At one of these health care reform town hall meetings, whatever those are, congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) went “toe-to-toe” (CNN) with some protesters, and “[took] on [the] rowdy town hall” (CBS).

SIDENOTE: Does anyone actually understand what is going on with all of this stuff? Like, some of the protesters at these town halls are paid by lobbyists? Lots of them? Or at least just enough to make the whole thing seem suspect? I’m not saying that there should not be any protesters, it’s not like I am even clear on the specifics of the health care bill (although I do think that people should just have health care, for as naive as that statement might make me sound, and I also think that health care as it stands today is egregiously expensive [superduh] due to the political power of the insurance and big-pharma companies) maybe it is very protestable, but I think even a lot of the protesters would agree that as soon as some of the people in your protest club (Protest Club!) are paid to be there, the whole thing basically falls apart, no? And now they are drawing Hitler moustaches on pictures of Obama? That seems more than a little ridiculous.

ANYWAY, at a Town Hall Meeting yesterday, congressman Barney Frank was not afraid to fight back:

Ha! It is just nice when someone who is being completely ridiculous (and let us be clear: that girl was being completely ridiculous) is told “hey, you are ridiculous!” Barney Frank, you guys. I wish he was my congressman. Also, why does that girl look kind of normal? “Let’s see, boho top from Delia’s: check. Fun sunglasses from Urban Outfitters: check. PHOTOGRAPH OF BARACK OBAMA WITH A HITLER MOUSTACHE DRAWN ON IT: SUPERCHECK.” She is your girlfriend. You guys met at a Fleet Foxes show.

Here a couple of other choice Barney Frank quotes that didn’t make it into this video (via CBS):

When a man accused Frank of keeping secrets about the healthcare plan, the openly gay congressman said, “Sir, it’s been 21 years since I had a secret.”

Good one Barney Frank, high five! To be fair, Frank is playing the Gay Card a little heavily there. Really shooting the moon with the Gay Card on that one. But whatever, dude gets enough shit today, still, in 2009, that he can play that card in response to the clowns if he wants to. “I call your bluff, clowns.” Also:

At one point, Frank asked the crowd: “Which one of you wants to yell next?”

He seems like fun! We should be friends with him, why not? How hard could it be?! Is he on Facebook? He’s gotta be on Facebook. Your mom is on Facebook. Somebody send him a Facebook message.

Dear Barney Frank,



Done. Barney Frank will be like, “Thx 4 the add.” (Thanks for the tip, Becca.)

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  1. Nice work Barney Frank. I’m truly proud to be from Massachusetts. You all wish he was your congressman.

  2. I wish BF was my BFF.
    He’s right up there with Roger Ebert, imo: the OGs of no-nonsense snark, the progenitors of fool-sloughery.

  3. Can someone please explain the Nazi comparison? Like, for some context? Because that is insane. Is it the death panels thing?

  4. People are just upset that Insurance companies won’t get to run the Death Panels, and it is hard to replace a legend like that.

  5. Liz  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +4

    ah ha, YA BURNT.

  6. Jake  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -35

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  7. Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +25

    Yuck. So I’ll take the down vote bullet here. The biggest problem for people is the budget impact. There’s just no way that what’s on the table, albeit insanely confusing, can stay budget neutral. The CBO has gone pants-on-head-crazy with that. France’s program, while widely considered the best in the world, has gone 10 billion over budget, year over year, since 1989, and it’s starting to leave people in the cold. I have issues with potential conflicts of interest between a patient and a doctor, with government mandated limits on referrals to specialists and hospital centers for specific care. That was something insurance companies actually used to do, but most state governments banned the practice. There have also been legal precedents with medicare where local governments have been able to reduce care to patients due to budgetary concerns, without the recommendations of doctors being the ultimate consideration. WE ALL NEED HEALTHCARE. Far be it from me to ever think otherwise. But if the reform isn’t established under the right economic conditions, with damn-near-perfect policy, the unfairness of the private sector simply gets transfered to the government. The death panel business is all just media hullabaloo, but there are seriously grave problems that need to be addressed, and I think it’s unfair to assume that anyone who pays a lot of attention to those problems is a corporate shill or a conspiracy theorist.

