It’s very hard to have sympathy for people on reality TV because it’s 2009, and we all know what the rules are at this point. Perhaps in an earlier time, let’s say in a pre-Joe Millionaire world, it might have been possible for someone to join the cast of a reality TV show with the hopes of getting some mild celebrity based on their merit and natural human charm. But not anymore. We know, now, that if you go on reality TV you are going to be edited into a racist narcissist who will fuck anything. Or some variation on a racist narcissist who will fuck anything. Reality TV is built on a foundation of abject humiliation. What’s most interesting is the fact that it doesn’t stop people from going on reality TV. Now that people know how it works, they don’t seem any more inclined to preserve their dignity. I WILL EAT MY OWN FARTS, JUST GET ME ON THAT TV!

But it is so dangerous! Be careful, America!

It is being reported today that Camille from NYC Prep has been asked not to return to her private school this fall. Oh jeez! I mean, Camille was one of the most awful people on that show, with her pretentious SAT vocabulary (I don’t mean that she knew a lot of big words, I mean that she talked about the SAT a lot) and her faux-refined air of class and sophistication as if those things came complimentary with tea at the Plaza. Sorry, Camille, but everyone is allowed to drink tea at the Plaza now. And also you are 16. What you don’t know about class and sophistication could fill a Sotheby’s Auction House.

NEVERTHELESS, she was legitimately a child. She made a grave mistake by going on that show, duh, but it was a mistake that could have been easily avoided. BY ADULTS NEVER HAVING MADE THE SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE. One of the grown ups responsible for that show, and I am mostly just talking about Andy Cohen, should publicly apologize. And by publicly apologize, of course, I mean spend years in prison. “Apology accepted!”

Shameful. You know what to do, Bravo.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, nine women have been rescued from a fake reality TV show where they were being held captive against their will and forced to exercise in swimsuits for perverts on the Internet.


Enough. Shut it down. Shut it all down.

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  1. Richard Simmons is in Turkey?

  2. Yeah but the high school kids on Laguna Beach were legitimately children (U-18) and look how well they’ve turned out.

  3. Wait, so why is this blog post about somebody I’ve never heard of on some show I will never watch when there is that absolutely crazy fake reality TV story. I’m not a professional blogger, and I don’t want to rip the proverbial dick from your mouth, but that seems like the real story there.

    • So either more was added to this post (not likely) or I didn’t read the whole thing even though I thought I did because I am a moron (very likely).

  4. The sad part about all of this is that you forgot a very important tag, one which will ensure that reality TV will never be shut down.

    “What America Wants”

  5. Never Forget, you guys!

  6. Freckles  |   Posted on Sep 11th, 2009 -13

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  7. Ahhh, Gabe. You thing, you. Linking to Honor Suicide. Lots of Love here. Lots of Love.

  8. Yesterday, as im at a training seminar for work… there were at least 10 of the 16 people there who could not stop talking about Big Brother 56, or whatever…

    Come on people!!! Reality TV is what is wrong in the world today

  9. I read that PC was asked never to have interaction with another human being for at least 15 years or until he wears 50% less eyeliner

  10. Look… I’m just here to enjoy God’s creation and Pokemon… knock it off with all the negativity.

  11. :41 to :45– nice to see the AP is still synonymous with “class.”

  12. in 20 years the “where are they now: nyc prep” is going to be a veritable schadenfreude bonanza.

  13. This guy (aka, your boyfriend) was the casting director. Who wouldn’t sign up after he called?

  14. The thing about Camille? Meh. There are other pretentious prep schools.

    The story about those girls in Turkey? Jesus Christ! It really makes me think I should be putting more money towards that suicide machine I have on layaway.

  15. Does anyone know when Turkish Prison Villa: Cycle 1 comes out on DVD in NTSC?? I downloaded torrents but I want to watch it in 720p.

  16. toomuchpizzahut  |   Posted on Sep 11th, 2009 0

    I always thought that guy in your avatar was Chris Brown, but now I see it’s not. Whoa.

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