Extract promotional…thing, with Beavis and Butthead, you guys:

That’s how you do it. I hope everyone took notes. The best and easiest way to promote your movie is to simply create a hugely successful show, wait until that show has become a beloved relic of pop culture history (creating another beloved show in the meantime, and also swimming occasionally in your vault of gold coins), and then secretly bring it back to sell your new project. THAT’S A BINGO! Don’t get me wrong, Extract looks fine. Or whatever. But, it’s hard not to wonder what it must feel like for Mike Judge, realizing that his best work might very well be behind him if he has to rely on the work that is behind him to sell his new work, as he stands gazing out at the ever-shortening road towards death and irrelevance. Just kidding. Jenny Slate is going to be on SNL! It’s a video pizza party and everyone is invited!

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  1. woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 +1

    i really want to love extract, but i’m afraid to see it because i’m afraid i won’t.

    • Extract is Twilight for 14 year old boys. Sex/drug jokes for a solid 1.5 hours. I wanted to love it too, but Mike Judge’s best work is definitely behind him

  2. Their voices are too creepy. I only made it to 0:26 and had to stop to take a shower.

    • I agree, they’ve always creeped me out. I don’t know if they’re actually popular and considered funny, but I really hate Beavis and Butthead.

      • Zachra  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 +9

        They are very popular and considered TBS Very Funny.

        • Figured, just wanted to know if I was alone. But whatever, you guys are free to like whatever you want! Let’s paint, exercise, and love Beavis and Butthead! (am I using that joke right? probably not.)

      • i don’t enjoy them, either, though i watched the whole preview, in a triumph of the human spirit over the urge to press the pause button. i have no started enjoying them more since the show ended. the more you know.
        my husband is from indiana and he loves b&b because they are like every retarded kid he grew up with. that’s why i like bratz. (what? gross.)

  3. They bleeped “goddamn”.

  4. “Hey, baby. I know you’re wondering what Butthead is doing in this fine smoking jacket. Well I’m here to tell you something: It’s not always about that headbanging, scoring-with-chicks stuff. Sometimes you got to get clean. Hmm?”

  5. did mike judge forget how to do beavis’ voice?

    • I think in the male prostitute part, Judge started to do the thing where Beavis “channels” some other voice but gave up halfway. “Rock critic” voice was always my fave.

      I don’t understand people who don’t enjoy a little B&B now and again. (Translation: I do not understand women.)

    • No, it’s just that it’s been years since we last saw Beavis and Butthead, and they’ve MATURED. Beavis’ balls probably dropped ever so slightly.

      It’s BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD, people! Get over yourselves. It’s not like Jim Henson’s son doing Kermit’s voice. GAWL!

  6. At least he knew enough to leave King of the Hill out of this.

  7. i think extract looks awesome. i used to watch beavis and butthead – what 12-15 year old didn’t? it’s not like mike judge hasn’t done anything since then – office space, idiocracy, etc.

    maybe extract won’t be as great as i would like it to be, but i will reserve judgement until after i see it.

    • At this time, I will consider the source of the statement coming from the guy with the Idiocracy avatar and reserve judgement on him and stating that he is actually Mike Judge.

      Be that as it may, I watched Idiocracy the other day solely based on your avatar (IRL). It’s still really funny.

      • I hope you’re also watching Blossom re-runs based-upon my avatar.

      • woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 +7

        and doing bizarre, unnameable things based on mine. (wait, is that the same as watching Blossom re-runs?)

        • As far as you’re concerned, I keep seeing folks ask you what your avatar is. You mind ‘splainin’ ’cause I’m curious, too? Then, maybe I could accomplish a few of these unnameable tasks. As long as they don’t involve Horcruxes, I’m there.

          • woozefa  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 +1

            ok, fine. i haven’t responded cause seriously, i have no clue. a friend sent me the link to the pic and it cracks me up every time i look at it. but i have no idea what it is or where it lives.