    • I don’t think anyone’s saying that, and I also don’t think this is going to turn into a blind defense of all elements of the health care bill. And I don’t think anyone is saying that all the protestors are corporate plants. Some of them are just as you say, concerned about the economic ramifications. However, there are a lot of people who are there either with misinformation (death panels) or are simply ignorant (people who claim to oppose socialized medicine but don’t want to give up Medicare). I do think it is fair to assume certain things about people who bring the political discussion to its lowest common denominator by invoking Hitler, the Nazis and eugenics programs.

      • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +7

        Well, the Hitler thing is just always going to exist, because people don’t have imaginations anymore. Godwin’s Law. I just think people are really scared. Remember how it felt to oppose the war and only have “You’re not a patriot” thrown back at you? It’s essentially the same thing. People react, they get more angry, more paranoid and more apt to believe even the wildest oppositional theory. Basically, whatever industry-plants were there in the beginning, the government played right into the plan and kept the hysteria going by being dismissive and turning people against each other.

      • jake  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -15

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        • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +19

          First mistake in 21st century political debate: Trying to get the other guy to admit some kind of hypocrisy. Even if you win, you don’t win, because everyone is a hypocrite at some point or another. From one conservative to… someone I think is probably a conservative, figure it out buddy. Otherwise you’re just a liability.

        • You also made a mistake by making a sweeping generalization about people who opposed Bush. I strongly opposed Bush and never compared him to Hitler or called him a “fascist” or said any such things. I just thought he was a terrible president who was in over his head and made some horrible decisions that cost people their lives.

          • Same here. I would call him a corporate stooge, but I wouldn’t compare anyone to Hitler. That’s just insensitive and morally unsound. To compare someone to a mass murderer for making decisions that only benefit corporations is ignorant no matter how good it feels to throw around the term “Nazi”.

        • Wikus  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +3

          This discussion is just aching for Da Cake Eatur.

          • There should be a Da Cake Eatur Law: the longer a Videogum debate continues, the probability of Da Cake Eatur showing up or someone suggesting he show up approaches 1.

    • This does not deserve any down votes.
      Totally level headed statement. Congrats to you :)
      Though I don’t agree with you, thank you for not being a massive ass like the person in the video.

      One up vote for you. Yay

      • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +9

        We can really do this! Let’s start a club where the members don’t ever say Hitler’s name again. Sorry, I mean “H*****.” Even when actually talking about him. We’ll just call him “Sauron.” Never mind, this is getting disrespectful, but you get my point! High five.

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      • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +7

        I’m as joking as I am “knowing what you’re getting at.” Which is none-levels.

      • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +6

        I can’t believe I care this much, because writing contrived “speechlessness” into any meaningful argument doesn’t really earn respect. But I just want to be clear about what your issue with my comments is. Did I say something that in some way was taken as a pro-iraq-war statement? Because I really don’t see anything that would allude to that. And yes, I’ve seen the numbers. You should have your caps lock license suspended.

        • My understanding of Blondie’s comment was that to argue that we don’t have the money to provide health care in this country for people who can’t afford it while we simultaneously have spent upwards of 675 billion (and counting) on a war that, by now, pretty much everyone knows was a bad idea is pretty shameful. Condolences on the loss of our priorities.

          • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +1

            And that’s fine, but can you see the difference between your explanation and Blondie’s? I actually know what you’re referring to because your point is not veiled by witty indignation. At any rate, that’s a pretty compelling point, but it doesn’t alleviate the economic impact, with or without the war debt. It’s not totally the “privateness” of healthcare that’s wrong with it, it’s the horrid inefficiency and inequity that exists, obviously in part due to the nature of the private sector, but as is plainly obvious in other public arenas, the government hasn’t proven to be much more efficient. Just as it isn’t the “privateness,” I don’t have an issue of the “publicness” of any proposal either, I just have yet to see how one will be better then the other. The fact of the matter is insurance is risk management and assessment, period, and at some point an assessor has to look at available means and try to find the “best” match to levels of assumed risk, and anything that falls beyond available means that is tough cookies. It’s just going to be a different agent of bad news for people if moved into the public sector. I don’t like it anymore then anyone else, and would like to see reform target THAT aspect more, but there isn’t an example of public healthcare in the world that hasn’t eventually had to deal with that reality, at least not anywhere on the scale of a country with a similarly large population with significant economic diversity. Oh, and NERDZZZ!

      • Pretty sure they’re nowhere near six million, chief.

        • Six million. That’s adorable.

          • ah, I see what happened. I thought you were suggesting Bush = Hitler because of the Iraq war. You were talking about finances. I was talking about human lives.

          • Ah! I see. Yes, and I’m going to blame the Reply button here. You were talking about lives, I was talking about money, cost. I might have gotten derailed by actually thinking that human lives count for something. ZING, up top Barney Frank! Let me see if I can clarify. Yes, I was commenting in response to “The biggest problem for people is the budget impact. There’s just no way that what’s on the table, albeit insanely confusing, can stay budget neutral.” Well of course it’s going to cost something. The question is what are our priorities? Obama has explained over and over, publicly into a microphone, that yes it will cost something but in comparison with what our country is spending in other areas, and to let the health care system go on without reform is ludicrously costly, money wise and human lives wise. When the invasion of Iraq has cost the U.S. $12 Billion dollars a month (economist Joseph Stiglitz), and according to same economist, 3 Trillion totaling direct and indirect costs, that one can no longer reasonably argue that to reform health care would cost too much. What it is costing in direct and indirect costs is absolutely insurmountable if it continues as it has been. Not to mention, you know, if your Mom gets cancer. Which I kind of think maybe a country that seems to pride itself on being the “best” and saying so every ten seconds of Fox News time, should discuss. But like I said, third rail, and also: money. Did you know there’s a shitload of it in pharmaceuticals? Is it too soon to ask is there a Dr in the house? (I’m your Dad.)

          • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 20th, 2009 0

            I hear you. My point wasn’t that people are pretending it’s going to be free, my point was that people are claiming that it’s not going to aggravate an already mushrooming deficit problem of the likes we really aren’t prepared to cope with, not in the next decade. When it absolutely will. And once public health care costs hit a wall, which they will until there’s a feasible economic backbone to them, people will be denied the care that they need. Most smart fiscal conservatives that I know don’t have an issue with the idea of public healthcare, they worry that public health care won’t deliver a cure-all, and if it further weakens the public’s fiscal position, eventually collapse. It has nothing to do with priorities, although I agree, money spent on this war has plenty of other beneficial uses. It has more to do with looking at HOW healthcare is developed and distributed, which is where real reform is needed BEFORE public money can effectively cover people’s needs. I’m talking serious changes, including how doctors are paid, how much med school costs, changing the laws on rights to create generic drugs, stuff that is very hard to change, and would require the participation of every american in the legislative process. Otherwise, you eventually run into problems like they face in Canada and England. Right now, in certain parts of the UK, cancer patients wait in postal-code lottery drawings to determine who gets care and when. And really, that’s the most fair thing they can do given their system. And that sucks.

          • so, i’ve been searching around for an articulate, non-reactionary person of conservative persuasion to explain their objections to the health care reform bills. i have felt confident that that person exists somewhere, but have only encountered idiots who are wasting their time worrying about death panels.
            i can’t believe that i finally got some clear answers to this really serious issue on videogum.
            thank you. i wish this site had a messaging capability because i have TONS of questions for you.

        • as (apparently, because I have nothing to add) an internet conversation voyeur, my binoculars and I genuinely enjoyed reading dafs and gmarley’s well thought out and worded arguments. well done, up votes to the moon.

