I’m not going to lie to you. The video after the jump features a man whose hair is styled to look like a hat. At first you’re like, “there is something about that man’s hat.” And then you are like “also, why does he never take his hat off, not even in the bathhouse? Silly!” But then slowly you come to realize that he doesn’t take his hat off, not even in the bathhouse, because it’s not a hat! It is just his hair in the STYLE of a hat. That’s what’s happening here. I just would hate for you to follow the jump and watch the video and think that I had been dishonest with you. But I think that after you watch this video you will find that I was nothing if not completely honest and straight-forward. “Yes,” you will say, “he was right, that was a video about a man whose hair was shaped to look like a hat. Just like he said.”

If this guy and I were friends, we would go to the bar together and I’d tell everyone “the guy with the hair shaped like a hat is a friend of mine.” Then they would know of our friendship! (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. I’d totally go for a fedora if my thinning hair didn’t make it such a cruel cruel joke.

  2. ?Take your hat off.? -Don Draper

  3. Alright, can someone please explain to me this phenomenon on Japanese TV where the show consists of people watching weird you-tube footage, with this all this text and characters, and reaction shots set in to the frame? I feel like I need to take Japanese ritalin to watch these clips.

  4. It’s a good thing you’re being so nice to this guy, Gabe. He was pretty down after his falling out with his old BFF Ron.

  5. Now that’s some hat hair! Huh kids? Get it?! ….Oh I’ll just be over here eating prunes.

  6. Photobucket
    Was wondering what happened to that guy.

  7. This could lead to some hairy commentary.

  8. You had me at “This man’s hair looks like a hat.”

  9. I don’t take my hat off in the bathhouse, either. But that’s because it is my signal to other gay cowboy fetishists.

  10. ian g  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 -3

    will there be something about modern family on videogum tomorrow? i might watch it…

  11. Way to ruin the surprise, Gabe. He went to all the trouble to make his hair look like a hat, and you go and kill the magic.

  12. pushstar  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 +4

    Why is this man no one’s BOYFRIEND Yet ?

    • He is mine. Gabe’s mistake. I was about to comment “Hey Gabe where is the Your Boyfriend tag on this, because Mr. Hairhat and I are clearly going steady. He gave me his pin (it is actually some hair styled to look like one) and ring (see last parenthetical statement) and is taking me to prom.” But you gave me a nice in to bring it up. So yes, this man is my boyfriend, and one day for our wedding (fingers crossed!!) he will shave his hair into a more formal fedora or bowler. He will also have to let geishas stop petting his hairhat because I demand respect.

  13. I wonder if he has any difficulty going through airport security.

  14. woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 +4

    A Terrence Howard Reminder: Why Don’t My Hair Look Like A Damn Hat??

  15. I am totally inviting the hat hair guy and the naked Japanese man to my Windows 7 launch party.

  16. There’s no way this guy actually lives in Japan, cause if he does he has some very specific sexual fetish. “I’m gonna parade around Tokyo with my superfly hair hat and have giggling Japanese people play with my afro hair or stare at me while they clean their genitals in the sit down shower. Alllright…”

  17. Japanese surprise voice is one of my favorite things.

  18. Because an ordinary black man living in Japan doesn’t get enough people trying to touch his hair.

  19. Only in Japan, or at least not in the US. He couldn’t get away with this in the US. He’d surely get beat down by an overzealous tea-bagger (nullus) for not removing his hat during the national anthem.

  20. Styling a natural visor onto your head to protect from the sunny skies of Japan– that’s just good ol’ horse sense, is what that is.

    Also, Japanese-speakers, please translate old man at the diner from the 50 second mark for me. I love me some cantankerous old men at the diner.

  21. Also, his pubes are shaped like a belt buckle.

  22. There really is no point to today is there?

  23. Watashi wa hat hair ga suki desu behind the cafeteria and get it pregnant.

  24. Santa   |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 0

    but what does this man do at funerals and when they play the national anthem? I watched it on mute so i apologize if he is actually Japanese and doesn’t give a hoot about the national anthem.

  25. Yes, he was right, that was a video about a man whose hair was shaped to look like a hat. Just like he said.

  26. this should start a trend. like, next there will be someone with hair shaped like an umbrella or some other useful household object. we have to save our planet and use what we’ve got. this dude clearly put on his futuristic environmentally-conscious thinking cap (made of hair, of course).

  27. My favourite?FAVOURITE?thing about Japanese TV is the picture-in-picture of idols reacting to things. It’s all I can watch.

  28. KVN  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 0

    Good luck at Melting Pot. They wouldn’t let me in until I took my hat off.

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