Last night, Larry King interviewed Katie Hall, a woman who was abducted and raped in 1976 by Philip Garrido, the man responsible for last week’s Nightmare News. Obviously, one could wonder what the purpose is of forcing a woman who suffered so much to relive that personal trauma on a national broadcast. To what extent does that really edify us? It certainly has no effect on preventing such horrors in the future, or even of bringing justice to bear on this one. But those are separate, larger questions. Because relive it she did. From Gawker:

King patiently walked Hall through the tale of how when she was 25 years old, Garrido got in her car as she came out of a grocery store, jostling aside her shopping bags and then directed her down a deserted side side street, before handcuffing her and slamming her head against the steering well.

YIKES. But she was in Larry King’s capable hands. And he followed up this unbearably sad story with the one question that made sense to ask:

Don’t nothing get by this guy. Mr. Steel Trap. Dr. Sensitivity. HOW’D IT GET BURNED? HOW’D IT GET BURNED HOW’D IT GET BURNED?!

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  1. “All this interviewin’ has got me hungry.”
    Larry King’s thought process

    • His inner monologue leading up to that question:
      “I knew I shouldn’t have had such an early dinner. My god, this woman is still talking? What’s she here for again? I think she’s some sort of actress. Jesus, I’m hungry. I wonder if I have time to get something at the break. She’s really been talking for a while. I guess I should ask a question or something…”

  2. Larry? Larry. Larry, shut it down.

  3. I watch Larry nightly just for the comedy value. He can not go a show without fucking up something. One time I saw him accidentally call Paul McCartney “Ringo” 3 times in a row.

  4. Larry, King of Appropriate Questions.

    Still, do you really think anyone forced her to go on the show?

  5. Larry King’s consistently excellent journalism makes Edward R. Murrow barf, roll, and barf in his grave.

  6. You guys, Larry lived through the Great Depression. Of course he’s obsessed with what happened to the food. THERE MAY HAVE BEEN A BREAD CRUST IN THERE!!! YOU DON’T JUST THROW THAT AWAY!!!

  7. When nine hundred years old you reach, interview as good you will not, hmm?

  8. Larry King, lookin’ out for those plot holes.

  9. “Now cars how do these contraptions work, is there an horse pulling you? or is it witchcraft?”

  10. I saw this. He followed up with “What were you wearing?”.

  11. My favorite King moment was when he asked Jerry Seinfeld if his show was canceled. Jerry responded by asking one of the interns to get Larry a copy of his resume.

  12. Bob, Bill or Fred and sometimes Joe  |   Posted on Sep 1st, 2009 -23

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    • fellowship? comment Score? reactions to what? further our thoughts?

      this is not a news site nor a classroom. jokes are made, bizarreness discussed. so don’t get all whatever you are getting(i don’t really know what you are trying to say, though i think it is criticizing?). there are (probably) many places besides videogum where videogummers talk, think, & act, just as it is with all people. what i am saying is just because we make jokes here doesn’t make us 1 dimensional joke machines, i think?

    • Relax, technojagoff

  13. “To what extent does that really edify us? It certainly has no effect on preventing such horrors in the future, or even of bringing justice to bear on this one.” I’m going to have to call to task those statements, with exception of the last part. It does edify, and very possibly prevent, what in less than a few moments can happen for anyone, but especially a woman just buying groceries.

    It ABSOLUTELY can have an effect on at a minimum what goes through the victim’s mind, and hopefully stopping, if at all possible, such horrors in the future in that, by that small light of realization, it enables women to have the ability to think or say “I’ve heard this story, I know how this goes” and hopefully, hopefully, run back into the store, pull out the mace, start screaming and saying fuck no, fight like hell. I don’t say that this shit won’t happen anyway, it does and it will, and it DEFINITELY is not up to the victim to stop the crime, BUT, if the victim has the ability to think “No fucking. Way. In. Hell.” I think that is better than the predominant thought of “OK, well, this guy pushed me and seems like he’s going to hurt me (or seems nice?)…sooo…” I know. I know – it doesn’t erase the absolute atrocity of these crimes nor make the perpetrator any more or less violent. But a thing that happens in that situation is that shock of thinking “Is this really happening? Is this guy really trying to force me into my own car?” And it is women like this, just telling the facts of what happened, that DO edify potential victims that this is just exactly how it might happen, you’re just carrying some groceries to your car and then BAM. Larry King is like spending a night in douchejail, and we all know that – conversations with anyone! (and barf.) “What did he do with the food?” I know. But just this one, one tale from one out of a multitude of victims, might just maybe give someone in that situation a moment where they think, wait a fucking minute, I’m not getting into that car with you, fuck the groceries, I’d rather fight and claw your eyes out until someone pays attention and intervenes than say “OK, sure” because I don’t know what’s going on. And I would much, much rather see potential victims fight like Muhammad Ali than say “OK, cus you asked me to” and be confused and then find themselves handcuffed to their own steering wheel and being raped. So I think just hearing a story like that puts some light on some very, very dark things, and although they are unspeakably, inexplicably evil, putting light on anything is the only way we will ever be able to deal with anything.

  14. I watched this (only because Larry comes on before and after the love of my life, Anderson Cooper [I KNOW!])… and right after this clip he says, “How does it happen? HOW DOES HE CONSUMMATE THE THING?”
    This woman was visibly stunned. As was I.
    Sure, Larry King is an institution, but maybe that institution should be a museum.

  15. dude i think he just wants a sandwich.

    • ugh that comment was in the wrong place AND I CANT DELETE IT FUCK. i wait a month for a good comment and…USELESS.

      • Not being happy with your comment on a snarky pop culture blog is pretty much as close as it gets to the end of the world. We’re an elite network of Captains of Industry who judge every word you type on an elaborate scale of worthiness. We can make and break you, and if you’re comment isn’t up to snuff, you’ll spend the rest of your eLife cleaning up the piss from our iToilets.
        Seriouslygum, not that it matters in the least, but I enjoyed your comment. If you really want to TalbainJHarder, that’s up to you. Since the Monster’s Ball was introduced, it’s turned into a zoo around here and we’ve seen a lot more peacocks spreading their feathers. We welcome you with open arms and hope you don’t fall into that trap. Cheers to you, sir.

      • And a Rocko’s Modern Life gif? Sold.

    • I just upvoted you because it’s a cute comment. Also out of a quasi protest against the pressure to produce 100% comedy gold all the freaking time in these comments. I understand the need to keep the quality up, but when that leads to a psychotic need to gain upvotes it gets to be kind of stressful.

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