  8. Barney Frank is the OG Masshole.
    And that’s why I love him

  9. It must really pain ultra conservatives, convinced that they can make their party cool by being aggressive, hard-nosed, and “realistic,” to be served by a gay man named Barney, but served they were.

    • That’s the thing though that people don’t understand. These people with the Hilterbama posters are LEFTISTS! I saw a group of them in front of a Ralphs here in Los Angeles and they are Liberals comparing a moderate Liberal to a mass murderer based on health care reform. It makes no sense and is basically the balancing act for all the “bat shits” on the right side. Everything is in balance. I’m just trying to turn the corner and put food on my family you know?

  10. 1st rule about Protest Club is don’t talk about Protest Club.

  11. Your description of the girl was beyond perfect. Kudos.

  12. Not that I normally go to Mike Lupica for anything not related to sports (what are those?) but this is pretty much nail on head. Summary: It ain’t about health care.

    • Good article.

      Let’s be clear: these town hall protesters are assholes. You can disagree with the plan, completely if you like, but when you come to a town hall, where the point is discussion, and the speaker is asking for discussion, and all you do is come to the microphone and bark, “NO OBAMACARE OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST GRANDMA WILL DIE YOU CAN’T SILENCE THE TRUTH I’M A TRUE AMERICAN HEIL HITLER OMGBBQWTFARRRGGH!!!!” You are an asshole. Not a patriot. Not a true American. Not a hero. AN ASSHOLE.

  13. kellsbells  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +21

    My Mother is disabled with heart disease and my 60 year old father just got laid off. His Cobra is running out soon and to buy insurance (just for HIM!) will cost him 1000 dollars a MONTH! He does not have that money. Something has to be done.

    I’m just saying.

  14. thegreatsatan  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -6

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  15. thegreatsatan  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -7

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    • It’s all about context, man. The Hitler comparison makes absolutely no sense in this context, unless I am totally missing something. I mean, it’s always kind of stupid to just yell out HITLER in a debate.
      “I want all Americans to have basic coverage for themselves and their children.”
      “Oh, well if you put it that way…”
      But the protests against Bush’s Patriot Act, wiretapping, prisoner abuse, lying about reasons for war, etc. etc. etc….. are not the same as a town hall meeting on health care reform.

    • I don’t recall Bush being called Hitler. Except by Keith-O… If he was called Hitler by a small group of protesters I hope there was someone there to call them assholes while making jokes at their expense as we see here. Lets not pretend we are going to give a shit about this woman or these people for very long, like they are going to last in our consciousness or something.

  16. Most Democrats have been letting the crazies drown out all rational discussion on health care for too long now. You go, Barney Frank. (And I do not mean to imply that all people who have issues/questions about health care reform are crazy. But the people holding up Obama=Hitler posters and yelling nonsense and bringing rifles and handguns to rallies… you are crazy.)

  17. P.T. Smith  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +8

    About a year ago, while on Bill Mahr’s show and asked why he was proposing legislation to legalize pot, our friend Barney laughed and said (paraphrasing) “I’ve been here long enough and figure I can get away with it now.”

  18. kbs  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +4

    Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but the Bush/Hitler comparisons seemed to mostly come from zealous high school students and the like, not adults at a serious public discussion. (What’s their excuse?)

  19. thegreatsatan  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -5

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    • Gmarley  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +11

      If that’s the reasoning, then it’s totally thin and… crazy. The crimes committed under the T4 policy were in regards to expanding operations, somewhat covertly, to murdering the mentally ill/handicapped, because they were deemed “incurable.” It’s not the same thing at all.

    • Hey, it has a dateline so it must be true!

      August 14, 2009 (WTFBBQ)– In a nationally televised news conference, U.S. President Barack Obama killed and ate a jewish baby. Representatives say that the President believes that the baby contained the source of eternal power. This approach is similar to the “OU812″ policy enacted by Fascist Socialist Adolf Hitler in 1936.

