Yesterday, photos appeared on-line of Kathy Griffin dressed up as Kate Gosselin to give the world nightmares. TODAY THOSE NIGHTMARES MOVE!

Awful. Just awful. It’s actually getting to the point where I can’t look at Kathy Griffin anymore, and I stopped being able to listen to her long ago. Do you know that part in Dune when Kyle MacLachlan has to put his hand in the itch box and see how long he can hold it in there to determine whether or not he’s a Prince of Spice (or whatever, I’m not some nerd, I don’t know)? Watching Katy Griffin is like my itch box (insert TWSS-style Kathy Griffin itch-box joke here). The longer I can watch my itch box, the longer I have avoided taking something long and sharp and driving it through my eye into my brain cavity. Success!

Tsk tsk on you as well, George Takei. BEAM YOU SHAME, MR. SCOTT!

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  1. Kathy Griffin positively reeks of attention desperation and corn nuts.

  2. Is Jon Gosselin Asian? I thought he was just one of those white people who had smaller eyes. Anyway why am I asking here and not in Yahoo Answers, the obvious resource for this kind of query?

  3. George Takei was almost worth having to watch that.

  4. c’mon, george takei! don’t make it harder for me to defend my love of you!

  5. The older Kathy Griffin gets, the more she reminds me of Joan Rivers. I’m scurred.

  6. i think her eyes are migrating

  7. I couldn’t stand John and Kate until they got divorced.

    however, no amount of schadenfreude will allow me to enjoy Kathy Griffin.

  8. Lots Of Love Gabe…but it needs to be pointed out that in the sense of being part-time celebrity-excoriators, you and Kathy Griffin are colleagues.

    Just because mommy and daddy fight and daddy is always posting incendiary things about mommy in his blog, doesn’t mean I don’t love them both.

  9. My Life on the Dee De Dee List. sorry everyone. sorry.

    when you steal jokes from Carlos Mencia are you still a thief..?

  10. Okay, I’m gonna say it: I like Kathy Griffin. This is worth watching, if only for the wig.

  11. Not a Troll  |   Posted on Sep 10th, 2009 -1

    Kathy Griffin is the worst and all, but I didn’t think this was too terrible. I mean, it was terrible, but I was expecting something far worse.

  12. My eyes…they hurt so much

  13. Shazaam  |   Posted on Sep 10th, 2009 +2

    This isn’t Kathy Griffin being horrible, it’s Jimmy Kimmel having shit writers.

  14. Ooof. This just proves that the prize of the “You Don’t Have to Meet Kathy Griffin” contest is the gift that keeps on giving.

  15. the itch box is called the gom jabbar, though it might be spelled differently, i don’t know because i’m only half nerd on my mom’s side.

    (i am totally open to passing dune jokes back and forth, if anyone else wants to do that.)

  16. kathy griffin is kristen wiig is kate goslin

  17. kathy griffin is kristen wiig is kate goslin

  18. anono  |   Posted on Sep 12th, 2009 0

    why do you hate kathy griffin so much? you’re just as bad as her if you target her constantly. she at least is sarcastic. you are simply mean.

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