In general, Hollywood remakes of foreign films are stupid things that shouldn’t exist, but this one actually sounds promising: a remake of Le Diner De Cons with Zach Galifianakis, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carrell? Ooh-la-la! (Sorry.)

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  1. Hey this could be good! Some adaptations of foreign films are great, and then some end up like Pulse. Ugh, I’m still scrubbing my brain.

    • Some end up like The Last Kiss (the original was woeful as well, however). They are also remaking The Orphanage into an American film, that makes me really sad. Leave Tomas alone!

      • Wow, they’re remaking The Orphanage? That’s lame. I love that movie even if it wasn’t as scary as I had hoped. But as a film it was top notch. I think we all need to go los masks del floppy sackos on some people if you guys know what I mean.

        • Definitely, it just makes me sad as I think the greatness of the film was the ending and how it had a great twist about dealing with grief. I think an American remake would totally overlook the whole point of the film and make it overly-jumpy/scary. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I’m coming over to New York in November. I intend to single handedly put a stop to The Orphanage remake, I don’t even like the film that much! I hate what the Spaniards are thinking, I would hate if Trainspotting was ever remade.

          • I’m in New York; I will join you. While the movie definitely had it’s fair share of problems (I thought the ending was a little too transparent, but I guess I was expecting it somewhat because the movie reminded me so much of The Others), but I can’t help but feel the American remake will be a total bastardization. Pulse totally falls in lines with this. The original Japanese film is tense, unnerving, and has a thick cloud of paranoia and fear suffocating everything around it. The American version manages to remove the atmosphere and the localize the entire plot into a disorienting mess.

            Ugh, the whole remake system literally drives me insane. Next thing you know, we’ll have an American version of Let the Right One In. Oh wait, shit.

          • I don’t understand why someone would downvote that comment?!

            Anyway Max, you are dead on about Pulse. You should hook me up when I’m in NY, I look exactly like my picture. . .

          • I don’t like commenting on commenting, but I think I pissed someone on this site off because all of my comments are getting negatives way too fast. Oh well!

          • Don’t worry about it buddy. It’s becoming Votesarethemostimportantthingintheworldgum. You are a trooper! I just found out my favourite foreign film-Das Experiment- is being remade with Channing Tatum starring. WHY?! WHHHHHHY??!?

      • And some END UP LIKE the DEPARTED which IS SOME RAW shit. And don’t BRING ANY of that “it’s A BAD Scorsese FILM” BULLSHIT TO this table. That MOVIE FUCKING dominates EVERYONE’S face off, if ONLY BECAUSE MARKY Mark is AN ASSKICKER.

    • The U.S. version of Funny Games might have been a little better than the original version if only because of Michael Pitt’s demon eyes.

  2. FBC  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2009 +2

    They’re remaking Let The Right One In as well, probably to cash in on the vampire trend despite the fact that LTROI is a beautiful vampire movie that doesn’t suck. Oh, and I heard that Steven Spielberg is remaking Oldboy.

  3. MDR = Mort de Rire. (which loosely translated means Death by laughing)
    No one uses it.It’s horrible and you only see it in ads.

  4. I like how they had to resort to Yiddish to find an equivalent for “con.” It’s sort of like shooting Hitler in the face.

  5. hmm… I could have already sworn I Love You, Man was a ripoff of a French film called Mon meilleur ami. A guy with no male, adult friends embarks on a journey to find one by a particular date – stumbles upon a lonesome bachelor about whom he is first hesitant, but finally realizes that he and the fellow were meant to be (bromosexuals!), and while doing so, also finds himself.
    But yea, I’ll probably see this movie anyway.

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