Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be pretty wise to listen to Fred and Sharon’s relationship advice. You don’t ride around the sky on a CGI dragonfly by not knowing what you’re talking about. Count to 10, you two. And think about your children. Think about everyone’s children. Let’s all go back to rehab, probably.

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  1. I hope that when they come to make a movie of my life that they?ll retcon my origin story so I can be a dragonfly rider who gives unwanted advice to celebrities.

  2. Wearing a scarf while riding a dragonfly is probably not the best idea, Fred.

  3. These people clearly know something about hashish.

    • If you have ever been to Kelowna BC you know that is true. They recently had a parliamentary deadlock deciding the new provincial slogan. It was between:
      “The Good Stuff”
      “Oh Shee-yit!!!”

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  5. The unhinged laughter at the end kinda undermines the actually pretty sound advice. What gives, Sharon?

  6. aaron WALLIS  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 +2

    PLEASE! Someone tell me if this is real life or not. I honestly cant tell.

  7. aaron WALLIS  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 -6

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  8. So, these two are comical geniuses right? I mean this kind of commitment to character is hard to come by, but the alternative is inconceivable.

    • i have been wrestling with the same thing. would i rather this was a real life couple who are basically the weirdest people in the world? or would i rather that they were comedians and this was their very, very weird schtick? I CAN’T DECIDE! i don’t feel entirely comfortable with either scenario, i’ll tell you that much.

  9. OMG…where did the umbrella come from? Relationship adviser AND magician? Talented lady, I tell ya.

  10. Smoke your hashish in moderation, Brad. DUH!

  11. I’m afraid to ask where the umbrella handle is.

  12. yomomma  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 +6

    Why The Face?

  13. A Sharon Spencer Reminder: Practice Moderation When Smoking Hashish

  14. This should be in the Teen Korner. I know there are some hip dudes who know that it’s perfectly okay in this society to question their sexuality who would love this sort of advice for girls and prom and such.

  15. The image of that man riding a dragonfly while saying “Brad Pitt started smoking hashish with Quentin Tarantino” is seared into my eyeballs forever and ever until the end of the world Amen.

  16. Sharon and Fred seem sincerely rad. I’ve got nothing snarky to say, just giving snaps.

  17. Whether it is Brad and Angelina or just the average Jane and Joe, the best relationships grow on the basis of true compatibility. When that exists, mutual respect, empathy, romance, compassion, etc. all naturally occur. Are Brad and Angelina truly compatible? I don’t know. Are you and your significant other truly compatible? I don’t know that either. I’ve read lots of articles and books on the subject of compatibility, and the best I’ve read, surprisingly, is Hayden Dane’s brief e-book, “I Have One Question,” at . Dane claims that admiration is at the heart of true compatibility. I hadn’t heard that before, but after reading his book I’m convinced he’s right. Give it a read.

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  19. wonderin’ where the giant dragonflies went …

  20. Look out, Gummers! Someone just read “The Fountainhead” and found their true calling!

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