Between the color scheme, Jerry Lewis still being alive, and Charo not looking a day over 4?, it’s hard to believe this clip is from last weekend and didn’t just fall into a hot tub time machine somewhere. But Charo’s rendition of “Please Don’t Stop the Music” is the proverbial copy of Sunday’s newspaper held up to prove that this boat is real.

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  1. I hope Chris Brown tries to beat up Charo too. Because she is obviously a robot, and would kill him T-X style.

  2. Each Labor Day telethon is pretty much just a Groundhog Day from 1976, isn’t it?

  3. That performance was so many different kinds of awkward.

  4. you’re pretty lucky to have two, very talented back up dancers as your boyfriends. what a score for you!

    also, i ate at charo’s restaurant on kauai and it was pretty darn tasty. fyi.

  5. Oh Charo why do you hurt me so? Anyone that didnt know that you were an excellent flamenco guitarist would have thought you were someones strange talentless mema by the performance in that video.

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