Like I said, Tony Danza leg tattoo. Also known as “your tattoo.”

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  1. never forget.

  2. I’ve got some Katherine Helmond ink on my bicep.

  3. I have a tattooed pair of Winkers on my legs.

  4. Gabe I didn’t know you had a tattoo of your girlfriend!


  5. What part of a leg is that?

  6. You have taken ironic tattoos TOO FAR, hipsters.

  7. people really live this way

  8. When I first looked, it seemed like he had a mullet in that tattoo. Why doesn’t he actually have a mullet in that tattoo?

  9. bobloblaw  |   Posted on Aug 27th, 2009 0

    Whatever. My friend has Fred Durst, Bob Saget, Burt Reynolds and Richard Simmons all on one leg. For real.

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