      • nick's name  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +3

        That’s some good yellow journalism, but it’s missing the “and what not” that gave the LaRouche article its gravity and reliability.

    • as opposed to what we have now, in which a faceless HMO bureaucrat with no clinical experience determines the course of your healthcare.

    • Dude, Larouche is left-wing like Fred Phelps is right-wing.

    • LaRouche is batshit.

  20. Nailed it

  21. ugh  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -31

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  22. The health care bills are small variations on a shit sandwich, so, you know, reversion to the status quo shit sandwich may not be bad. But, there are far better things to yell at Barney Frank about than this. He is the Chairman of Financial Services, douchbags. Dress him down for the policies he has been integral to pushing through (tarp, anyone?). Yelling at him about health care seems pretty pointless.

  23. The ignorance of the protestors and the representatives behind the firestorm really pisses me off. They make these false claims, then other people hear it and assume it true, then they go crazy and people who see it on the news assume if people are so passionately against it, then what they’re saying must be true. No one’s ever taken a copy of the bill with them to one of these events and quoted whatever they’re concerned about, and actually shown EVIDENCE that what they’re worried about is true or that they want clarification on some clause in the bill. Also, this connection people are making to Hitler doesn’t even make sense. People claim the healthcare reform is socialist, and that relates Obama to Hitler somehow, but Hitler was the leader of a fascist governments, and fascism was created in response of communism because the German and Italians were afraid of communism, populism, and socialism. I learned that in the 4th grade, if I remember correctly.
    I don’t care if people protest, I think it should be their right to do so if they are upset about something, but please, save yourself from looking like an idiot and research your claims before you make them. And I hope people educate themselves on the bill, since they should, as a citizen, know about their rights and responsibilities, and don’t just assume what others say is true.

  24. Can't Sign in For some Reason  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +2

    Give the poor girl a break, she clearly hasn’t eatend for days and days, and it’s going to her head.

  25. Hey, the Nazis had excellent healthcare coverage.

  26. ooooh girl pick up yo face!

  27. When Gargamel creates his minions with the sole purpose of acting crazy and disturbing the peace in our harmonious villiage, we can only hope that Papa Smurf can create a smurfy potion to change their evil, hateful ways OR the goodness of our smurfy ways will convert any evildoer.

    These are our only two options!

  28. She needs to be played off. Please make this happen.

  29. Barney Frank: yet another reason that being from Massachusetts is the best. I’m so happy he’s my congressman.

  30. zach  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

    It’s funny these people want healthcare reform but fail to realize that all the Dems in congress won’t let this pass without some kind of public option in it. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not!

  31. Aw, my favorite part is how sad she looks!

  32. Pushstar  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -3

    The first rule of PROTEST CLUB! is , you don’t talk about PROTEST CLUB! –

  33. this should sum it all up

    Some one please repost. i don;t have that fancy HTML lingo

  34. snacky  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +4

    Hey, just a quick ,possibly divisive, comment . There are 2 “n-words” that I believe most of these so called Obama protestors have to use, and Nazi is the one they can use without letting the mask of there very thinly veiled racism fall away. Are all Obama detractors racist? Clearly no, but I have to say that I do believe that the majority of the wack jobs are, and they are scared.

  35. snacky  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

    It should be “The Special Protest Club” …

  36. I like to imagine the reaction that this “extremely classy” woman would get out of Barney Frank…

  37. i think i’ve watched this video 6 or 7 times today. every time i get frustrated at work or by something i read in the news, i watch it, and i feel oddly calm, collected, and even a little empowered. god bless you, barney frank.

  38. Liberals: HowSoonTheyForget  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -5

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    • Would you like to actually discuss why it’s immoral to try and help disadvantaged people stay healthy or do you just want to defend your lunatic fringe who compares Obama to Hitler for…uh, anyone know why?…by pointing out that ours did the same thing with Bush? Nyah nyah, we’re ALL awful! Now let’s go back to letting people die because they’re poor! At least Obama is making an attempt to allow dissenters to talk to him rather than systematically silencing them by accusing them of “hating America.”

