Here’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods: I hate Al Roker, who is the worst. He’s the epitome of everything that is terrifying about mediocrity. He’s not too clever, he’s not too ambitious, he’s not too well-dressed. The man is a cypher for everyone who’s ever felt like giving up before they even started. Hey, Chuckles, have some pride in something for once. Have you seen his website? That is the worst website ever. It’s perfect. It says more about Al Roker than all of the Facebook profile status updates in the world.

I’m told that for this to be a professional blog post I have to have a news item so that this post serves a purpose and “offers” the “readers” a “service.” Al Roker is going to be the host of Celebrity Family Feud. That’s probably enough service on that story. That news isn’t even that new. Oh well. Can I go on with how he’s the worst?

I set up a google alert just for Al Roker so that I could hate him up-to-the-minute. Here is an actual conversation from earlier today:

lindsay: i think you should know
lindsay: that al roker announced
gabe: celebrity family feud?
lindsay: yes
gabe: lindsay
gabe: i have a google alert
lindsay: and you should say that you hope he kills himself like that guy
gabe: al roker eats another sandwich and i know about it

I am still trying to get Scott to let us name this site

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  1. Kirby  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2008 0

    Gabe, I’m glad you’ll be sharing some Al Roker hate, because I absolutely loathe guy. He ruins my morning every weekday.

  2. Gabe, you are not alone. Roker is under the misconception that because he is fat and jolly and on TV, he is automatically funny. Your average dolt watching him on TV would not argue with this logic. He’s about as funny as an ESPN anchor. I despise him also. That flatso Rachael Ray is more tolerable, and I never thought I could say that about any human. I did enjoy the video he produced about the Man with Three Legs

  3. I went to Al’s website but I almost had to destroy my computer because there was too much Comic Sans on the screen at one time.

  4. tina  |   Posted on Jun 11th, 2008 +1

    …So I could hate him up to the minute… Hilarious!!!

  5. PunkyPower  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2008 +1

    You know, it’s hard to like Al Roker, but Family Feud is still going to be awesome with or without him and I am totally tuning in tonight.

  6. Mike  |   Posted on Jan 7th, 2009 +1

    I agree with all the comments about “Big Al” but couldn’t all of that apply to the Today Show? That show is extreme mediocrity and after all it did spawn Al, among others.

  7. Stephen  |   Posted on Aug 13th, 2009 +1

    I it is simple — he is a weather man trying to be a big dog with the other Today show folks.. BUT I TURN THE CHANNEL EVERYTIME HE COMES ON… I CAN NOT STAND THE MAN.. AND WISH TO GOD THEY WOULD DO SOMETHING.. DOWN WITH THE ROKER>>> DOWN WITH THE ROKER>>> DOWN WITH THE ROKER>>>>

  8. Jim  |   Posted on Aug 22nd, 2009 +1

    I’ve never thought much about Al Roker until a couple of days ago. I was listening to him interacting with somebody on TV — I wasn’t even looking at the screen — and I immediately thought, ‘this guy is a mean, arrogant jerk.’ That’s a very rare reaction for me, but It was totally clear. The guy is a complete fraud, has no interest in anybody but himself, and is only doing it for ther money. Contrast him with Willard Scott — another guy with no talent, but who’s genuinely likeable and who clearly likes other people.

  9. Capt. Hank  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009 +1

    The Weather Channel is ruined with the additon of this A$$Clown. What, pray tell, were they thinking? Does NBC really think people like Roker?

  10. Al roker is a stupid asshole, he’s so dumb, fucken lazy asshole on the today show, stupid idiot man that guy neeeeeeds to get the fuck off that show so the ratings go up lol

  11. Al roker is a stupid asshole, he’s so dumb, fucken lazy asshole on the today show, stupid idiot man that guy neeeeeeds to get the fuck off that show so the ratings go up lol

  12. I agree with all of you. He thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips. He’s a lady’s-man-wannabe. Yuck! He thinks he’s funny and he just comes off as an idiot. I absolutely can’t stand the man! I’m so glad this site is here. I thought I was the only one that loathed him.

  13. Wow….I thought I was alone in my thinking. I just happened to google him thinking that maybe they had decided to remove him from The Weather Channel. I absolutely refuse to watch it anymore. He’s ruined the Today show for many years, but I didn’t watch it anyway. I 100% agree with you all!!

  14. Roker…the imbecile. I agree with the poster about him assuming since he’s fat, and jolly,which translated means, stupid, and laughs at his own “jokes,”
    The Today Show has been lessened by his presence. As well as losing Gumbel and Pauley, they were at least tolerable with the actual likable Willard Scott.
    Roker had a Sunday Tech clip with Andy Pargh, and was a constant irritant, cutting him off, making ignorant comments and in general being a turd. Which he is.
    Get a clue AL! You aren’t loved here in SoCal!! BIRD for your stupidity.

    • WHAT IS NBC THINKING? Did anyone see the segment where he almost punched out the reality show people? How do they allow someone who is so rude and unprofessional to continue? Bryant Gumbel was horribly rude and arrogant as well. When he left the today show he had a hard time finding work other than on cable sports. Ann Curry is turning rude as well and Meredith and Matt are barely able to contain thie boredom ar edgeiness. That show is going down hill – I cannot bear to watch it. Al Roker makes me physically ill.

  15. I don’t understand why the Weaher Channel created the Wake Up With Al show. He is a total idiot! Thinks he’s a comedian, which he is not!

  16. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks al roker is rude. He seems to cut Stephanie Abrams off at times when she is speaking.I turn the weather channel off at 10:am when he comes on.

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