Brief Interviews with Hideous Men trailer, you guys:

Well, there you go. One thing that is so interesting in David Foster Wallace’s original book are the completely decontextualized fragments of “interviews” with “hideous men.” They’re snapshot character portraits that are completely human but also bizarre and sometimes hilarious, and they’re embedded with his other stories of sex and despair in modern life (I should basically write all of the book descriptions). And one sort of wondered how John Krazinski was going to work that into his movie adaptation. And there you have it: make there be a lady who is interviewing them to find out What Men Want. Oh well. I suppose there is only so much formal experimentation and narrative-free exploration of the human condition that Hollywood will give you millions of dollars to “fool around with.” And I think we can all agree that Will Forte and Ben Shenkman look great in this. So, you know, fingers crossed.

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  1. i’m just looking forward to the Infinite Jest movie: Micheal Cera as Hal naturally, plus it’s 22 hours long.

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  3. It’ll be weird to hear the questions. That said, Wallace liked the script and supported the project.

  4. They sure cast some hideous men for this one!

  5. Looks like a great cast, but Krasinski as director irks me. I had decided long ago that I just don’t like the cut of his jib. (= best reason to hate on the idea of a film)

    • Same here. Actors/actresses as directors is like the same thing when they take up singing or designing.

      That being said, I’m just don’t know about this movie. Literally I can’t find anything else to say about it.

    • “don’t like the cut of his jib” eh. well that’s one less person in the way. now on to emily blunt.

  6. I have no problem with this (yet).

  7. Can’t wait to see Wil Arnett in this.

    “Tricks? They’re *illusions*, Michael. Tricks are something whores do for money. Or cocaine.”

  8. Danny DeVito  |   Posted on Sep 8th, 2009 -1

    Somebody needs to STOP Apple from blanding out my demo…Bunch of Nazi’s…

  9. “Brief Interviews with Hideous White Men.” No thank you.

  10. Pointing a Camera at Your Famous Friends: The Movie

  11. Also known as the hidden camera footage from Gabe’s last few interviews before videogum.

  12. Also, on a tangentially related note, I am always shocked to discover that Ben Shenkman and Peter Grosz are separate people. I would greatly appreciate a film explaining how this happened.

  13. Dan  |   Posted on Sep 8th, 2009 +4

    The best part of this trailer is the quick shot of Ervin Burrell.

  14. Did anyone else appreciate the surprise walk-on from Joey Slotnick?

  15. me from 7 years ago is really excited about Benjamin Gibbard’s screen debut.

  16. I haven’t read the book, so I have nothing to compare this to, but strictly judging it from the trailer, I’m not hooked. Definitely looks like a Netflix candidate.

  17. The “Victory for the forces of Democratic Freedom!” guy [don't know the actor's name] cracked me up so hard. Oh oh poor guy. I hope people like that don’t really exist. That would be too :-( !

  18. Videogum would have a David Foster Wallace tag.

  19. also in addition to: christopher meloni, bobby cannavale and lou taylor pucci too? sign me up.

  20. why krasinski……… why?

  21. pippi  |   Posted on Sep 9th, 2009 0

    Noticed at 1:34 that an actor named Benjamin Gibbard is starring. Further google searches have confirmed that this is THE Ben Gibbard of Death Cab/Postal Service fame. This intensifies my curiosity about this film hugely.

  22. Ben Gibbard is a dried up husk of platitudes and old gravy drippings. At least it is apropos that he would be in the film at all (ie- he is hideous).

  23. Crow  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2009 0

    Giving Krasinski a hard time. He’s not brilliant yet – but think he will be.

  24. Crow  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2009 0

    Giving Krasinski a hard time. He’s not brilliant yet – but think he will be.

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