    • You are right. Liberal crazies compared Bush to Hitler, and since every other liberal in existence did not publicly decry those comparisons on Videogum, these other people are now right to compare Obama to Hitler, and no one can say they’re batshit. It’s only logical.

    • If one liberal does something, they all do, you’re right.

  39. whoooa….you won’t catch me asking gay Himmler any questions at the next town hall meeting.

  40. Just Cirroc  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -23

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    • Oh, I’m sorry. You had to LISTEN to us insult your president for eight years? Well, the rest of us were actually force-fed his bullshit for eight years and believe me, it was much less pleasant than having to listen to some names being called.

    • 51% is the correct approval rating (if that’s the polling you were talking about). Now please leave Videogum. You can return if that number ever matches Bush’s 25% approval rating.

    • You ought to change your user name to Jim Crow if you legitimately think the race card has been played here at all. In any case your point is moot because these particular crazies in question, the Hilter = Obama People, are Liberals. True there are a lot of stupid, ignorant conservatives who are on one hand crying Socialism and in the other enjoying Medicare, but in this particular case we are talking specifically about a fringe group of Leftist wackos (see Santa Cruz town hall meetings for reference), not your fellow right wing vitriolic “murder the opposition” types. Welcome to Boogie Town.

    • Nice generalization, dick. I actually spent a decent amount of time tearing down Bush-as-Nazi posters around campus during the 4 years of the Bush administration that I was in college, and never came across any other examples of such hyperbole during Bush’s two terms.
      Also: excellent use of the BUT YOU DID IT FIRST argument. Haven’t heard that one since I was in short pants.

    • Using the phrase “bleeding pussies” in the first sentence of your argument, how classy.

    • First off, you wouldn’t need to use such language if you actually had a point to make. You could learn a thing or two from the two or three conservative pundits left out there who actually construct level-headed arguments instead of angrily sprouting empty rhetoric. Secondly, accusing liberals of being, as you so eloquently put it, “bleeding pussies” is incredibly laughable, considering that at any point during the day I can turn the TV to FOX News and see someone spreading propaganda and straight up LIES (not misquotes, not generalizations, LIES. drivel made up by lobbyists working for their constituents to intentionally mislead and scare the American People) about the President’s plan for healthcare, just because your candidate lost. On that note, how did the Tax Day Tea Parties go? Is the fight against tyranny pretty much wrapped up yet? The only card you neocons have is the patriotism card. You used it to discredit those who protested our unjust, violent occupation of a sovereign nation, and now you are using it because you don’t agree with our President. In your mind, being anti-patriotic simply means not agreeing with the other side. Not recognizing the validity of the other side’s viewpoints is how wars are started. And that’s a pretty large leap in logic, my friend. If you can come up with a legitimate argument without name-calling and ridiculous hyperbole; an argument that actually has a valid POINT (remember when those were in vogue?!), then by all means, come back and we’ll talk about it. But for now, we’re done here. I said good DAY, sir!

    • Stop playing the tired “you’re playing the race card” card.

    • why is there a hyphen between “fuck” & “ing?”

  41. Is This Thing On  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

    The chick in the video is a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat.

    They’ve been showing up at nearly every town hall, displaying and handing out their Obama=Hitler literature.

    The vast majority of these town hall attendees want nothing to do with them.

    If the media were doing their job, Gabe and the rest of you would’ve known this already. Clearly it appears that bloggers are being forced to take up the slack in the fact-finding department of the healthcare debate.

  42. I <3 my rep, Congress’ nicest guy with the bow tie, Mr. Earl Blumenauer. Barney does make me fan myself from time to time, though. He’s definitely my pretend boyfriend.

  43. Jeremiah  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 -8

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    • BF did the right thing by actually stepping up and diffusing this lunacy instead of avoiding it like politicians usually do. Furthermore I enjoy seeing a politician act like a person for a change, so, no, I would have to disagree completely with you.

