Netflix is about discovery and learning. Here are my picks of the hundred or so DVDs releasing today (this is not a Netflix ad – many, many DVDs are only on Netflix. Also I love Netflix and they have great customer service. There are no late fees, and you choose how long to keep a movie. You just pay a reasonable monthly fee, and when you send a movie back, they’ll automatically send you the next movie on your list, usually in about one day. Netflix Netflix Netflix. Netflix.

This week: a Deliverance travel tour, Not Another National Lampoon Direct-to-DVD sex comedy, and the sequel to Mannequin that was exactly as bad as the original. Also, our long National Juno over-promotion crisis comes to a close.

Weird DVDs:

Normal DVDs:

Hip Hop Massacres:

This week’s best bet: Eating Cheese with Jeff Garlin.

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  1. Peter  |   Posted on Apr 16th, 2008 0

    Lars and the Real Girl is probably the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen, but the fact that they managed to take an idea like that and actually make it into a workable movie is pretty impressive. Plus Ryan Gosling is pretty good at this whole acting thing.

  2. I do want to see both Garlin’s cheese movie and Lars. I’ll bump those up. and MANNEQUIN 2. hahahah PRICELESS. I might bump that up and have a back to back viewing of Harold & Kumar 1/Mannequin 2. Smoke included.

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