Messages Deleted trailer, you guys:

Woof. It’s like Stranger Than Fiction meets The Number 23 meets Matthew Lillard in the prop eyeglasses section of a costume shop. “That’s how you know he’s a smart writer!” But easily my favorite part of this, besides the implied scene in which Matthew Lillard completes work on his time machine and goes back to an era when people still used answering machines (to KILL HITLER), is that it is from the creator of Phone Booth and Cellular. He hates these phones! I can’t wait for his next movie, Roaming Charges! (Thanks for the tip, Octavis.)

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  1. So does that mean the villain is the Verizon guy, out to make Matthew Lillard’s life miserable for not owning a cell phone?

  2. “In Without a Paddle, has has no paddle; in Scooby Doo, he has Scooby snacks; Now Matthew Lillard has… MESSAGES DELETED!”

  3. Coming in Spring 2010: It’s Raining Men: The Movie!

  4. Was that actually a BOW? Does he end killing the bad guy in the woods with a bow and arrow? Please let him end up killing the bad guy in the woods with a bow and arrow.

  5. it’s kind of a bummer that the 2 minute clip from the Jerk is and will be far superior to anything that anyone involved with that movie will ever create.

  6. We’ve traced the :( ! The hack writing is coming from inside the movie! Get out of there now!

  7. You know, John Updike once said that story is the act of taking two events, no matter how random, and then finding what connects them. In this case, a poorly portrayed screenwriter and a poorly portrayed screenwriter firing a bow and arrow. Well done, Messages Deleted. Well done.

  8. Gabe's Mom  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +20

    I am the one who wrote this movie. And actually my next script is called “*69″ and it’s about Sandra Bullock in 1995 who gets a call that’s a hang up and she *69′s it and it’s Keanu Reeves in 2010 and they talk about stuff and he tells her not to get hit by bus in 2009and so they can have sex, but she gets hit by a bus because of how he told her not to get hit by a bus and everyone is reminded that you can’t alter the future because you forgot about 12 monkeys didn’t you? I didn’t write that, but it’s still pretty good.

  9. JPC  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 -10

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  10. These random murders don’t make any sense!

  11. it’s rare that an actor develops the complexities of a character based entirely around “Everything I say in this movie should sound like Richard Gere desperately weeping ‘I got no where else to go!’ but less good and more nasal.”
    -An Officer and a Gentleman 2: Wing Commanderer- starring Matthew Lillard.
    Lillard is such a Gere-head!

  12. How does one become the dude who writes phone-based scary movies? Of all the things you could write about, phone-terror-core is your genre? Did he have one too many dropped calls and become irreparably scarred by the telecommunications industry. OH, THE HORROR!!

  13. Oh God, Cellular. I nominated that a long time ago for The Hunt and am taking this opportunity to renew my nomination for the next round. Have you ever seen that movie?! It’s what the word UGH was invented for. I rather watch Malcolm McDowall butter-fist a thousand slaves than watch Cellular again.

  14. Let me guess, he ends up being the killer after all. Oh, writers.

  15. Raaaaaaaandy  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +2

    so wait, freddie prince jr. is not in this?

  16. From the writer of Cell Phone,Cell Phone 2: Cellular Telephone, Dropped Calls, Pay Phone in the Hood: Collect Baller, and Cell Phone 3: Boogietown comes a new kind of thriller…

  17. “These first ten pages are killing me.

  18. Do you guys think that maybe it is MATTHEW LILLARD’S CHARACTER, and that he has some kind of psychological issue?! AAAA! WRITING!

    Also, director of Phone Booth and Cellular? Is there a way to pre-order tickets, because, yes!

  19. The fact that a person can make a comfortable living by making the telephone seem scary depresses me.

    • I’m sorry, but everything you post gets trumped by that adorable kitten eating a cob of corn. I mean, a cob of corn!?!? It’s so silly! I own a bike so don’t hate me. I’m just sayin, I like your gif.

  20. So someone is killing people based on the content of your screenplay? Here’s what you can do: delelte the damn file!
    Oh wait, since you are still using an answering machine, you probably used a typewriter, or a quill pen and squid ink. Carry on.

  21. A joke about “phoning it in”.

  22. I will see this, and hate it, and hate myself for it. It’s just that Matthew Lillard is my standard for Actors For Whom One Feels an Inexplicable and Shameful Attraction, and this admission launched one million embarrassing confessions in college, where I learned that some people think Gary Sinise is hot stuff.

    Goddamn it Matthew Lillard, can’t you ever be in anything good, so I can just be ashamed of the you part, and not the entire movie, too?

  23. “Every Good Thriller, Has A Twist”……soo what do you guys think, good tagline right? no writer..not a good tagline

  24. but were is Freddy Prinze Jr.!

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