Hook was a terrible movie, but after 18 years, something good has finally come out of it.

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  1. You take that back. Hook was awesome.
    Rufio! Rufio!

    • Seriously – “He found his marbles!”
      I know he’s busy fighting crime or having fun at dinner or fueling our suspicions that he’s multiple accounts, but I wish Da Cake Eatur would show up to defend his favourite film.

  2. Oh boy, Gabe thought the backlash on that Seinfeld post was bad….

  3. “nice vid, i threw up all over my tits? when i watched it”
    –SmokeyJurnt, a real-life YouTube commenter

    That ever happen to you? Me neither.

    Sorry, Gabe. I was too young to dislike this movie when it came out. I will continue to like it just to spite you and all of your crazy e-friends who are not what they pretend to be on the internet.
    -A VG Troll (for realz!)

  4. Most offensive youtube user name ever?

  5. This has the Chareth Cutestory seal of approval.

  6. that was pretty awesome but that guy will never top the Alice in Wonderland video he made.

  7. Guys, I thought Hook was awesome too when I was a kid. I made the mistake of rewatching it last summer though. DON’T. It did not hold up except for when viewed through the lens of nostalgia.

    This video, and the other ones by the same guy, is awesome.


  9. Um. Seriously, Gabe? Hook is probably in the Top Ten Best Movies of all Top Ten Best Movies. Again… Ru-fi-oooooo!

  10. Hook was a favourite of mine when I was young as well. But It was on the other day and it was bad, although the kid with bobble hat who makes himself into bowling ball by sitcking his legs behind his head will never fail to raise a smile from my now older and more cynical lips.

  11. Everybody – did we all forget how old and crotchety Gabe is? In fact, he probably is Capt. Hook and we don’t know it. This is his way of complaining about the bad press he’s had.

    • I’m starting to think Gabe is actually just an old guy, not in a HAHALOLTEHINTERNETZ sort of way. Maybe. He’s basically your great-uncle at this point.

  12. You lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food dude.

  13. I’m probably much more impressed by this than I should be. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  14. I love this guy!

  15. Yeah If you grew up with it, Hook was a fucking amazing. And yeah this was definitely great. Sign that guy to Warp records!

  16. Zachra  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009 +1

    Peter Pan’s gots kids?

  17. Look guys Gabe is just a mean old man without a mommy. We just need to let him and his Hook hating be.

  18. “Nearsighted gynecologist”

    That was my favourite line when I was in the target demographic. (It wasn’t, because innocence)

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