[In this new feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

We at Videogum know as well as anyone that it can be hard in our over-mediatized world to filter out the unnecessary noise and get to the important NEWS and FACTS. Sifting through the mountains of information that are churned out every day to find what matters can literally be a full-time job, and that has been especially true when it came to Topher Grace. Until now. You’re no longer on your own to wade through the treacherous waters of the internet searching for Topher Grace information. We’ll do it for you. Every week or two weeks or basically whenever something is up with Topher Grace, you will be the first to know! (Technically, you will be the second to know. We will be the first to know. Or I guess, we will be the second to know and you will be the third to know? Whoever initially generates the information that we aggregate will be the first to know. And of course, Topher as the primary source sends everyone back down the line once more. But that is all semantics and complicated algorithms. And this is not a feature about semantics or complicated algorithms. This is a feature about Topher Grace.)

So? What’s up with him?

Well, as you may know, he is a featured actor in the upcoming romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day. We still don’t know much about his character, but judging from the trailer, he is in a serious or at least physical relationship with Oscar nominated Anne Hathaway. YOU GO, TOPHER!

Meanwhile, in real life, it is rumored that he might be dating Katie Cassidy? We don’t know who that is, and we cherish Topher’s privacy intensely. But you have to admit that this intrusive paparazzi photographer (boo!) does raise a pretty interesting question:


Quite a scandal for Mr. Grace. But without having all the facts, we’ll have to leave this one up to the scientists.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication

And there you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. See you next time!

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  2. I would just like to be ON THE RECORD with wholly supporting this new recurring feature.

  3. Do me next!

  4. woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 -24

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  5. But ever since then Topher ever saw Leonard DiCaprio had came in and knocked him out and stole the low baseball cap look. But there?s one thing he didn?t thought of. Maybe it wasn’t the low baseball cap look. Maybe it was something else. Probably.

  6. [In this new feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]
    I Lots of Loved all over my shoes at this.

  7. True story: “That ’70s Show” was on last weekend (popular in syndication, I hear) and wondered aloud, “I wonder what Danny Masterson is up to these days?”
    That’ll be next week’s Thursday feature, right?

  8. Topher and Leo both drive Hybreds, too!

  9. Besides Mila Kunis being in extract, what is anyone from That 70s Show up to these days? Excluding Wilmer Valderama of course, no one wants to know what he’s doing.

    (By the way, is liking That 70s Show pop culturally ‘acceptable’? Because I do like it! I watch it reruns a lot. It’s not high-concept comedy or anything but it was pretty fun (Up until the last couple of godawful seasons))

    • I sat through an episode with my roommates (BIG FANZ!@!!!!) and decided to laugh every time the laugh track went off. I did a lot of laughing!! This must be a very funny show!!!
      Also, my roommates don’t watch tv with me anymore.

    • “Donna” played a Canadian rapist in a Canadian film. “Kelso” aka Ashton Kutcher is apparently doing some old lady and plays a man wore in an upcoming movie…or something. “Hyde” was in Yes Man which I surprisingly watched. Blame Zooey D.

    • Wilmer Valderama is busy de-virginizing Hollywood starlets.

    • i see the girl who played donna at a snooty LA gym when i go take spin classes there (because when in rome be a ridiculous waste of space) and she looks lovely. she is very good at spin class, whereas i am often causing the teachers concern over whether or not i will have a heart attack. (them and me both.) donna is blonde now, but still curvy. so, sometimes she is doing spin class now.

  10. Yes, let’s be clear. Only one person is allowed to drive a hybrid vehicle, and that person is Leonardo DiCaprio.

  11. Well, according to Katie Cassidy’s illustrious Wikipedia page (cached) she “recently split with SpongeBob Squarepants is pregnant of him an (sic) is waiting their third son (and have AIDS)”. The more you know.

  12. Topher Grace wore it first when he starred in The Departed.

  13. Katie Cassidy is Muppet Baby Heather Locklear on Melrose Place. Thanks, Julie Klausner!

  14. I love Topher’s name! He told me that his mom didn’t want to name him boring ol’ Christopher, so she dumped the Chris and gave him the Topher. The more you know.

  15. I’m glad he had the guts to call Topher out on his outright theft of Leo’s hybrid driving. I have also taken it upon myself to yell at Prius drivers I encounter on the road, “Stop trying to be like Leo DiCaprio, you wannabe Hollywood liberal lefty nutjob! Titanic! Never forget!” It helps me feel superior.

  16. Driving only the Highest of Breads.

  17. Leo would have got his parking validated, Topher prefers extended contact with toll booth attendants.

  18. Wait, am I laughing at what the paparazzi photographer is saying or the people who want Topher’s autograph? Cause it has been a life long goal of mine to have Topher sign my composition notebook.