        • Oof! Just letting you know that I guffawed (loudly) at your comment AND the one below it for a good minute.
          Also, I saw that weird half-cat thing on Collegehumor before it became your avatar. I’m pretty sure it’s just bad Photoshop, but there’s always the possibility that that thing is running around somewhere.

      • suspicious as it may be, i am not mike judge, luke wilson, or not sure… though i am glad that my avatar inspired you to watch idiocracy!

      • Then we can all watch Arrested Development based on everybody else’s avatars! That’ll make everyone happy.

  8. Unfortunately, this made me laugh like my 13-year-old self who had snuck into the living room to watch Beavis and Butthead reruns on MTV2 while my parents slept. That’s terrible. I thought I had killed that stupid teenager with cynicism and college!

  9. Your winner by way of tapping into cult phenomena of multiple generations and NEEEWWWWWW Undisputed Champion of Film Marketing…. EXTRACT!!!

  10. “Do you mean to tell me…” made me lose it.

  11. I want to take the term “butt-wagon” and give it to 10 year old me to quote.

  12. I don’t see how all of Mike Judge’s best work is behind him. His best movie Idiocracy was also his last. Its true that King of the HIll diminished as time went on, but it was on the air for like Eleven fucking seasons. Its nice to have a voice in comedy that is both intelligent and nothing like Judd Apatow. The trailers for this movie weren’t great, but I’m not declaring Mike Judge dead when his last project was goddamned Idiocracy.

  13. As someone who associates the original run of Beavis and Butthead with laffing around the bong in my college apartment, thought Office Space hit too close to home for laughs, never found King of the Hill the least bit funny or interesting, and sees Idiocracy an absolute prescient prophecy, I found both the B&B promotion and the Extract trailer TBS Very Funny. Then again I’m a sucker for stoner jokes. Hope the movie lives up.

    • I find King of the Hill awesome, loved B and B as well as Office Space (that movie is so good) but really didn’t like Idiocracy. I liked the concept, just not the execution.

  14. Zachra  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 -2

    To those that may be confused as to why Gabe may be weary about Judge’s best work being behind him, have you already forgotten the horrendous Goode Family? I know I have. Still I do not agree that Judge is in his twilight years, I have a feeling he’s got decades of quality comedy coming at us.

    • JD  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 +1

      To be fair, it got better. But, yeah, there’s a recent interview with Judge I saw where he said they had a lot of problems with that show, so I’m not gonna give the man too much grief for it.

  15. Whaddayasay  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 +1

    uh, beavis and butthead rule. okay people? Loved it.

  16. King of the Hill is the Jay Leno of Mike Judge.

  17. i will watch master bateman in anything. and not because he’s hot, though he is. i am not objectifying him. i am just saying, i enjoy his performances and i want to kiss him on the cheek.

    i didn’t love office space when i first saw it, but it has grown on me over many, many repeated viewings. i thought idiocracy was okay, but i wonder if i should watch it a few more times, and if it’ll have the same effect. also, even if b&b was HILARIOUS (which i didn’t find it to be) they are so gross looking i can’t watch the show. (i hate ugly people.)

  18. I don’t get why Gabe is judging Judge here. Good for him, using his own characters to promote his own new movie. The clip’s free. The clip’s pretty funny. I’d forgotten how funny B n B could be.

  19. “Shut up! You’re, like, part of the problem now, or something.”

    I didn’t like the theatrical trailer, but that was funny.

  20. Mike Judge sounds like a nice, funny guy in interviews and Office Space was great, so I’ll give Extract a shot, but Beavis & Butthead can go back to PMITA prison for all I care.

    While I’m at it, just to make sure I’m thinking of the same Idiocracy you all are lauding… that was the Mike Judge movie that had the hilarious opening montage, followed by 76 minutes of ill-paced, half-hearted jokes that were more stupid than the stupidity they lampooned? Yes, America is ready for another giant heaping serving of Brawndo, or whatever it is Gabe is always saying.

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