    • And again in case you missed it these Hitler-bama people are LIBERALS, so how is a LIBERAL doing the opposite of promoting unity by pointing out the obvious ridiculousness of a HITLER comparison made by an ignorant LEFTIST hipster in a town hall meeting? Bipartisanship is not something that needs to be promoted. It needs to be abolished. The idea of a party is ridiculous. “We all think roughly the same things about certain policies so we should all vote the same way! FOR JUSTICE!”. How about intelligent and informed INDIVIDUALS coming together to find suitable compromise?

      • Jeremiah  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

        I’m pretty sure politicians always act like people, whether you see it or not. The way I see it, aggressive rudeness is never helpful.

        And I’m not sure if you watched the video or not, but the hipster didn’t even mention Hitler. As far as I can tell, she wasn’t bringing up anything at all along those lines. (Sure, she was holding a poster that made some bold, probably incorrect parallels but her question was completely elsewhere.)

        And speaking of avoiding lunacy, he avoided her query pretty deftly. That in itself isn’t so surprising to me, because don’t all politicians avoid questions they’d rather not answer?

        And I never assumed that girl was a conservative. However, IN GENERAL the majority of conservatives are opposing the proposed healthcare reform, and the majority of liberals are supporting it.

        If there was a reasonably balanced audience, then I don’t think it’s such a stretch to imagine a lot of angry conservatives and a lot of smug liberals walking back to their respective ford trucks and toyota priuses. (Stereotypes, yeah!)

        And I understand your sentiment regarding bipartisanship, but like it or not we have a massive two-party system established firmly in our country. Bipartisanship is exactly the first step to take if we’re trying to move toward what you seem to want when you talk about reasonable individuals finding compromise.

      • Jeremiah  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

        So apparently I didn’t hear her say “nazi policy” any of the four times I watched this video today. My bad. You can go ahead and ignore the first few paragraphs of that wall of text up there.

        Regardless, he was being a dick.

    • All I’ll say is, if you bring up Hitler around a Jew, don’t expect it to just be brushed off (and for good reason, of course). Now, if he had responded that way to someone with a legitimate question, then he would be a total douche. 100% Grade-A Douche, no question about it. But really, somebody was going to have to put these loonies in their place eventually, and ultimately I’m glad that ol’ Frankenberry didn’t take no mess.

    • “FRANKly, I’m disgusted.” I see what you did there.

  44. Fellas, let’s all remember that like all people, there are many things to love and many things to not love. Now there’s been a whole lotta Barney Frank lovin’ in dis fred. But let’s remember, a whole lotta things NOT to love about Barney Frank. Like the lying and the question dodgery, and when a (mostly) partisan crusader like Jon Stewart gets on his nuts about his inability to be straightforward and honest, something’s up, ya’ll. Or, I’m sorry, YOU GUYS:–1–2

  45. Let’s remember the historic analogy Stephen Colbert made about politics in America at the end of his first episode–to Rock’em Sock’em Robots.

    “One red, one blue–both robots.”

  46. I don’t recall Bush being called Hitler. Except by Keith-O… If he was called Hitler by a small group of protesters I hope there was someone there to call them assholes while making jokes at their expense as we see here. Lets not pretend we are going to give a shit about this woman or these people for very long, like they are going to last in our consciousness or something.

  47. RT  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +2

    Regardless, he was being a dick. >>>

    How should have he answered the question ?

    Personally I think he was being polite , constituency my ass…… she was there to stir up shit & he wasn’t having it , plain and simple…. If this was during a Bush town Hall meeting she never would have got to ask the question.

    or would have been removed by force…..

  48. RT  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

    Regardless, he was being a dick. >>>

    How should have he answered the question ?

    Personally I think he was being polite , constituency my ass…… she was there to stir up shit & he wasn’t having it , plain and simple…. If this was during a Bush town Hall meeting she never would have got to ask the question.

    or would have been removed by force…..

  49. RT  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 +1

    Regardless, he was being a dick. >>>

    How should have he answered the question ?

