Check these fun guys out. To serve (digital bowling balls) and protect (their high scores). From the AP:

Minutes after storming into the Florida home of a convicted drug dealer, some Polk county undercover drug investigators were caught on tape playing a Wii video bowling game for over an hour.

What? What are they supposed to do? NOT play Wii Bowling for over an hour? Be realistic.

Video evidence after the jump.

Yup, there they are. It turns out that the bullet proof vests help smooth out their swings for more accurate gameplay. Probably. In any case, we should probably cut these guys some slack. The only reason they played so long was because first they each had to customize a Mii.

“We’re gonna need a bigger medal for heroism in the line of duty.”
–Putnam County District Attorney Brian Farnsworth

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  1. If this is news worthy, then the squad-wide Guitar Hero tournament is probably Pulitzer Prize material.

  2. Dan  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +4

    The game is the game.

  3. Kudos to Wii Bowling’s viral marketing team. Great work, fellas.

  4. Their chances of being promoted just went down the gutter…

  5. I have no problem with this.

  6. Authorities Wii bowling for an hour in a citizen’s home is fine! Authorities just can’t have a bowl of weed in a citizen’s home.

  7. When cops needed to unwind in the old days, they had to plant drugs on an employee of an actual bowling alley. So I say hurray for living in the future.

  8. this better end with someone shooting the tv

  9. Hmm. This video’s curious for a number of reasons. I figured it was a camera belonging to the drug dealers since the footage starts from inside the apartment before the cops bust in, but then why is there a zoom onto the TV screen at about 1:21? Is there a drug dealer hiding in the closet shooting this? The celebratory dances of the cops should not go unnoticed either…especially the ass slapper moves by the guy at the end.

    • just a guess  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +2

      that zoom wasn’t from the camera shooting the cops. that was added by the news station that broadcasted this….they enlarged the video to “zoom” in on the tv screen, which is why the quality gets extra crappy when they do it. my guess is that the guy who lived in this house set up a camera to record this and then released the footage to the media.

  10. I wonder if simultaneously somewhere in the world a professional bowler was playing a police squad game.

    Seriously has our culture promoted ADD to the point where even cops get distracted while doing raids.

  11. If i could get away with playing Wii at work I’d definitely be playing Wii at work.

  12. I almost didn’t watch it to the end, but boy am I glad I did just so I could see that cop’s sweet moves. Good call on highlighting that part, AP.

  13. PeePeePooPoo  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +13

    Police brutali-wii (sorry).

  14. I wish I could play Wii bowling in a drug dealer’s house! Oh, wait.

  15. i just decided i want to be a cop when i grow up.

  16. Ugh, fuck the cops. I guess it’s better they beat high scores then innocent people.

  17. tim d  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 +2

    he’s not even wearing the protective wrist strap.

    some role model.

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