As you probably know, over the weekend, Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland on a decades old warrant for charges stemming from his 1977 sexual assault case. Did you see that documentary about him last year? It was really intense and confusing. I mean, what isn’t confusing is that he gave a 13-year-old drugs and then he sodomized her. Very not confusing, that part. And what’s also not confusing is that he spent almost no time in jail, and has continued to have an incredibly successful filmmaking career from Europe, where rich people still have access to mansions and champagne. But there were definitely some pretty weird extenuating circumstances (fame-obsessed mother, fame-obsessed judge) that muddle the issue. And it remains muddled! This morning on The View, Whoopi Goldberg apparently made reference to rape-rape? Like, as in one must qualify between Regular Rape, Classic Rape, and Rape-Rape, or something? Yikes, Whoopi Goldberg.

Anyway, the whole thing is such an extended nightmare that may or may not be on the verge of achieving closure. So, you can use the comments thread on this post to write your thoughts and feelings about a controversial and horrifying reminder of how the world is a confusing and scary and dangerous and mean place. OR, you can use the comments thread on this post to post pictures of cute kittens. The choice, although it may seem obvious, IS YOURS!

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  1. Forget it, Jake. It’s Zürichtown.

  2. Are you trying to make us get rid of our stashes of adorable kitten jpegs so we won’t bomb Monsters’ Ball with them this week? That is flawed, because there is an infinite supply of adorable kitty pictures on the internet. You know the physical law that matter is neither created nor destroyed? In chemical reactions, matter and energy are “lost,” or converted, to heat, sound, and other sources. The “other sources” are adorable kitty pictures on the internet. It’s a beautiful sort of perpetual motion machine, except instead of a neverending flow of energy, it’s a neverending generator of kitty pictures. THAT’S SCIENCE. YOU JUST GOT SCHOOLED.

  3. ALL I KNOW is that the DUDE DESERVES to be in JAIL. Making some AWESOME FUCKIN movies does not COVER up for RAPE and neither DO THE circumstances THAT MUDDLE the case. Sodomizing A 13 YEAR OLD is still SODOMIZING A 13 YEAR OLD. I don’t GIVE A fuck WHAT else you say.

  4. What about a kitten raping another kitten to be in balance?

  5. I think its pretty obvious this is going to be a kitten parade.

  6. Mixin’ it up.

  7. Hey, it was the 70s… everyone was sodomizing 13-year-olds at Jack Nicholson’s house back then. That’s just how it was. Also, I think the Holocaust surviver/ Manson Family murder victim combo gets you some leeway. That being said – fuck rapists!

    • It gets YOU NO leeway. Just because YOU DO something or SURVIVE SOMETHING doesn’t MEAN YOU get a lifetime PASS on crime. Hell, IF ANYTHING, it means YOU SHOULD BETTER understand the RAMIFICATIONS OF the shit YOU ARE doing!

  8. He’s so NOBLE!
    Angry face

  9. When I looked at the tags real fast, my Freudian dyslexia kicked in, and I thought one of the tags was Rape Party!. So, yeah.

  10. I choose anarchy.

  11. I hope this happens to Roman Polanski.

  12. I’m less enraged by him not going to jail than I am by the reactions of people in Europe and elsewhere saying that Americans are just being “puritans” and “uptight” about sex as usual. Right. Drugging and anally raping children it totally why those irational witch hunts happened.

    Also I like the way Defamer put it:

    “In France in particular, Polanski symbolizes much of the cultural war between the U.S. and Europe, with the director cast in the role of urbane free-spirited intellectual, hunted down and persecuted by the bigoted, close-minded xenophobic Americans. There is certainly truth on both sides. Prejudice played a big role in how Polanski was viewed during his trial and even after the murder of his wife, he was shamefully portrayed in many press accounts as bizarre outsider figure who was somehow responsible for the slayings. However, be that as it may, drugging and raping a 13 year old girl ain’t tiddlywinks.”

    And with that said here is a visual metaphor for US/France relations

  13. My kind of kitten.
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  14. three’s my limit…. FOR NOW.

  15. Kitten Polanski

  16. ordinarily i would forward an open thread of kitten pictures to my mother. that being said, the presence of words like “anal rape” prevents me from doing so this time. an added strike for polanski.