    Personally I think he was being polite , constituency my ass…… she was there to stir up shit & he wasn’t having it , plain and simple…. If this was during a Bush town Hall meeting she never would have got to ask the question.

    or would have been removed by force…..

  50. RT  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

    ..sorry.. computer glitch…

  51. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  52. I’m having death panels installed on my roof this weekend.

  53. The girl’s expression after Frank asks her what planet she spends most of her time on is priceless. It really looks like she’s sorta thinking about it…

  54. I don’t care what those on the right think anymore. I just don’t. I lived through the 8 years of Bush, and those were not pretty years. He silenced debate, accused his detractors of being anti-American, reduced arguments to absurdities (the anti-French campaign of “freedom fries), and today the news has reported Tom Ridge was forced by the Bush White House to manipulate terror threat levels in order to get Bush re-elected. That is vile and contemptible. It has also been recently reported that Bush asked Chirac for France’s help in the Iraq war because Bush believed he was attacking Gog and Magog’s forces, you know, the two countries who cause the antichrist to blah blah blah – and that is delusional and scary. Did anyone forget how Bush’s administration manipulated reports from gov’t agencies, contradicted actual science, wanted ID taught in schools, and outed a CIA operative (and caused about a dozen people to die) because they wanted to score political points?

    There is no reason to argue with the right wing. They are wrong from the start, so anything they say after that is just flawed. I’m sorry, I know as a good Liberal I should let everyone use up all the oxygen spewing whatever crazy theories they want to propagate – but after 8 years of Bush, I’m tired. Really, really tired, of arguing with idiots who are armed solely with talking points. Enough.

    • ” and outed a CIA operative (and caused about a dozen people to die) because they wanted to score political points?” Did the Plame thing cause deaths? Are there reliable sources on this? I’m not challenging you (I enjoyed the comment) but I’d like to know more about it.

  55. eric  |   Posted on Aug 21st, 2009 -1

    Obama’s health care plan is basically based around laughter being the best form of medicine and Barney Frank just gave you your daily allowance of zinc. Oh did I say zinc? I meant ZING!

  56. girlfromthefleetfoxesshow  |   Posted on Aug 21st, 2009 -3

    hey, awesome article videogum. not trying to hide any political agendas, but why should you? of course, let’s all support this congressman who, instead of fulfilling his responsibility to the people of Massachusetts and answering the questions he is presented at this open forum/debate, he decided to use sarcasm to attack any opposition to this failure of a plan. but, we really should give even more power to poor government officials. FAIL.

  57. R Flowers  |   Posted on Aug 22nd, 2009 -3

    Barney Frank’s a hack, famous for falling asleep for magazine covers. I guess the town halls are a little too raucous to allow the Dims to go to sleep.

  58. pajamasquid  |   Posted on Aug 23rd, 2009 0

    Ha! He IS my representative! I feel so cool.

  59. Burlington Mayor  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2009 -1

    Geez Gabe – why you have to go and get all political. It’s no secret where you stand and maybe I’m knave (Bugs Bunny ref) but I thought this site was supposed to stay a little lighter. You’ve unleashed a whole lotta anger, name calling, and downright wakiness in these comments (Plame Outed – dozens died? Gog and Magog? What the what?) Can’t we get back to movies and celebs? There are already plenty of Bush is an Idiot, Obama’s a Socialist sites out there.

  60. duhweekly  |   Posted on Aug 25th, 2009 0

    She belong to the school of thought that thinks it’s constructive to lump people or things she doesn’t like into infamously terrible organizations,

    She makes me carry an “Obama is a Sith Lord sign”

    We have got to break up.

  61. u got a limp bizkit doe.

  62. You are a human piece of shit and I hope you choke in your sleep tonight and don’t wake up.

  63. If you actually knew anything about where fascism falls on the political spectrum, then you wouldn’t make yourself sound that ignorant. C’mon, that’s junior year of high school stuff right there, buddy.

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