I’m so sorry. I should have known that Wellford’s mayor, Sallie Peake, was not your mayor. Obviously, East Cleveland’s mayor, Eric Brewer, currently involved in a cross-dressing-photo scandal just days before the election, is your mayor. (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 25th, 2009 +15


    (apologies. i just wanted to beat that other bastard to the punch).

  2. But what’s his stance on foot chases?

  3. I wish I had a tranny mayor. That would be pretty rad.

    • I live in Austin. We were kinda close to having one. Guy was actually pretty down-to-earth. He probably would have been an okay mayor, but then every press conference would spawn another “that’s your mayor” post on localpoliticalscandalsgum.

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  5. So the pictures where the mayor is in “graphic sexual poses” are different from the ones that the news guy would not even want to show his mother?

    Scott: “Hi mom.”
    Scott’s mom: “Hey, son.”
    Scott: “I want you to see these pictures of our mayor in graphic sexual poses.”
    Scott’s mom: “Thank you, son.”

  6. Naw, Eric Brewer is my boyfriend. Sally Peake is still my mayor.

    • The pictures in the news report didn’t look like him to me, but these “not fit for your mother” shots are definitely this guy, your mayor. Looks like he was having a great time. Isn’t this what Rich at FourFour would call a “pretty party”?

  7. Scott is and Adjunct Professor of Elocution at the East Cleveland branch of the Sarah Palin Institute for the Study of Talking Good. It’s next to the Rally’s.

  8. scooby doo ghost towns, cross dressing mayors; i think it’s time to move to cleveland.

  9. I can’t believe Brewer got away with posing as a newswoman too.

  10. Cross-dressing? That’s it? Step up your game, Gabe! “My Mayor” is a guy who smoked crack on an FBI tape and got his job back and is now a city councilman. More than that, he would openly do lines of cocaine off the tables of strip clubs and meet with hookers while his security detail tagged along. Maybe I’m spoiled, but expect “My Mayors” to really step up to the plate and deliver major league humiliation, not this nickle-and-dime stuff.

  11. Ahh. There it is.

  12. If Eric Brewer wants to wear lingerie in the privacy of his own home, then fine! Whatever!

    But Gary Norton! AN ORANGE T-SHIRT? During an official to statement to the press? You are a mayoral candidate sir!

  13. The two pictures do look prerrrtty similar.

  14. Seriously? The news reader is my son, who frequently shows me graphic sexual pictures, but being a private crossdresser doesn’t prevent him from being able to run a city. Sallie Peake is still my mayor.

  15. i don’t know if Eric Brewer is my mayor, but Scott Taylor is definitely my reporter. hold those papers up again, baby.

  16. notaynrandian  |   Posted on Sep 25th, 2009 0

    “A drag queen as Mayor is bad, however the bat-eared socialist in the white house is worse”

    but not quite as bad as the bat-eared fake Texan who screwed up the country for 8 years

  17. Yaaawwn. I’m from Illinois. Call me when he sells a senate seat to buy lip gloss.

  18. I am disappointed that this story is not about Eric Brewer, former Edmonton Oiler and current St Louis Blues defenceman.

  19. Gary Norton does too have something to do with those photos becoming public because Gary Norton is 13, and 13-year-old dudes love pranks! High five, Gary Norton!

    Still, Cleveland, you know your One True Mayor will always be your Boy Mayor, Dennis Kucinich.

  20. Um, I’m pretty sure this should actually be titled “This Is Your Mayoral Candidate: Gary Norton.” Are we fucking serious, with this guy? He’s holding a press conference in a half-hanging-off T-shirt? And to Eric Brewer’s credit, at least a couple of those photos look pretty badly shopped. In any case, he can at least can dress like an adult, as a woman or a man.

  21. the “reporter” says “uh, uh” about a hundred times in the last minute.

  22. Julie  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2009 -3

    This is seriously my mayor. I live in Cleveland…

    • actually if you live in cleveland, this is not your mayor. your mayor is frank jackson. east cleveland is a whole different city. get your facts straight!

  23. gary norton’s voice sounds “hecka” dubbed in (that is, to say, a lot)

  24. woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 25th, 2009 +24

    it’s widely known that replying to the top comment with a comment unrelated to the top comment simply to get your comment closest to the top and thusly seen by more people is pretty lame.

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