  17. I’m going to choose not to choose. As I’ve learned from the great John Kilduff, I can have it all:

  18. Also, the Holocaust survivor thing would only be pertinent information if he had drugged and anally raped a 13-year-old Hitler. Which I fully support him going back in time and doing.

    • What if he did, and in the act unknowingly triggered a parallel time continuum leading to the the Holocaust–nay–everything that has happened since, including our very existence? A la Back to the Future Part II. What I’m asking is, what if Polanski is Biff, only with rape?

  19. Last one:

  20. Classic Rape is great but I usually go with Diet Cherry Rape if they have it.


  21. Did anyone read this super-ignorant op-ed in the Huffington Post?
    Rich people!

    • That made me feel like lemonne’s I BARF’D kitten. She says Polanski “seduced” a 13-year-old girl who was drugged and did not give her consent? Wait a second, she was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. A child can’t give consent to sex with an adult ever ANYWAY, much less when she DRUGGED AND DID NOT GIVE HER CONSENT! (Anger makes me type like AmPat.) There are not enough UGHs in the world to express how disgusted I am that someone can think that “But Chinatown was good!” is a good enough excuse to let a pederast rapist off the hook. I need more kitties to cleanse my palette again. 10,000 ccs of tiny kittens STAT!

  22. Okay, two more kittens:

    This last one gets his description included:

    “Mr Beanz was found under a dumpster with his two siblings. He had a serious eye infection in both eyes and consequently is now nearly blind. That doesn?t stop him from enjoying life to the full! He was all fixed up by Action Volunteers for Animals. He is the sweetest, with a little side of naughty.”
    -via The Daily Kitten

  23. Um, Mr. Deer, do you realize that there are two Pygmy Slow Lorises on your antlers?
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    • Wow! Scare quotes around justice! It is more complicated than “Dude fucked a 13 year old and bolted to France.” It’s also more complicated than “Wanted and Desired” makes it out to be. Life is complicated. That doesn’t make it less unjust that a child rapist has lived like a hero in Europe mainly because he makes good movies.

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        • Also, as the judge explained to him during his pleading guilty to drugging and molesting a 13 year old (who he admits he knew was 13 at thetime) no judge is ever under any obligation to accept the terms of a plea agreement reached between a prosecutor and a defendant. It usually works out that the judge will accept the recommendation, but not always.

          And on the topic of recidivism, its worth pointing out that while he was living in France he was fucking a 15 year old Natasha Kinski.

        • I’m no stranger to unpopular opinions here, and I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there. Still, you are now the one oversimplifying the situation. The US Justice System’s mechanisms are not synonymous with justice, and, even if they were, Polanski didn’t fight the system, he ran away. Anyway, Polanski’s return may not result in any “justice”, but it will serve some much needed justice.

        • Also, are you unclear on the term “evaluation”? That is not a punishment. That is a prelude. The evaluation was meant to help the judge decide his sentence. You are clearly less informed than you think you are.

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          • I don’t know where you are getting your irrefutable information, but here is an excerpt from the Washington Post:

            A 90-Day Psychiatric Study for Roman Polanski

            Originally published in The Washington Post, September 20, 1977

            Movie director Roman Polanski, who had pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl, yesterday was ordered imprisoned for a 90-day psychiatric study to help the judge decide his sentence.

            Polanski had contracted to photograph the girl for a French fashion magazine. Prosecutors said he took her to the home of actor Jack Nicholson while Nicholson was away, fed her champagne and Quaaludes, then committed numerous sex acts with her.

            The probation report indicated that she consented. The judge said it made no difference.

            The technical effect of the judge’s decision will be for Polanski to spend some time in prison without having the record of a prison sentence against him unless he is eventually placed behind bars under a formal sentence.

            Among the problems Polanski faces is possible deportation. However, the law provides automatic deportation only for those convicted of crimes of moral turpitude who are sentenced to one year or more in prison.

        • OK, semantics: he didn’t “have sex with” her. He raped her. The difference is the big crime that wants punishing, you know?