  19. Yknow I always hated That 70s Show. Hated it from concept (second rate lazy Dazed & Confused style knockoff nostalgia) to title (oh huh if laziness is “ironic” I guess that means it’s not actually lazy!) to obnoxious characters to ugly sets and costumes to hackneyed plots and relationships.

    So after it had been on the air for about ten thousand years (that’s roughly equivalent to four thousand Arrested Developments), a friend said to me, “LOL you know what I love is That Seventies Show,” and actually left the TV on as a new episode of That Seventies Show came on, instead of switching the TV off, then throwing the remote at the set and cursing.

    Somehow, rather than murder this person, I sat and watched patiently through the entire episode. And do you know what I discovered? The cast had developed an incredible chemistry! They worked very well together, and it was a pleasure to watch their rapport. It was like hanging out with a gang of old friends!

    Incidentally, the chemistry had little to do with Ashton Kutcher, who was as unpleasant as ever. Also Mila Kunis, ugh, shrill. It was all about Topher Grace! He and the actors who played his family and girlfriend had become a lot of fun to watch.

    So it always struck me as a little sad that Topher Grace’s lazy charm will probably never translate quite as well to any other medium or project (kind of annoying in Traffic, wasn’t he?), but ah well, I’ll always have a soft spot for him all the same.

  20. Topher Grace… face

  21. SHIT! I was totally going to suggest this idea, only instead of the Tofe it was going to be Devon Sawa! There’s no “Highlander” rule in effect here is there?

    • I noticed your avatar and wanted to ask you something: Why would you open a wound that deep? And no, I don’t want free ice cream. I’ll take ice cream cake if you have it.

      • Sorry, guy. I wear his mask to remind me of my own vulnerability. I still have The Shining-esque nightmares of him sniffing his way through that Bavarian town. Shudder.

  22. oh man, i started laughing so hard in the second part of the video because the paparazzi guy is breathing so hard. like this really gross pervert that might sit next to you on the bus. and just as i realized that fact and laughed, he screamed “YOU BOTH DRIVE HYBRIDS TOO. YOU AND LEO BOTH HAVE HYBRIDS TOO”
    there were way more lol’s from that video than i ever would have expected.

    • yeah it was quite the anticlimactic paparazzi encounter. i can’t get over how topher’s fans kinda looked like lamewads (stone cold steve austin shirt? really?). plus why would you want whatever her name is’s autograph. melrose place part deux has only aired like TWO episodes. surely people don’t really know who she is yet.

    • as the kids are always saying these days “When it comes to Topher Grace, expect the unexpected!”

  23. I don’t get it.

  24. Looks like someone got google bombed :

  25. HAHAH holy shi THIS IS great. No more YOU CAN make IT UP though?

    • oh hey, AmPat, didn’t see you there. i was trying to figure out why all of “you can make it up” was emphasized except the “make,” but it’s just you. all is right.

  26. Thank God.

  27. and on an unrelated (to Topher Grace) note -

    I certainly hope that show emphasizes the end of each segment with the phrase:
    “And that’s….(wait for it) … GWOOD news!”

  28. i’ve always quite liked topher grace. as such, this new feature excites and entices me!

  29. I frankly can’t believe that the majority of these 57 comments are actually about Topher Grace. Usually with posts about things that are for all intents and purposes totally irrelevant (wait, so all of the posts? that is not what I meant….) the comments somehow retreat into a downward spiral of arguments about gay marriage or contemporary criticisms of Hegelian hermeneutics or how underrated Canada is, all laced with indignant self-righteousness. Which is another phenomenon I consider Videogum-specific that I think Gabe should address when he writes a segment about this website for This American Life.

    But, so, no? None of that? We’re just gonna chat about Topher Grace and his baseball cap? ….Okay!

  30. cherry  |   Posted on Sep 25th, 2009 +1

    A serious or at least physical relationship with Oscar nominated Anne Hathaway? More like a serious or at least EW relationship with star of Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Anne Hathaway.

  31. Wait, is this a September Fool’s joke or something? Cause I might be sad if it was . . .

    • I feel compelled to reply to you because our avatars are related. Thumbs up! In my Jurassic Park drinking game, the rule which is most responsible for everyone’s drunkitude is always “Take a sip when Ian Malcolm is sexy.”

  32. Topher is a such a Leo copycat.. I will be eagerly tuning in to future What’s Up With Topher Grace segments to see if he is going to be portraying a “Doooly ahppointed Federal Marshall”

  33. This post is super topical to me, because I rooted through the Daily Show archives to send this to my friends last week…Best.Interview.Segment.Ever.

  34. Kahdooz all around gummers. I didn’t want to read this thread, but then I saw how many comments it got. Lots of Love. This might be the best comment thread batting average ever. Srsly. This is some Ted Williams circa 1941 ish right here.

  35. I love this new feature non-ironically.

  36. I’m just glad we all(most all) like Topher and we all watched that 70′s show!

  37. Commander Giggles  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2009 0

    Something’s wrong when it’s against the law to punch guys like this cameraman in the face.

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