red Bull Theater hour…an hour of live TV every night at 10…but that’s it…no actual product placements in the show…

  16. Jay Leno himself is a walked advertisement for Vaginal Sanitary Devices.

  17. Anyone else impressed that Lebron James could name 5 tire companies? Ok, just me. Also, I fell like this is more of a Duh Afficionado post than a call for revolution against the man post. What is C.R.E.A.M.?

  18. Maybe Teri Hatcher could race him to the studio? How bout that? No fancy antique cars though -just legs, heads & the ICU at the end of it!

  19. Maybe Teri Hatcher could race him to the studio? How bout that? No fancy antique cars though -just legs, heads & the ICU at the end of it!

  20. mavvrick  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2009 -7

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  21. My favorite part was when my opinion of Jay Leno was reinstated.

  22. ugh, that was one of the guys from the whitest kids u know at 0:48. as if leno’s show couldn’t suck worse.

  23. WTF, was that Meredith from The Office as the Wendy’s girl? =( Why, Kate Flannery, why?

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