Now that we have finally put the bubblegum-lipgloss-scented mess of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards behind us, we can move forward with our lives. And by move forward with our lives, of course, I mean that we can dubstep forward with our lives.

What’s today, Monday? WE JUST GETTIN’ STARTED! (Thanks for the tip, Chris.)

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  1. Yay for this kid finding his niche, his place in the world and on the internet. But this is almost as funny as people who play DDR thinking they can do those moves in public and call it dancing. ALMOST.

  2. JPC  |   Posted on Sep 14th, 2009 +1

    Nice fish.

  3. I used to dubstep. Then I found Jesus and stopped doing PCP.

  4. all he needs now is a non track-pants t-shirt outfit

  5. “I think he’s doing the Dubstep too much”
    That’s really all he’s got”

  6. you got served…too much ice cream! PAH!

  7. This is your dubstep dance compilation.

  8. oh. THAT’S what Dubstepping is. I thought there’d be more to it.

  9. When his confidence peeked from 2:56-3:35 is when my world became just a little bit better.

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  11. i had not heard of dubstep (i’m old). but i’m reminded of when i heard daft punk for the first time with the ‘Da Funk’ dog-head video.
    since i’m old, i’m not sure if it’s cool to like this kind of music. is it what the kids are listening to, is it the new jonas brothers?

    • Back in the day – in the mid-nineties, when everyone was making brilliant and lasting decisions about what to wear and how to dance and what kind of music was awesome – Portishead and Massive Attack were the New Jonas Brothers On The Block. And then like a month later all the PORTISheads were like, oh, LOL, this sounds like lame porn music. But what nobody realized – and this is the important part – is that porn music, in this postmdern, everythingisterrible world we call 2009, would be, like, ironically, Really Good Music, guys.

  12. Why does he keep looking at the front door? Is he just bored? (I am just bored.) Is he afraid that someone will see him? This is the internet Mr. Dubstep EpilepticArms, we can all see you.

  13. Also, is there anything quite as sad as that folded up treadmill behind him?

    Whatever. He’s working to thunderously dubstep his way into a smaller size of trackpants (Waist, not inseam; his preferred length will always remain just long enough that it provides his step with that extra polyester glide), whereas I just had ice-cream and coffee for breakfast, so fuck me.

  14. His “go to” dubstep move makes him look like he’s jerking off two weiners at once.

  15. More like…Godzilla Step.

  16. Sadly, the Numa Numa kid vastly overestimated the demand for a threequel.

  17. maaan, who here among us hasn’t done something equally embarrassing when we were alone, listening to shitty music? I mean, minus the camera, the subsequent youtube upload and wanting to share our shame with others, this is you, me and everyone we know.

    • yes I once practiced the “running man” in front of the TV while MTV played Oaktown 357′s “yeah yeah yeah”. (you know i’m old because MTV was playing a video.)

      • If it’s truestoryconfessiontime here, I had just finished my Anthropology final, which, believe it or not, kicked my butt, and I went back to my dorm and turned Sehnsucht up to eleven and was screaming and spazzing and flailing and kicking and singing and doing jumping jacks and I looked around and all three of my roommates had gotten in in the three minutes it took me to do that and were standing in the doorway. Staring. And Staring.

        Hey, you don’t know me guys, I’m a new official member, but now you know me just a bit better, no? I feel like I’m a part of the family, in the same way that someone who has sat in a tree staring at someone else’s home through binoculars for the past five months might consider himself a part of that family, and might invite himself in for thanksgiving dinner.

  18. I can’t decide if this is actually supposed to be good, or not.

  19. I’m just wondering if he filmed this all in one day (with Lady Gaga-esque costume changes) or if this is only the teaser for carefully constructed dubstep dance dissertation.

  20. Is there and ice cream and cake dubstep? If not, get on that internet!

  21. Guys! Let’s paint, dubstep dance and play Pokemon! Is there anything this fella can’t do?

  22. the treadmill folded up in the corner is ironic.

    cuz he’s chubby.

  23. Is dubstep an actual dance? I thought it was just music, and maybe whatever way you decide to dance to it could be called ‘dubstepping’ or whatever.

    Is “The Dub Step” going to be the next big dance craze? Is grandma going to be learning it next year at a wedding while the DJ blasts Zomby?

    • tizzdogg  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2009 0

      That dude’s videos subsequently got much more ambitious:

      and yes, dubstep is just the style of music which people dance to all sorts or ways, though due to its rhythmic peculiarities the dancing tends to have a unique flavor.
      I have no idea what this guy is doing though.

  24. wiener  |   Posted on Sep 14th, 2009 +1

    u guys all suck for making fun of this dude. he is hot stuff. he makes me wish there was a naked youtube. where people could be naked.

  25. if this youtube stuff is any indication, dubstep looks a lot like how my 3 year old nephew dances, with the balled fists and the determined stamping and erratic throwing of arms.

  26. teevee  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2009 0

    Shit! You found me out! I actually listen to this (voluntarily), when I’m tired of teenbeatzgum. There’s this crazy one called Wormhole on youtube and this one time a guy told me to watch him dance to some fresh beats by his screen door… But me? dancing? No. Leave it to the crazy … Brits? Fame < dubstep.

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