On today’s Ellen Degeneres Show, Jonah Hill is one semi-colon (actually, one dot) away from being the Biggest Loser winner:

And while I’m indulging what will be an ongoing DVR description obsession, they really summed up last week’s The Office as succinctly as possible:


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  1. d-w  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2008 0

    A few years back a friend of mine and I used to read the DVR descriptions of Melrose Place episodes to each other. They are the holy grail of DVR desctiptions. Trying to sum up those convoluted plots in 5 words or less is HARD (and funny).

  2. They should do a final elimination death match between Biggest Loser and Celebrity Fit Club. Actually, I’d like to see Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian carve Jonah Hill and new one.

  3. Is it just me or is Steve Carrell totally ripped?!

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