RT: he’s in a vehicle, I’m in a vehicle, we are equals
RT: let people pass you, that’s part of this
RT: you’re being followed by a professional follower
RT: I am not going to hurt you, sir, at all. I want to be friends with you. I want to be roommates with you
RT: I want to make a new friend, in a forceful, aggressive way


@gabrieldelahaye @videogum: Feel free to post your Twitter accounts in the comments section for a FollowFriday Videogum Tweet-Up (Ugh. Sorry. IS AUGUST OVER YET?) (Via Donald Glover.)

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  1. No better way to spend a Friday than being followed by Rob Huebel’s crazy eyes.

  2. Twitter is a lonely place.

  3. @john_ham, brosephine.

  4. @cupisacup !
    This feels awkward.

  5. my typos and poor grammar can be found here: @dolemite43

  6. if you don’t follow @rmfraijo , you are clearly not #livgthedream

    ? @powlsy

  7. Who’s a twit what now? Kids!

  8. @j0shsm1th

  9. Haven’t commented in a while but hey, I love being a Twitter slut. @burjz

  10. @kingofdanger SPOILER ALERT: I’m boring.

  11. I was going to make a joke wherein I combined the words “twitter” and “what?” but the combination was more unsavory than I initially realized.

  12. You know, back in my day, we had to get all our twits and what not from a special iPhone app. Kids these days!

  13. You kids, what with your @ and # symbols and the letters RT. I don’t know what any of it means and refuse to find out.

  14. @elisaftw but my very rare tweets are in a weird language sometimes!

  15. I can never get the image of Rob Huebel impersonating Spencer Pratt at SF Sketchfest’s live reading of The Hills earlier this year.

  16. @nunesmagician If you love tweets about Syracuse University athletics. Cause if there’s anything I’ve learned from this site, it’s that you all love tweets about Syracuse University athletics.

  17. @dylanmorgan infrequent updates that are intentionally cryptic for the amusement of me and only me.

  18. @nopurpleshelves


  19. I just signed up for twitter because of how I will do anything anyone tells me, and the first person I could think of to follow first was An American Patriot. Uhhhhhhh Videogum please stop owning my consciousness, I have friends IRL too.

    • We all do, Carrie, we all do….right guys? RIGHT?
      By the way, I forgot to tell you how flattered I am that you’ve adopted the ‘Chuck Close <3 Thumbhead’ pic as your avatar! Such a cute couple, those two.

      • whoa… half of my comment disappeared…. anyway, the avatar (yours, not the movie)–LOVE IT!

        • I just want the world to know how happy Christopherrrrrrrr and I are now that we met via that comment thread. We are so. lucky. to have been raised amongst Videogum. Also I was drinking a grande espresso at the time, which he thought was really sexy.

  20. @Godsauce I have the most popular twitter is the world. Suck it CNN!

  21. Thanks, @gabrieldelahaye, for making me feel a little less nerdy for suggesting a twitter monster roll call, last week. I figured I was setting myself up for some abuse. I felt like I was the nerdy kid on the playground that ran up to the group of cool kids and asked, “Hey, wanna join my ‘Magic: The Gathering’ club?” and they were like, “What? You mean The Gathering of Juggalos?” and I’m like “What’s a Juggalo?” and they’re like, “You’re such a neden hole!”… and then the whistle blew and recess was over.
    Anyway, you can follow me here: @laurameme

  22. @dumase
    As far as updates though, it is mostly just an extension of my tumblr.

    (oh god what have i become)

  23. @luxrara

  24. My parents Unfollowed me on my wedding day. Of course it still hurts.

  25. @cassidy2099 This fall I intend to continue my grand tradition of 90210 live tweets. So if that sounds like something you might be into.

  26. Dr_Moonmaster

    Mine too has become more of a place to advertise my tumblr posts. Now my colorful custom background is far more exciting than the actual tweets. I used to do live reviews of b horror movies. I should really do one of those again…

  27. @beatricks, for all your nerdy yet incoherent tweets about beer, the San Francisco Giants, and Xena: Warrior Princess needs. Oh baby

  28. i know i haven’t been saying much. sorry monsters. work has been kicking my ass lately. i usually do my reading when the conversation has died down (evenings and weekends) so i don’t bother posting. but feel free to follow me. mostly my blog posts show up, though. i will be follow some of yous.


  29. @shesdarnsilly….I have no idea why that didn’t show up earlier…and I guess it didn’t help that I wandered off for hours not even paying attention to my comment.

  30. @staceypearls here. True Nerd Fact: @robhuebel set me up on twitter. Turns out the guy he matched me with was lying about his raccoon costume, but I appreciated the gesture anyway.

  31. @ brianbrehmer
    Just like you always wanted- my true identity (you did not always want that).

  32. I’m following a bunch of Gummerz now (because I’m an internet creep), but the more Gum, the better, right? (except CAVITIEZ!!!)

  33. @chuckchuckgoose for all your ramblings about the Blue Jays, the Canadiens, and rock and roll (and the occasional “i miss Newfoundland” thing goin’ on)

  34. He should have his seatbelt on.

  35. @jimjbollocks

  36. @robb81 f i twitt about cooking dinner and listening to bel biv devoe

  37. @robb81 i twitt about cooking dinner and listening to bel biv devoe

  38. Damn I’m late on this (stupid not owning a computer because mine crashed last week). Just click on my name to see my Twitter page. I’m fond of long, drawn out conversations about nothing with the people who follow me (I’m on Twitter all the time ‘cuz I got no real friends).

  39. @kirabira.
    don’t get your hopes up.

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