This is becoming a joke, is what this is becoming. In his relentless campaign for an Emmy, Seth MacFarlane has constantly compared Family Guy to the historic nomination and victory of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. He has said in reference to his campaign for a nomination things like “the thinking behind it was somewhat allegorical to Obama,” and after being nominated, “I doubt we would win. Although, I thought we were further away from Obama [winning] than we are, and that was a nice surprise. So, who knows?” Terrible, unbelievable things to say. Well, he has taken a short break from comparing Family Guy to Barack Obama in order to make equally miserable (and racially insensitive) videos on YouTube for his new “Where’sMyEmmy” channel (cool name, shithead).

Seriously, this is the worst:

We’re gonna need a bigger YUCK. Nothing says “I deserve an Emmy” like begging for one, shamelessly criticizing the competition* (like a gentleman), using horrifying (even as a cartoon!) hyper-violence as a “joke,” and ending with some really weird and lazily tossed off racism. On the other hand, i would happily give Seth MacFarlane all of the Emmys if it would make him shut the fuck up. Can that be the deal? Because I don’t actually care about the Emmys, nor do I think they are an award filled with integrity and meaning. Let us finally use them for good instead of boring. (Via Vulture.)

*The “funny” thing is, I agree that the conceit of The Office doesn’t make sense anymore. Because it doesn’t. But it’s also OBVIOUSLY still funny and well written. Give me a break. Unlike another show that is up for the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy this year cough cough. And I like that this video makes fun of The Office for repeating a joke. Right. THIS IS LIKE THE HORRIBLE POT CALLING THE KETTLE FAMILY GUY.

UPDATE: You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!

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  1. What you don’t understand is that he’s a homosexual baby, so he’s predisposed to hyper-violence. It called comedy, moron.

  2. Yeah, I thought of this video when you mentioned The Office in your District 9 review and thought, Gabe’s going to be pissed when he finds out he agrees with Seth MacFarlane. I mean you’re always talking about how Hispanics and Indians don’t live in Scranton.

  3. Miami is in South Florida, where this show should go to retire. Immediately.

  4. Family Guy makes me hate babies and dogs.

    -John mayer

  6. I’ve never seen Family Guy before so is it always like this? Mindlessly violent with a baby and a dog who can talk?

  7. Remember, during the primaries, when Obama put out that ad with Scarlett Johansson mercilessly beating Ugly Betty for supporting Hillary? It was badly choreographed and not funny in any way? This is just like that!

  8. Wanna watch the same exact video barely redubbed to attempt to rip on ANOTHER show that is far better than Family Guy could ever dream to be? No? Then you probably shouldn’t go watch the “Flight Of The Conchords” one they just posted.

  9. If I vote for the Office I will get the living hell beat out of me. I think that is what this is telling me. I’m being threatened. Can this be grounds for an arrest?

  10. That is the worst, most shameless thing I have seen in possibly ever. Seth MacFarlane should invent Seth MacFarlane’s disease. Symptoms: YOU FUCKING EXPLODE

  11. I always thought the premise of The Office was more reality series based than documentary based – like Airline, on whatever channel that was on. Does this mean Family Guy just outsmarted me? What is the least painful way to die?

  12. This is doubly pissing me off because Seth MacFarlane is making me actually care about the Emmys.

  13. I have a feeling that if someone tells Seth MacFarlane a joke, he laughs at everything but the punchline.

  14. I never really hated Family Guy before.. I thought it had a few funny moments every now and then but I never really cared much about it and it was always the last stop on the channel surfing train. But now I think I can officially say I hate Family Guy (sorry I’m late, guys!). Or I guess ‘I hate Seth McFarlane’ is more accurate.

  15. As the lone Family Guy enjoyer and lone 15 year old on this site [get it? Because I'm dumb and immature!] I have to say that this video couldn’t get any further from funny. Like, funny is the North Pole and this video is the middle of fucking Antarctica on this metaphorical map. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
    Seth MacFarlane is an asshole, etc. BUT, there are some really funny parts to Family Guy. Sure, there is gross-out humor, and scenes that go on forever, but there are also parts that will make anyone snort milk out their nose. C’est la vie!

    And with that said – DOWNVOTE! DOWNVOTE AWAYYYY!

    • I thought it was funny when I was 15 too. Hopefully as you grow older, you will also grow wiser, and realize that the fucking terrible stuff greatly outweighs whatever small bit of humor you can find buried under the pile of lazy writing and mindless “jokes” with no purpose but to shock viewers into laughter with how totally “un-pc” they are.

    • Unless I misread that and you aren’t actually 15, in which case, I am so sorry for you.

      • No, I’m actually a teenager.
        @ Tamagochi – what are you getting at, exactly?

        • oh, you know, just that we teens really do love Family Guy. Also we love things that are Xtreme. also, we love foods that are Xtreme (as well as beverages.) also, sometimes we love sacrificing large animals/ small children to satan. Well, we don’t love that, but when we roll a 3/7 combo on our 13-sided dice (which we do LOVE,) the Maenad doesn’t exactly give us too many options, you know?

        • I think Tamagochi is a new “character” troll.

    • It’s true, this is our favorite show. We believe that any talking dog is rad, although we tend to prefer Poochie to Brian.

