Ugh + ugh = superugh. It’s just math, you guys.

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  1. “If this doesn’t make me famous, nothing will”-Kathy Griffin

  2. It made me laugh. But, I’m one of the few people who think she’s funny. I know, I suck.

    • I agree. She’s funny sometimes. I’m definitely going to watch the spoof on Kimmel tonight.

      Also, 87% of People readers voted her bikini body HOT. Whatever.

  3. “Kate who? Just call me a bad copy of Kathy Gosselin,” Griffin tells PEOPLE.

  4. Thanks for feeding my nightmares, Gabe!

  5. What have I ever done to you, Gabe? Are you subjecting me to this because of the Padma thing? Well, you’ve just opened up a whole can of caramelized whoopass.

  6. I’m unsure if we’re talking multiplication or something more exponential, but this is clearly not a simple ugh+ugh situation.

  7. I….. I don’t know which one to shoot!

  8. what is ugh x ugh??//

  9. Jon and Kate Gosselin are already almost parodies of themselves on their own, I see nothing wrong with some comedians poking fun, it’s the job. I find this funny.

  10. They’re both loud. And the hair is bad for both too.

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