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          • Let’s all just get to the heart of the matter and read the details of what he did! After doing that it’s pretty hard to defend him.


    • i would just like to toss out that our legal system isn’t based on settling with the victim in cases where serious law-breaking has been done. ditto with skipping out before sentencing was completed. if this guy was just some schmo, nobody in their right mind would be arguing that either of those two points were legally sound.

    • Shlurg  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2009 +4

      Too bad Polanski would have been too poor to appeal… OH WAIT. We have steps in the legal system if you don’t like your punishment or feel that your case was poorly handled that don’t involve running away to France. And to comment on he was charged with “unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor” that’s just a fancy way of saying statutory rape. So yes, even by that sentence, HE RAPED HER. The charge was reduced to try and shield the girl from trauma, and we see how well Douchelanski let that work out. Reading the court documents on Smoking Gun is quite enough to make me happy with him actually serving his sentence like a normal person would, and hope that every person sucking his cock right now would also read what he did to her, and what he possibly did to other girls. And fucking remember she was thirteen.

      Also, if you read the court documents it’s The People of California vs. Roman Polanski. He’s not just answering to her. I feel bad for the victim, but just because I want to put something behind me isn’t a valid reason to let people go for crimes. It just isn’t. I mean, that’d be a great message, huh? Be rich, talented, and popular, see if you can get the media to bully your victim, run away from punishment so they keep bringing it up to haunt her, and then you’ll get away scot free! Yay!

  25. the us justice system is going to go all bitter moon on his ass.

  26. The dude ran. Never a good look.

  27. J  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +4

    Lock ‘em up. And while Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown are good (nay, great) films – would the world or cinema really cease to exist without them? Polanski is a good (nay, great!) director, but his work never really struck me as indispensible.

    • i mean, if you really want to get into it, is any work of art indispensable? no. is life richer because of some of them? yes. just saying.

      • J  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +1

        Sorry, I probably muddled things up. I mean indispensible to the medium/genre that they work in. Like, Shakespeare’s body of work is indispensible to Western literature as we know it — without it, pretty much every book you’ve ever read would be different in some way, etc. You could say similar things about the Beatles or the Velvet Underground or Dylan.

  28. Three/four months ago, I saw Polanski stroll past me on the sidewalk, flanked by two tall and devastatingly GORGEOUS ladies (one of whom his actress wife), looking real healthy and happy for a septuagenarian fugitive. If he goes to jail (even though it’s been so many years andthe victim forgave him), I can rest assured that up til now he lived areally fucking lush, comfy parisian life, full of hot frenchwomen, so much money and a fantastically luscious grey head of hair.

  29. I don’t get all the fuzz actually. He did something wrong, he has to pay for it. Simple. I really don’t get why people can say it is ok, it’s all in the past. Raping someone is never ok!

  30. And then there’s the you-got-death-in-veniced-rape, which is like in a crazy old guy homosexual fantasies or something. It’s a euro-zone thing I think.


  32. woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +13

    if the top five comments for the week are all pictures, i’m giving up.

  33. this all just makes me sick and i listened to that whole whoopi rant and read all the comments and I remember watching that muddy documentary and really i just need a good consensual hug.

  34. Major Muttonchops  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 -2

    The counsel has descided that your rape is unacceptable

  35. Major Muttonchops  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 -2

    Why didn’t my picture show up?

  36. Roman “Paw”lanski

  37. Oh, EW! Can someone please slap Joan Z. Shore with a wet towel now?

    “When I learned, years ago, that they had blithely allowed German military trains to transit their country during the Second World War, while claiming Swiss “neutrality,” I was shocked, but tried to excuse them on grounds that they were protecting their country from invasion and armed warfare.”
    Yes, and when I learned that Roman Polanski, a director I admired, who had drugged and raped a 13-year old had been arrested in Switzerland, I said ‘FUCK YOU, SWISS! Arresting rapists! You goddamn fuddy duddies!’

  38. bill  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 -10

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  40. This thread is ACTUALLY spinning me into an existential crisis.

  41. I don’t understand what Whoopi Goldberg has against Grape-ape?

  42. Moral ambiguity something something meow meow something meow. :-(

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