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  1. This and the Asher Roth this morning…ooh when it rains it pours.

  2. Mr. Chi City needs to do a product review of this bomb ass sandwich

  3. KFC, thank you for helping me make my case as to why Americans need single-payer, universal health care.

  4. I’m from Omaha. I’ve seen the commercials for a couple weeks now. I was wondering how the original post was at all a story. But TEST MARKET! Yeah!

  5. The first comment on that blog post was about how if the breading was low-carb or non-existent, it would be good for low-carb diets.

    God bless you, Dr Atkins, but you made people in America fucking CRAZY about their dietary choices.

  6. What surprised/kid of disgusted me the most was LAT’s optimistic tone that it would spread nation-wide (no pun intended) very soon. Uhhhhh what? How about stop making feel so elitist for wishing this would just go away because it seems to reflect badly on our nation’s priorities and general culture. Or, you know, DON’T.

  7. I want to put it in my mouth.

  8. Maybe I?m just a fatass, but I don?t see what?s wrong with this. It?s just a stack of meat with cheese.

    • Two pieces of deep-fried processed, reconstituted chickenmess, surrounding two slices of high-sodium fatty pigback with two slices of “cheese” in between. So, yeah, basically meat and cheese. Fatass.

  9. What’s the matter, Colonel Sandurz? CHICKEN?

  10. that sauce looks frakking vile.

    i think my gall bladder just shut down while i was looking at this picture.


  12. I’m pretty sure I had a grand mal seizure while reading that article.
    The concept of replacing bread with chicken is bacon me crazy!
    That’s such a deadly COCKtail!
    Are the people at KFC dense?
    They need to stop fucking with science.
    Have they already forgotten the chaos they unleashed with the MEGA-LEG?

  13. No bread? Or are they just out of bread?

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