Rich FourFour has created another fantastic supercut. This time it is people in horror movies unable to find cell phone reception, something that was not even possible a few years ago when we used our land phones in our dark caves. But now? This scene is in all the movies. THE FUTURE IS NOW!

“New technologies have really changed the way we live now.”
–Catherine Zeta-Jones, probably

You have to admit, though, that even if the lack of cell phone service has become a horror/thriller cliche at this point, it’s still way better than the genre’s overused “the fax won’t go through!” craze of the mid-1980s.

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  2. What is the actual deal with these things in terms of testicles? -Michael Scott

  3. How come we missed the movie trend of pagers not working?

  4. “This phone was meant to receive calls, not make them”

    Okay, I’m no cell phone expert and I’ve never even seen Saw, but is that really a thing? Cos it sounds really dumb.

  5. everyone always forgets about the “this telegram won’t transmit fast enough/who knows morse code?” genre that dominated early silent movies.

  6. There is a movie called Donkey Punch???

  7. I am ashamed of how many of these movies I have seen.

  8. No signal? There’s an app for th–wait, no, that’s the one thing that there’s no Iphone app for, actually.

  9. “But wait, if she’s being chased by a weird killer, why doesn’t she just call the police on her cellphone?”

    “Oh shit! I didn’t think of that. Well, we can’t rewrite the whole movie. Just put a scene in Act 1 where you find out there’s no signal.”

  10. I especially like the guy talking on the phone that say: No one can get any signal (or something like that). Cos clearly he has a signal.

  11. “Shit…my brain phone doesn’t have any bars.”

    - the future

  12. Makes you wonder how many movies use “Dead End” in that really tacky “we’re shopping for candy at the grocery store for Halloween because we saw a commercial that said all the ‘boys and ghouls’ should come down for ‘frighteningly’ low prices, and that we should try to ‘scare up’ some deals” kind of way.

  13. The guy from Super Troopers in a horror movie called Cabin Fever? [0:44]. Its so boring in here, and my phone ate all my weed.

  14. MusclesMarinara  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 +2

    I’m still waiting for the “my flying car won’t start!” era to begin.

  15. no, I’m sorry. Donkey Punch? Perfect.

  16. I feel like “Open Water 2″ is the real zinger here, because its the only one that should make perfect sense to the characters in the movie.

    “Everyone knows cell phones dont work on water!”
    - Biff

  17. Spine  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 +2

    I’ve heard of maybe three of these movies.

    I’d like to see a montage of people getting hung up on while using old-school phones and then pushing the button compulsively while saying “Hello? Hello?”

    People of a certain age will know what I am talking about, perhaps.

  18. I’m wondering why “The Ring” was made using VHS tapes when clearly only the last few holdouts even had VCR’s anymore. When do we get a “this DVD player is not properly formatted for this DVD-R” movie? Happens to me all the time (not really).

  19. When I first read the title I thought it said “Can You Hear Me Now? No, Because You Are Dad.” Which would also be true. My dad can’t hear shite.

  20. One of the clips in there is from the film ‘Rogue’ which, once again, should be in the running for WMOAT, Gabe, if you ever think you can’t handle it anymore, your Sisyphean task of watching unbearable movies. And this goes for everyone because that movie is a frickin LAFF riot. It is so bad it comes full circle to genius. That cellphone isn’t gonna help you at all, Michael Vartan, when the GIANT crocodile comes to eat you. Netflix it, people.

  21. Chelsea  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2009 0

    Hey! I didn’t know that Harmony was in some random movie called Hatchet.

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