    • Yes, you will grow out of it. I actually have in my room right now the first season on DVD and a Stewie bobblehead, both gifts from a relative who didn’t realize that I started thinking the show was horrible garbage like, 4 years ago.

      I should really burn them ritualistically in my driveway but I will probably just hawk them on eBay instead, and use the money to buy the second season of Flight of the Conchords or something.

  16. We’re gonna need another Internet ’cause I just barfed all over this one.

  17. This is a clip from the worst episode of the actual, non-emmy-winning show, so I doubt giving him an Emmy would make this stop. I wish he would stop and I also wish Gabe would stop with the endless “The Office isn’t really a documentary” mind-a-mite he thinks he’s dropping. Just because we all wish reality TV didn’t exist doesn’t mean that The Office can’t be a great mocku-reality series. And even if Gabe’s criticism of the premise made the slightest sense, the “people who watch and pay for” The Office are the viewers. Because it isn’t a documentary. It’s a comedy series. And it can have as many episodes as it wants. Just like Gabe always says a dog doesn’t have feelings because “it’s a dog;” The Office can last for a long time because “it’s comedy.”

  18. ex Office Fan  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2009 +2

    I’ve now seen the light. The Office is a stupid show that has character development and writing that doesn’t require you to be in fifth grade or a writer on The Office to enjoy. Who the hell needs that. I will now burn my DVD collection and only acquire Family Guy DVDs. I’ve been wasting the past 5 years of my life. Thank you Seth, for showing me the error of my ways.

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  20. Is all the black text on this page suddenly RED for everyone else? Because it is for me.


  21. any chance that once he makes it through all of the nominees, this gets so bad it’s good? didn’t think so either.

  22. I’m gonna go ahead and guess how the rest of these will go:
    Entourage – “It’s funny and well written!” *beating* “Jeffrey Piven is a douchebag!”
    How I Met Your Mother – “It’s funny and well written!” *beating* “It stars Doogie Howser!”
    30 Rock – “It’s funny and well written!” *beating* “Nobody watches it!”
    Weeds – “It’s funny and well written!” *beating* “Who watches Showtime anyway?”

    Alright, Seth, feel free to release my check now, or at least establish me a line of credit at Ed Hardy.

  23. Family Guy is the worst of the nominated comedies, which is impressive in a list that includes Entourage and Weeds.

  24. Dan  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2009 +10

    McFarlane’s only complaint about Flight of the Conchords seems to be that “they’re not even from here, man!” What an interesting and legitimate criticism.

  25. The absolute worst thing is that I saw this video yesterday because Mindy Kaling linked to it from her twitter yesterday and said “I love Family Guy!” and then validated the semi-racist end quote. That made me die a little.

    And is it just me or are there not even any “jokes” in the second video!?! THEY’RE NOT EVEN NOT TRYING ANYMORE!

  26. These things just gimme teh sadz. :0[……..

  27. I can’t picture someone actually laughing at these clips. Even four year olds we’ll just gasp or be wide-eyed. Is anyone with half a brain even shocked anymore at stuff like this? What is this, 1950?

  28. Bob  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2009 +2

    i feel as if my faith in humanity was also pointlessly beaten. thanks Seth McFarLAME (zing!)

  29. I like “Family Guy.”

  30. Family Guy is the only show that holds my students’ attention. If you knew some of my students, you would get Family Guy some ice for that burn I just gave it.

  31. I nominate Seth McFarlane to be first in line when Obamacare is passed and the roving death squads start up.

  32. AP  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2009 0

    even if they decide to turn “the office” into an actual documentery about an actual office in an actual paper company, it would still be funnier then anything Seth Macfarlane has ever done.

  33. Let’s see, banging me over the head with a glass and then beating the shit out of me for 2 minutes? That’s how I feel about every joke on Family Guy.

  34. A thing I’ve noticed about Family Guy, its biggest flaw, I think, is that Seth and co. don’t know how to end their vignettes. They’ll flash to some ’80s sitcom for example – and the characters will have a “funny” exchange or whatever, and then they’ll stare at each other and then one will, like, shoot the other. THAT’S NOT A JOKE. THAT’S NOT A WAY TO END A SCENE. Frustrating.

    • Oh, and that has nothing to do with anything, (I’m not gonna watch the videos – I’m good), I was just thinking about that after the last FG post.

  35. I like how their primary argument against Flight of the Conchords is that its just a show with “glasses and wacky sideburns,” and that “They aren’t even from here.” I think Seth Macfarlane looked at the wikipedia page for the show and saw a picture of germaine to come up with that SLEW OF BITING COMMENTARY.

  36. “…using horrifying (even as a cartoon!) hyper-violence as a “joke,”

    I’m with you on the whole “this is God awful and unfunny” thing, but methinks you doth protest too much.

    Also, does anyone else remember when Family Guy used to be really funny? Those were good days…

  37. Whoever conceived that viral campaign needs to take a shower. A merciless beating could be an optional extra.

  38. voiceofreason  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2009 -1

    Whoever wrote that article is a dumbass. Look up this word: Satire.
    If you don’t like the show, don’t watch don’t watch it.
    See, I enjoy south park. So I watch south park. I really don’t enjoy family guy, so I don’t watch it.
    But when a talentless fuck like you just decides to hate on people just for shits and giggles, then I have a problem with that. Call me when you have a nationally sytndicated show in it’s seventh season. Honestly, I hope they win just to shove it in your face.

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