This is a music video for “You Have My Eyes Now” by Clues, an indie-rock band from Montreal that features members of the Unicorns and Arcade Fire. The Unicorns! Arcade Fire! Your favorite! Maybe you already knew about Clues, but I didn’t. They don’t print fun facts about obscure Montreal supergroups on the insides of Werther’s Originals wrappers. In any case, now we can all go out and impress our kickball league team captains!

But also, can Tim Heidecker be in and/or direct all the music videos now, please? Him or Eric Wareheim, really, but they are great at being in and directing music videos. Seriously. And once we have that squared away, we can get back to work figuring out who watches music videos anymore.

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  1. I can’t watch YouTube at work, but I did happen to see this last night, and goodness gracious did I like it!

  2. he’s going to fuck her until she loves him.

  3. Yes, yes he can, Gabe.

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  5. And Colin Kincaid
    From the 12th grade
    Guess you could say he was my best friend
    Lived in a big tall, house out on Westfall
    Where we would hide when the rains rolled in

  6. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time…

  7. Evidently that is Tim’s wife or girlfriend at the beginning. Kewl newz!

  8. Tim Heidecker does rule.

  9. Tim Heidecker looks like he’d be a good dad. Doesn’t he look like he’d be a good dad?

  10. I wanna be that mannequin.

  11. If my girlfriend looked like a mix between Kim Deal and Catherine Keener and she was flirting with the shoe salesman in plain view of me, I’d do the same thing. Solidarity, brother.

  12. FYI- Technically you can’t be arrested for sexually assaulting a mannequin. My lawyer can explain it a lot better than me though…

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    • Jesus man, there are plenty of more valuable things to be offended by then Clues fans.

    • MatthewWells  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2009 +4

      -As this video’s director, I feel so strongly convicted by everything you’ve said that I’m going to start by taking the video down and demanding all the sites that blogged about it remove their posts.

      -Then I’m going to free my mind of all personal tastes in music, film*, television, books, religion, and education so it’s virtually impossible for me to be identified as that white guy who directed the Clues video.

      -Then I’m going to permanently paint my body a non-descript color and only wear leatards so I can’t be singled out as relating to any particular group of people.

      - I hate being white. I hate hate hate being white. I suggest you all follow these directions.

      *except Jurassic Park, I’m hard-wired to love Jurassic Park.

  14. Eric Warehiem is great and everything, I do love his videos, but I’d personally I’d like to see more from Tim Heidecker. If anyone hasn’t seen his “stand up” bits on youtube, check it out now.

  15. My kickball team captain would not be impressed. He’s too busy making up cheers to the tune of We Will Rock You to care about Clues.

  16. I watch videos. I like good ones that fit the form and content of the song being featured. Like this one. And now I’m going to get this album. See what happened there? Economy 3.0 or marketing in a digit- bang.

  17. why can’t hipsters play normal games, like basketball or football? even their organized sports have to be ironic. ugh.

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