As we know, Hollywood is always remaking stuff. They love it. They can’t get enough of the remakes. They are remake-aholics over there. And when they do remake a movie, it’s almost always with an eye towards “the kids.” Got 2 keep the kids happy. So not only do they ruin stuff, but they ruin stuff in a very specific way: namely, by shoe-horning in a middle-aged cocaine addict’s idea of what a kid would think is cool. And thus a best new party game is born!


You get it. Here, I’ll go first:

  • The Neverending Kindle
  • Text M for Murder
  • Auto-Tune in the Rain
  • Last Crank Dat Supaman in Paris
  • The Razor Scooter Thief
  • Fight Facebook Group
  • Strangers on a Monorail

The competition is stiff this time, though.

@poliopoliopolio: Tamagotchi Cemetary

@timcarvell: 976-EVIL.blogspot.com/evil.html

@edithzimmerman: Wall Posts of Endearment

@alexblagg: The Man With the Golden Taser

@marklisanti: Egg n’ Cheese Hot Pocket at Tiffany’s

Good luck!

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  1. The 400 Unsubscribers

  2. Casablanca 2: The Streets

  3. OmniCorder on the Roof

  4. hitintheheadwithrocks  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +4

    Tha Blinged-out Falcon

  5. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  6. Breakfast at Hot Topic

  7. Scooters of Fire

  8. buenosueno  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +4

    My Sweet Sixteen Candles

  9. X-Men 3

  10. To Kill a BloggingTroll.

  11. Citizen Cope
    A Hybrid Named Desire

  12. An Escalade Named Desire

  13. Mabuk  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +31

    the spambot always submits twice

  14. Crank Dat Superman – The Forbidden Dance

  15. The Brunch Club

  16. Mabuk  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +64

    schindler’s spreadsheet

  17. The Capoeira Kid

  18. Gone With The Wind, BRB TXT ME

  19. The Third Divorced Dad

  20. CSI: Of a Murder

  21. Talent for the Game of Pogs

  22. So I Think I Married a Reality Show Millionaire (too soon?)

  23. It’s A Rad Life


  25. Rear Windows 7
    Black Hawk Downvote
    Meme and You and Everyone We Know

  26. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  27. Keyboard Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

  28. Stewart Saves Minnesota

  29. Hitintheheadwithrocks  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +4

    Lord of the fly hunnies

  30. The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

  31. Dan  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 -4

    Episode IV: Don’t Worry,This is One of the Good Ones!

  32. An USB Connection Orange.

  33. The Low Carb, Fat Free, and Totally Nutritious Health Breakfast Shakes of Wrath

  34. Mr. Smith iSights to Washington

  35. Pretty in Pink Skechers

  36. Sammy  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 -1

    The Pink Steve Martin.

  37. The Man With Two Blogs

  38. Bobloblaw  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 -1

    Ernest Goes to Washington

  39. Mabuk  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +42


  40. 4P0C0L7P2E N0W

  41. LOL of the Rings

  42. Edward ShamWow-hands

  43. Lawrence of Disturbia

  44. Desperately Twittering @Susan

  45. KoyanNSFWisqatsi

  46. Black Lord of the Rings, Yes We Can!

  47. Powerpoint Break

  48. Look Who’s ROFL

  49. Mr. Fingerbottom  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +10

    Snakes on a Plane 2: Penis Sharks on a Boat

  50. Being Jon Gosselin

  51. NSFW Dancing

  52. Battlestar Potemkin

  53. Tweet Lola Tweet

  54. Segway Lola Segway

  55. Double Click Indemnity

  56. The Wii-zard of Oz.

  57. There Will Be Uggs

  58. Roman Staycation

  59. Citizen Kanye

  60. Strange Micro-brew

  61. Guess who RSVP’d to my facebook event
    Stand By Me (or at least change your twitter avatar to show support)

  62. Patton Oswalt

  63. Videogummo.

  64. It’s A Wonderful Life For Vampires

  65. Sexts, Lies and Youtube.

  66. Kate Gosselin and the Eight Dwarfs

  67. Memes of a Geisha

  68. Photoshop of horrors

  69. Pulp Slash Fiction.

  70. DM In A Bottle

  71. iPhone, Robot

  72. Back to the Future After We Kill Hitler

  73. The Glen Danzig Story

  74. sisterhood of the travelling skinny-jeans

  75. Pulp Slash Fiction.

  76. Soulja Boy’s Day Off
    All the President’s Memes
    Fried Green Organic Tomatoes

  77. 2001: The Past.

  78. For a Wii Points Card with a couple credits on it.
    For a few Wii Points more.

  79. There and Back Again, A Little Person’s Tale

  80. Mad Max 4: Staycation

  81. Photo-texts from the Edge

  82. Chill Rider.

  83. Driving Miss Gosselin

  84. Tweetless in Seattle
    You’ve Got a Google Wave

  85. Full Metal Keffiyeh

  86. Sam  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +50

    Four same-sex weddings and a death panel

  87. A Boy and His Blog

  88. Return to the Blu-ray Lagoon

  89. Uncool Streets.

  90. jobu  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2009 +1

    herbie: the porn-addled smartcar

  91. [Firewall prevents you from accessing this website]town

  92. No. Pulp Slash Fiction is better. Better yet:

    Pulp / Fiction.

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